I have decided to try my hand at writing again. As always, I owe none of the characters except for Vanessa, who is mine. I'm taking a stab at a story that has been in my head for awhile now. For the purpose of the story, Trish has not retired. As always, I love reviews and feedback. Please enjoy…..

"Right now, I'm just trying to be strong for Paul and the baby. He's having a really hard time going through rehab and I'm having an even hard time raising two babies. Did you know that the man watches Fairly Odd Parents? How did I miss that tidbit of information when I married him?"

"Steph, Timmy is the man and Wanda and Cosmo are always helping him. It's a good show."

"Not helping, Ness."

Vanessa Suarez laughed at the exasperated voice of her boss and friend, Stephanie McMahon. Staying at home with her ailing husband was turning out to be more challenging then the Billon Dollar Princess ever anticipated. Stephanie and Vanessa became good friends two years prior when Vanessa was offered a job on the creative writing staff with the WWE. Both women were strong, honest and independent making them instant friends. Now with Paul's injury, most of their business meetings and heart to hearts were via email and phone.

"Sorry, girlie. Anyway, I should be mad at Paul for getting injured. Now I'm the one that has to deliver the bad news to everyone, which by the way, I am not looking forward to." Vanessa faintly heard a noise in the background. "Which baby was that?"

Stephanie sighed dramatically. "The big one. Let me go. Call me after Raw. Trust me, I'll be awake."

Vanessa hung up the phone and headed into the arena. Sometimes she really thought she was one of the luckiest girls in the world. She had her dream job working for a company that she had been an admirer of for all of her 24 years of living. She had some of the greatest friends in the world, even if they were a little crazy sometimes. The only thing that was missing was a good man in her life. But until that day comes, Vanessa decided that she was going to have fun by herself, with herself. Judging by the stack of batteries in her bag, she was always having a load of fun.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Vanessa jumped and swung around to be face to face with someone that she considered somewhat of a father figure.

"Jesus Mark, are you trying to kill me?" Mark aka Undertaker chuckled softly. "Not at all darlin'. Just seems to me that someone would have to pry you out of that fantasy world of yours."

"I wasn't in a fantasy world. I was…never mind. What are you up to?" Vanessa and Mark made their way passed a crowd of workers and sat down on a trunk. Mark was one of the first guys in the company to give Vanessa respect and he watched after her. When you have the approval of the big dog in the locker room, everyone else seems to follow.

"Just left a meeting with Vince about Mania." Everyone had heard the rumors that this was going to be Mark's last year with the company. Vanessa hoped it wasn't true. She would miss having Mark around for pep talks and bike rides.

"So have you decided if you are staying or going?" Mark looked down at Vanessa with a soft smile, "Guess you'll have to wait and see." With a wink, Mark stood and headed down the hallway.

Vanessa rolled her eyes and smiled. That's Mark for you, can never give you a straight answer if his life depended on it.

As Vanessa approached the cafeteria, she paused and fought the urge to not throw up in her own mouth. Standing in front of her sharing saliva was none other than Dave Bautista and Diva Search reject Rebecca DiPietro. Once upon a time Dave and Vanessa were the best of friends, often hanging out with Paul and Steph. Vanessa always hoped that one day she would get a chance to wrap her legs around the 300-pound "Animal", but that never happened. While they often flirted with one another, nothing ever came out of it. Then Dave started dating Rebecca and slowly their friendship took a backseat to their courtship. Vanessa always thought that Rebecca was just using Dave for more airtime, but she would never say it out loud for fear of people thinking that she was actually jealous of the dim witted slut.

"Fuck, get a room already. Trust me, I am sure Becky hear knows of every hotel in the country that has an hourly rate."

Vanessa looked over at Trish with amusement. Being subtle was never Trish's strong suit, especially when it came to the dozens of Diva Search girls who seemed to take up valuable airtime doing minimal things. Dave pried his mouth from Rebecca for the first time realizing that they seemed to have an audience.

"Jealous, Stratus?"

Trish rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Hardly. Tell your trick bitch to go visit Oz and buy her dumb ass a brain and then maybe I'll be jealous."

Rebecca walked over to Trish and pointed her index finger. "I am very smart Trish."

"Putting on a pair of glasses and picking up a book for a Playboy photo shoot does not make you smart sweetie. God Dave, you could have had any girl in the world and yet you are running around with this piece of silicone."

"Whatever. At least he's with me and not some one that will bring his image down like Vanessa."

At the sound of her name Dave looked up and made eye contact with Vanessa. Truth be told, he missed her tremendously, even though he would never admit it. When he started dating Rebecca, she made him promise that he would try to maintain a distance from Vanessa and he had obliged. Probably because she had her lips wrapped around his dick as she made her request. Dave was snapped out his thoughts when someone's fist connected with his gut.

"Damn, Trish, what the fuck was that for?"

"That's for being a spineless asshole. There was a time that you would have never let anyone talk about Ness that way. Now look what you have become. I hope you dick falls off and gets lodge in that bitch's throat."

"Vanessa's a big girl; she can take care of herself."

Trish pointed down the now hallway. "Really, then why did her eyes fill up with tears when you didn't have the balls to defend her?" Trish shook her head and went down to follow Vanessa, leaving Dave looking confused and Rebecca satisfied.