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I Never

Part I: I Never Made A Romantic Mistake

In a dimly lit kitchen with cans, bottles and half-eaten microwave meals strewn carelessly around, as music thumped violently, two boys sat facing each other at the kitchen table. They were best friends, though to look at them you wouldn't think so. One had blonde hair, just reaching his chin, it was well tamed and styled neatly, flicking out in all the right places. He was pale and thin, his face gaunt and hauntingly beautiful with placid eyes of an icy pale azure, almost resembling peaceful winter lakes. He wore tight black jeans that frayed out slightly below the knees with a tight black t-shirt that sported a white band logo. He stared across at the boy opposite as he put down a card onto the pile between them. In contrast, the opposite boy had wild, untamed brunette hair that stuck out in all directions. Though messy, it somehow handsomely framed his well structured and tanned face. His eyes were light brown on the outside fading to a darker chocolate brown centre that neatly lined his large pupils. They were wide, cheerful eyes, filled with emotion. His body was slim yet well toned and muscular, dressed in khaki ¾ lengths and a blue jersey plastered in the name and logos of his favourite soccer team. The brunette glared at the blonde, daring him to pick up the last down-turned card in front of him and place it on the pile.

"And Matt wins!" the blonde stated smugly, throwing down his last card, a two, onto the pile before leaning backwards and flexing out his arms with a smile of victory.

The brunette boy, Tai, groaned and took a swig from the can of beer in his hand.

"Hey, here's to my mother taking Kari away for the weekend, leaving me with a free house!" Tai laughed, raising his can toward the blonde in an attempt to take both boys' minds away from his defeat.

"I'll drink to that!" Matt met Tai's can with his own, then each took a sip from their drink in celebration of the free house Tai very rarely had.

"How about another game?" Tai suggested cheerfully, "Not cards though,"

"What then?"

"Hmmm," Tai put a finger to his chin in thought, "I Never?"

"Fair enough," Matt agreed, taking a sip and finishing his can, "But first we'll need more drinks," he leant sideways and opened the fridge, pulling out two ciders. He put one in front of him and threw the other one at Tai, who caught it perfectly.

"Bit eager aren't you? Tryin' to get me drunk?" The brunette joked with a wink.

"Shut up Tai. Lets just play your game," Came the typical Matt reply.

"You know the rules? 'I never…' something, and if you have done it you drink,"


"Good. So, I never… embarrassed myself in front of a crowd," Tai joked, recalling Matt's embarrassing stumble on stage with his band the night before.

"Now who's trying to get who drunk?" The musician glared before taking a swig of cider.

"Sorry! It was too hard not too!" Tai beamed. Matt hated him for never being embarrassed about a thing, but hey, all the more drink for him, right?

"Fine. I never ate and drank so much I spent the next day puking," Matt knew Tai had done it more than a few times, and so had he once or twice, which enabled him to take a sip of his own drink.

"I like my food and alcohol, okay?!" Tai moaned defensively, wiping his mouth after taking a large drink from his can. The secret was that Tai did get embarrassed, but only in front of a few people. Matt was one of them. He always felt extremely ashamed when the pretty blonde had to cancel his plans for the day just to look after him because he'd foolishly had too much fun the night before.

"Whatever," Matt dismissed Tai's excuse.

"I never messed up in front of a crowd and got away with it without people noticing," to which both drank; Tai for a soccer game and Matt for a gig.

"I never wished my hair was tameable," Matt smiled slyly at Tai. Tai hesitantly took a small sip from his can, trying to hide a faint blush that worked its way across his cheeks.

"I never wished my skin had some sort of pigment," he retaliated. Now this was getting personal. Matt cocked an eyebrow at the brunette and took a long sip, blushing as he did so, then gazed across at the brunette, trying to find some surface imperfection he could pick at him for.

"I never wished my cheeks weren't so chubby," Matt laughed, having nothing else to retaliate with. Tai looked at him with cocked eyebrows and a sort of pitying smile.

"Drink getting to you Matt?" He mocked.

"Shut up!" Matt pouted, "And maybe," he added, suppressing a giggle.

Tai rolled his eyes and stood up, "Care to finish this game in front of a movie?" he suggested before stumbling slightly as he felt the alcohol rush to his head.

"Sure," Matt laughed at his friends drunken stumbling, then stood up and stumbled himself, which just made both boys laugh harder.

Tai held back an affectionate smile for his rock star friend. He adored drunken Matt. Drunken Matt always had so much more life in him and he let go of that slightly pretentious 'lets-be-serious-and-hide-our-emotions' vibe.


The two boys staggered and tripped their way into the lounge after calming down and grabbing a healthy supply of alcohol to take with them. Tai slipped a DVD into the machine and the boys settled at opposite ends of the sofa. They continued their game over the voices of the film, trying to make each other as uncomfortable and embarrassed as they could.

"Okay, I never went out with someone I wasn't attracted to," Tai submitted. Matt drank.

"You talking about Sora?" Tai frowned, fairly threatening.

Matt had broken up with Sora just over a week ago without giving her or anyone else a specific reason. He looked across at Tai guiltily, but stayed silent.

"That's a yes then," Tai muttered. Usually Tai would jump anyone that hurt Sora, but Matt was a different story. You can't attack your best friend. 'Plus,' Tai thought to himself rather slyly, 'if Matt wasn't attracted to her, maybe I - No, no!' He shook his head to rid himself of the thought; it was the drink thinking, wasn't it? But why then was it so often that he found himself denying similar thoughts even when he was sober?

Matt looked over at his brunette friend feeling strangely defeated. True, he'd broken up with Sora because he wasn't attracted to her, but honestly, that wasn't the half of it. How on earth was he supposed to explain it all to Tai? There was no way he'd understand. But why then did he sometimes catch the soccer player looking at him with a glint in his eyes that suggested that just maybe he felt the same?

Attempting to shrug off the thought, Matt grabbed his drink and barked out another 'I Never'.


The statements gradually got stranger and sillier as the boys' brains rested and the drink took over. Feeling sleepy, Matt slowly adjusted himself into a comfier position and ended up with his head softly resting against Tai's shoulder.

As he felt Matt's head against him, Tai's heart skipped a beat. 'Forget it, Tai, he's just drunk and tired,' he silently told himself, 'Why should you care anyway? You're just mates and you both know that,' he added forcefully, though something deep inside his head told him differently. Once again, he blamed it on the alcohol, the nearest scapegoat.


And so 'I Never…' continued as the boys became more intoxicated and the statements became even more ridiculous.


Drunker than before, Tai adjusted in his seat and ended up leaning his body more into Matt, resting his chin on the blonde's head and placing an arm loosely around his shoulders. By this time, both boys' voices were slow and slurred and neither had much control over what they were saying.

"I never… wished a moment could last forever," Matt whispered, taking a slow sip from his can. He vaguely felt Tai hesitate before he did the same. There was a short moment of silence between them before Tai came out with the next.

"I never felt myself falling in love with someone I really shouldn't, someone I knew would never love me back, someone who'd think it was wrong," Tai uttered as precisely as he could. Both boys stopped breathing for a second as they realised what Tai had said and how it related to themselves. Then, reluctantly, each took a heavy sip, both hoping the other didn't realise it was him they were drinking for, and each hoping it was them the other was drinking for.

Matt's heart began to beat faster as he came out with the next challenge, "I never felt myself falling in love with a best friend," A hot, red blush spread across the boys' cheeks and each was thankful the other couldn't see him. Matt gulped heavily at his drink and felt his stomach constricting in disappointment as Tai didn't take a sip of his. After a silent wait of what felt like hours - but was merely seconds - Matt's mind was flooded with relief as Tai raised his can to his lips and held it there drinking steadily.

'Is this Matt's way of saying he feels the same?' Tai thought to himself dizzily, 'Only one way to find out,'

"I never fell in love with someone in this room," Tai said before guzzling down his drink. He set the can down on the table and watched Matt as the blonde rolled over to face him, placing his can on the floor beside them.

"Sometimes you're so slow on the uptake Tai," Matt smiled. He then pressed his soft warm lips against Tai's lovely tanned neck, before cuddling into Tai's body. Tai wrapped Matt tightly in his arms, kissing his forehead sweetly, overcome with delight.

The boys soon fell asleep, film still playing in the background, alcohol still rushing around their veins, but as they slept, nothing could remove the smiles from their faces.


Tai woke up with a stretch and a groan. His eyes still closed, he felt something lying on him. He flashed open his eyes and looked down to see his best friend. Suddenly he felt a twisting lurch in his stomach and pushed the sleeping blonde off him, jumping up and rushing toward the bathroom, not giving himself time to figure out why we'd woken up with his arm around his best friend who'd been cuddled into his chest. He lunged for the toilet just in time, throwing open his mouth as he vomited up last night's entertainment.

"Guess I'm gonna have to cancel my plans again," Matt walked into the bathroom groggily rubbing his eyes, still with a smile faintly plastered to his face.

Tai simply replied with a nod and another deposition into the toilet.

"Easy now," Matt knelt beside Tai and rubbed his back softly. At his touch, Tai began to remember pieces of the night before. He groaned silently and stopped retching long enough to talk.

"What happened last night Matt?" He asked his friend, confusion clearly set in his big brown eyes. Matt was always the one that remembered most, if not all of their drunken adventures. That, of course, never meant he didn't regret it.

"Well, judging by what I woke up to, we drank a hell of a lot, ate a hell of a lot and fell asleep watching TV," Matt side-stepped Tai's questioned carefully.

"No Matt, I mean with us," Tai mumbled, before vomiting once more.

"Right, right, I'm gonna go sort out your usual OJ and toast, okay? Come into the kitchen when you've stopped chucking your guts," Matt stuttered, trying to smile, getting up and leaving the room. He wandered slowly into the kitchen, briefly checking his appearance in the reflective glass front cabinets. Not the best Tai had ever seen him, but certainly not the worst. He quickly fiddled with his hair, trying to stop it looking so messy before making his way over to the toaster. Putting a slice of white bread and a slice of brown bread into the shiny toaster, he sighed to himself. When he'd first woken up and remembered the final events of the previous night he could feel his heart jumping for joy, but as he'd comforted his sick friend, he knew it wasn't going to be that easy between them.

He slowly finished making their hangover-curing breakfast and placed them on the kitchen table. He returned to the seat he'd been in the previous night and put his elbows on the table, resting his head in his hands, trying to block out the noises coming from the bathroom. What the hell was going to happen now? If Tai remembered what had happened, which he would eventually, how would he react? Matt's mind trailed off, dwelling on Tai for several minutes.

"You're gonna let your toast go cold," came a harsh voice from the kitchen door, making Matt jump. He jerked up to see a messy hung-over Tai walking towards the table.

"Tai," Matt breathed, "Look, about-"

"About last night? It doesn't matter. I remembered myself," Tai interrupted abruptly.

"Right… okay," Matt waited for Tai to freak out.

"I'm going for a shower," Tai stated dismissively.

"But I made your breakfast!" Matt objected.

"Save it," Tai uttered as he left the room.

Matt stared at Tai's breakfast in front of him. It was bad, it was very, very bad. Tai never turned down a hang-over breakfast, ever, especially with the way Matt buttered his toast just right. Matt hung his head in his hands once more, biting his lip as a distraction from the thought that Tai probably hated him now. This was always the way Tai acted before he really blew up about something. There was always the calm before the storm. be continued.

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