Kakashi Hatake had to hurry. He was a twenty-six year old who had to work for a house owner in order to pay off his living expenses. Living in someone else's building wasn't free, and he wasn't the only one. People who couldn't even afford apartments were allowed to live in the building on the condition that they worked in and around the house to pay off the expenses. He didn't mind, it was just that he had been living in the building since he was sixteen, and he was very close to paying off his agreement. Ten years meant thousands of dollars to pay off, but Kakashi was so close he could pay it off within the next two months. Saving up money for an apartment made paying it off harder, but after ten years Kakashi was willing to wait a little longer to move out on his own. People under sixteen lived in the building for free, but once he no longer fit that definition, he started working. Finally, his work was going to pay off.

He took the time he needed to look out of his first floor room window and notice a black Honda Civic next to the building. 'I've never seen that car around here before…and it's just sitting there. Whose car is that?' Kakashi quickly dismissed the matter and gathered his things so that he could clean up his section of the building. Gai had the section on the other side of the building, so Kakashi didn't have to worry about Gai interrupting his reading with yet another cleaning challenge. He got to work with sweeping the floor, but his solitude didn't last long as the front door opened to reveal a six foot tall tanned man, who Kakashi noticed had no eyebrows. 'He is kind of handsome for a person with no eyebrows…wait, why is he here? He doesn't look homeless to me.' The man looked Kakashi over once, then twice, and stopped in front of him.

"Can I help you? If you're looking for a place to stay, you'll need to speak to Tsunade. She's in the office, just walk down the hall and turn left. It's the first room on the right."

"I'm not looking for a place to stay."

Kakashi straightened up from using a dust pan and took a good look at the visitor. The man was wearing black pants and a black tank top. His boots were also black, but Kakashi noticed that he wasn't wearing anything else. He also noticed a pair of hazel eyes traveling from his shoes to his face, stopping only to gaze at his mask.

"That mask isn't for cleaning."

A simple statement, aided only by a calculating stare, glided its way into his ears. Kakashi felt uncomfortable, even with his mask on, so he tried to continue with his work while holding what was supposed to be a decent conversation.

"No, it isn't. It's quite rude not to give your name, you know. Mine is Hatake Kakashi."

"Momochi Zabuza."

A smooth, low rumble flowed out of Zabuza's mouth, and Kakashi thought briefly that he heard something else in the undertone. He soon found himself wishing he had worn something other than a black mask, a black shirt and a pair of jeans. His self-made black headband rested over his left eye, resulting in another quick look-over by Zabuza.

"Excuse me for asking, but what exactly are you here for?"

Zabuza rumbled once more, but he made no move to actually speak. In fact, Zabuza walked past Kakashi towards the office and housing section. 'That was unusual. I wonder what that was about.' He shrugged and proceeded to finish cleaning his section. He then visited Tsunade's office, still curious about the purpose of Zabuza's visit. Tsunade was doing paperwork, and her desk was in its usual disarray.

"Tsunade-sama, you didn't happen to have a visitor named Zabuza come by, did you?"

Tsunade cocked an eyebrow in question.

"No. I haven't had any visitors today."

Kakashi was put back for a moment. 'If he didn't come here, then where did he go? I didn't see him leave all day.' He went back to his room to make himself some dinner after a long day of cleaning, but he did not find his room in the state he left it in that morning.

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