Kakashi was slightly taken by surprise after seeing Zabuza sitting on the bed in his room; especially since he didn't know how long Zabuza had been there.

"I thought you said you weren't looking for a place to stay."

Zabuza stood from the bed, his expression as solid as stone. Kakashi could tell he wasn't affected by Kakashi's entrance or statement, but his interest wasn't in Zabuza's concealed determination. He had a stranger in his room, and he didn't want to deal with such a situation.

"I'm not."

It was when Zabuza took two steps towards him that Kakashi really needed to know why he was there. Kakashi moved, hoping the brooding man was heading out the doorway, but Zabuza side-stepped him. This action got him curious enough to be patient.

"Then why are you in my room? We don't allow visitors to enter employees' rooms."

He had been expecting a retort, or at least a reply. Instead, he received a steady stare, completely unwavering in its intensity.

"Of course you don't."

Kakashi tilted his head, expecting more out of Zabuza, but could only try to comprehend the conversation in silence. He finally gave in and sighed, allowing himself to be the first one to budge.

"You didn't answer my question."

"I'm quite aware of that."

The dark man's tone was stern. 'He's talking to me like I'm his…subordinate.' Subordinate, for a strange reason Kakashi couldn't name, was the word that immediately came to his mind.

"Why are you in my room?"

"I came to see you."

This statement startled Kakashi more than Zabuza's initial presence, although he didn't show it.

"How could you if you don't—"

Zabuza's lack of response was Kakashi's answer.

"—but you do. You know more about me than you first let on."

His visitor's only acknowledgement of the stated fact was a shift in weight. Kakashi sighed again and decided the conversation needed to either die down slowly or stop immediately. If it kept going, Zabuza could get the idea that he didn't mind unwelcome visitors in his room.

"Would you like something to eat?"

The stranger shrugged, apparently unconcerned with the current circumstance he had put himself into. Kakashi was trying to see how much he knew, but getting him to even talk was quite testing.

"How is it that you know so much about me?"

"I watch you."

The complete lack of concern or remorse in Zabuza's voice had Kakashi reeling…and slightly angry. 'Doesn't he mean he stalks me?'

"How much do you know?"


"I was asking for details, actually."

Zabuza closed his eyes, like he was thinking deeply. Kakashi continued to chop up the vegetables he had gathered for dinner, waiting patiently for Zabuza's answer.

"You currently owe Tsunade six hundred yen. Taking into consideration you are making a thousand yen a month, saving up for an apartment and buying food, it will take you about two more months to pay it off. You're twenty-six years old, and your birthday is on the fifteenth of September. Your favorite food is miso soup with eggplant, but you can't stand sweets or tempura—"

'Everything he knows about me is factual.'

"--you have moments of insecurity, fear, and vulnerability like everyone else, but you don't want them to know that you're like them. You are quite comfortable with your fearless reputation. Maito Gai tends to annoy you sometimes with his cleaning challenges, but he is the person who is closest to you and understands you best. Also, the fact that I know anything about you personally is slightly disturbing to you."

Kakashi was, for once, impressed. 'Okay, so not everything he knows about me is factual.'

"Odd. You know quite a bit about me, but I know nothing about you except that the black Honda Civic parked outside is yours."

"That's all you need to know."

Kakashi sighed in slight frustration and looked out the window to where he saw Zabuza's car parked before. It was still there, but something was different.

It was raining.

Mazuiko: To answer mnemosneme's question, no, Zabuza does not have his bandages on at the moment. He's a gun-for-hire; he only wears the bandages during one of his jobs. Once again, please let me know if any characters are OOC: if they are, tell me when, how, why, and how I can fix it. Thanks!