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The Power Within

Chapter One Witches Meet Hunters

The sun was high in the sky, shining down on the busy city known as San Francisco. A black Chevy Impala was parked out the front of an old but neat home. A black jeep drove out of the driveway and off in the direction of the big busy city.

"Why are we even here?" a young man with brown hair asked his older brother.

"Because we are," the older brother replied.

"Dean… why are we here?" he repeated.

"We're here because witches live in that house okay."

"Witches" the younger one, repeated, "it doesn't look like a witches house."

"I know Sam, but these witches have been involved in so many murders it's not funny."

"Okay so I presume we're breaking in and takin a look around."


"Okay, so how are we going to get in?"

"We'll go around the side and see if we can find a way in" Dean said then walked off with Sam following behind.


"I know that" a woman with long brown hair and brown eyes said to her younger sister. "But Phoebe-"

"But what Piper?" Phoebe cut in "it's only for a few days, and you and Leo deserve a break."

"I know and I appreciate the offer… its just"

"Its just what?"


"Is this about the other night."



"Phoebe I could have been killed and so could have Chris!"

"I know but it hasn't come back."

"What ever that demon was it nearly burnt down the whole freakin house" she paused "I don't want to leave until I know that, that demon is burning in hell"

"Okay" Phoebe gave in "Hey I gotta go home but I'll stop by later okay."


"Take it easy" she then walked off but not without adding "I love you."

"You too" Piper called back.


"Can you see anything unusual?" Dean asked Sam as they walked up the stairs to the attic of the Halliwell manor.

"Nothing unusual" he replied.

Dean walked into the attic and over to a book that sat on a stand near a window "What is that?"

"What?" Sam asked as he entered the room behind Dean.

"That" he pointed to the book.

"A book."

"I know that" Dean then walked over to the dark green book "The Book Of Shadows" he read out loud "do you think its some kind of spell book?"

"Maybe" Sam mused, "Take a look."

Dean opened the book to a random page. Sam walked over to Dean and he took a good look at the page that Dean had opened it up to.

"Beltazor" Sam mused.

"I've seen weird looking demons but nothing like that," Dean said. "What do you think they do with this book?"

"I have no idea," Sam mused "but at least we know they're witches."

"Maybe there's something in here that well tell us how do destroy them."



Phoebe had just walked in the front door when she heard a noise from the attic. When she walked to the second floor of the house she had a funny felling she was meant to be here. So she walked up the stairs to the attic and once in the room she spotted two men with the book of shadows in their hands "hey!" she yelled.

Sam and Dean turned their attention to the brown haired woman in the doorway "oh crap" Dean swore.

"We can explain" Sam said.

"Who are you?" she asked dryly.

"Well I'm Sam and this is Dean."

"You look familiar" Phoebe mused "have we meet before?"

"I don't think so," Sam replied.

"We should go" Dean added then started to walk off.

"Wait hold it" Phoebe said holding up her hand "You two are not going anywhere until you tell me why you are in my house."

"Well, see, I went in after Sam" Dean spoke up "he thought that you and your sisters were witches and he was going to kill you" he paused taking in the woman's expression, and I said 'I don't believe you.' "He has a mental problem."

"No he doesn't"

"I know he looks normal but-"

"Is your last name Winchester by any chance?"

"Yeah, Sam and Dean Winchester" Sam replied, "How do you know that?"

"I just do" she replied.

"Come on lady you can tell us, we already know you and your sisters are witches" Dean spat.

Phoebe sighed, they had seen the book; in fact the book was in there hands, and she had, had a premonition about them and premonitions always meant that someone needed protecting "I had a premonition about you two" She paused for a second "now tell me why you too are really here?"

"Well basically what Dean said" he pointed to Dean "but he was the one that was going to kill you guys."


"I thought you were evil."

"Well we're not."

"So why are you and your sisters connected to so many murders?" Dean asked walking over to her.

"Well usually its protecting innocents and sometimes it's killing demons."

"So what's with this 'The Book Of Shadows'?" Dean spat.

"The book" she mused, "it's how we find and ID the demons and then we vanquish them, happy."

"Ok we believe you" Sam said walking over to them as well.

"Good." Phoebe mused. "Now can I trust you?"

"We're not evil." Dean spat straight away.

"How can I be so sure?"

"We're not" Dean protested, "We hunt demons, spirits, you name it!"

Phoebe nodded, "I believe you, I was just making sure. My sisters and I have been tricked to many times." She looked down at the page that had Beltazor on it, her former lover. "Well the book trusts you."

"The book?" Sam asked.

"The book protects itself from evil and considering it let you hold it I guess that means your not evil." she then walked over to The Book Of Shadows. She placed a hand on the page and suddenly a premonition shot though her brain. It was Phoebe and the man standing in the attic, they were fighting a demon and Piper and Paige were there as well. But as quickly as it had come it ended leaving Phoebe to ponder over it. "Come here."

Sam and Dean walked back over to the book and stood in front of it "what?" Dean demanded.

"Feel free to take a look."

"I think I've e seen enough" Dean said dryly.

"Sam" Phoebe turned to him "would you like to have another look so you can truly see were not evil."

Sam walked over to Phoebe and he thumbed through the pages "this book is incredible."

"The Book Of Shadows has been handed down from generation to generation."

"All these demons, how do you do it?" Sam asked.

"Its been hard but we make it through" she smiled softly at Sam "come on I'll make you something to eat and you can tell me about yourselves." she went to walk off "oh by the way my name is Phoebe, Phoebe Halliwell."

"Nice to meet you" Sam said.

"So you trust us now?" Dean demanded.

"Trust has to be earned. But I know your not evil" she paused "I can sense something special about you two." She then walked off down the attic stairs.

"So Phoebe what was that premonition about?" Dean called after her.

"Come I'll tell you" she then kept walking. They then walked into the living room "have a seat" she offered.

Sam and Dean took a seat on the couch.

"Can I get you anything?" Phoebe asked kindly.

"Um a coffee" Dean replied.

"Same" Sam said.

"Okay" she then disappeared into the kitchen. She came back a few minutes later with a tray that had three mugs of coffee and some food. "Here" she said setting the tray down on the table then she too took a seat.

"Thanks" Sam said taking a sip of his drink.

"So how do you two know about witches and demons?"

"Well we were sorta bought up around them," Dean said taking a sip from his coffee. "So what was that premonition about?" Dean asked again.

"It was seeing you with the book in your hands," she lied "its all I can remember but when I saw the vision I got the feeling of good and I knew you wouldn't try to expose us." She paused "I knew you two were like us in some way."

"So why all the questions then?" Dean demanded.

"I wasn't sure if it was a trick, you can never be to careful in this house" she gave them a quick smile "but I knew I got that premonition for a reason" she paused "premonition, it's a pretty nifty power."

Sam was about to reply but suddenly a dark brown haired woman walked into the room "I don't believe it!" she exclaimed then she stopped when she saw Sam and Dean. "Ah who are they?"

"Paige this is Sam and Dean Winchester."

"Like the ones from your-"

"Premonition." Phoebe cut in.

"Uh… yeah" she paused then walked over to Phoebe and dragged her off somewhere "We'll be right back." They then disappeared into the other room. "What! Are you nuts?"

"Paige, they already knew we were witches before they even came here."

"Really! How?" she sounded surprised.

"They said they were brought up around this sort of stuff."

"Well maybe they're demons" Paige exclaimed.

"No, there not" Phoebe protested "their good, I can feel it and they touched the book."

"You let them see the book!" Paige exclaimed.

"They were already looking at it."

"What?!" Paige then took a deep breath. "Okay then lets go talk to them and see what else they can tell us."

Paige and Phoebe walked back into the living room to see Dean and Sam still sitting on the couch having a conversation of their own.

"Hey guys" Paige said, "So what brings you two to the Halliwell manor?"

"Well Dean was going to kill you" Sam said with a grin.

"Yeah sorry about that" Dean apologized sheepishly.

"Hey its okay" Paige said sarcastically, "plenty of people try and kill us."


"What?" she asked "its true."

"Look maybe we should go" Sam said standing up.

"No you can stay" Phoebe offered.

"Yeah but can you tell us how you know about witches and Demons?" Paige said.

"Well it's kinda a long story" Dean said scratching his head.

"Well I like long stories" Paige said sitting down.

"Well when we were young our mother died" Dean began "a demon killed her, our dad said she was pinned to the ceiling… then she just burst into flames."

"Oh my god" Phoebe gasped.

"Sound to familiar" Paige said.

"Piper." Phoebe mused, "I think we know the demon your talking about."

"Really" Sam exclaimed.

"Yeah it attacked Piper and Chris a few days ago"

"A few days ago?" Dean asked. "How old is Chris?"

"One, why?"

"That's strange" Sam mused, "it usually attacks when the child is six months old." He paused "does Chris have physic abilities?"

"Not that I know off " Phoebe replied "Why?"

"The demon attacks the mothers of children with physic abilities." Sam explained.

"Well Chris can orb but I don't know about any physic abilities." Phoebe replied "but then he's only one so his powers ain't fully developed."

"Orb?" Dean exclaimed.

"Yeah like teleporting or shimmering" Paige explained.

"Ah I see" Dean said.

"Can we ask Piper some questions?"

"Sure when she gets-" Phoebe was cut off by Piper walking into the living room with Wyatt and Chris in a pram.

"Hello I'm home" she said then stopped when she saw Sam and Dean "ah hi!"

"Hi I'm Sam and this is my brother Dean."

"Piper" she introduced herself.

"Piper" Phoebe stood up and walked over to her "Sam and Dean know about us."

"What do you mean?"

"They know that we're witches and they also know about the demon that tried to kill you and Wyatt."

"How do you know?" she asked Sam and Dean.

"The demon killed our mum" Sam said walking over to them.

"I'm so sorry" Piper apologized.

"Its not your fault" Dean said coming into the conversation. "But do you think you could help us stop it"

"Um… yeah I'm sure the power of three will be enough" she paused taking a second to gather everything "so what exactly do you two do? I mean you know about demons because of your mum but-"

"We hunt them" Dean cut in "we've spent our whole life hunting them trying to find the demon that killed our mum."

"So you came here for our help?"

"Um… no" Sam took over "We came here to kill you, we thought you guys were evil, but clearly you're not."


Piper looked suspicious but Phoebe quickly chimed in "I had a premonition about them, remember?"

Piper looked confused then she remembered "Oh yeah, you said you were walking up to the attic then you just had a premonition about two guys talking to you. Which I presume are Sam and Dean."

"Yes" she said smiling "see I told you all of my premonitions mean things."

"Yeah, yeah I know" Piper said sarcastically then she bought up a more serious matter. "So what are we going to do about our demon?"


The three Halliwell sitters and the two Winchester brothers sat on the couch thumbing through the Book Of Shadows. They had come across many demons but they could not find the one that they were looking for, well for a start they didn't even know what he looked like just that he had yellow eyes and he liked starting fires and that was not much to go on.

"So all we know is that he has yellow eyes and has a nasty habit of lighting fires and killing the child's mothers." Dean said.

"Yeah but why would he come after Wyatt?" Piper mused, "He doesn't even have physic abilities."

"Maybe he was just after us because he probably knows that we can find a way to kill him." Paige added.

"Yeah I know but its still strange" she paused "Why now? Why just Chris?"

"Sweetie we're going to find out okay" Phoebe assured Piper.

"Yeah I just hope it not too late."

"Since when has it ever been too late Piper?" Paige asked.

Piper didn't answer Paige's question instead she got up and walked upstairs.

"Is she okay?" Dean asked.

"Yeah she's just finding things hard" Phoebe said smiling softly "I mean we all are, we thought that this life was over but its not."

"What do mean over?" Sam asked.

"Well a few months ago we pretended that we were dead" Phoebe explained "but we didn't quite intent to. We just had to, we got exposed and we also had to kill one nasty demon in the process."

"So the world thought you were dead?" Dean asked

"Yeah pretty much" Phoebe replied "but we cleared it all up and now Piper, Phoebe and Paige are alive again" she gave the boys a small smile "not Jo not Julie or what ever other names we picked. And it feels good to me again."

"Yeah even if the demons know," Paige commented.

"Piper" suddenly a man with blonde hair walked into the room.

"Leo" Phoebe exclaimed, "Where have you been?"

"Out and about" he replied, "where's Piper?"

"Upstairs" she mused "Oh! Leo this is Sam and Dean Winchester."

"Nice to meet you." he said, "so do we have any information on the-"

"Demon" Paige grinned, "yeah we do and Sam and Dean can help us."

"So they're witches?"

"No there not" Phoebe replied. "Their hunters."

"We were brought up around this sort of stuff" Dean added. "We kill demons, spirits, you name it."

"So are you a witch?" Sam asked Leo.

"No, I used to be a Whitelighter."

"A Whitelighter?" Dean repeated.

"There like angels" Phoebe explained, "Leo died in world war two, and he was turned into a Whitelighter. But he gave up his powers some time back."

"Oh! I see" Dean mused.

"So do you all have individual powers?" Sam asked. He was so interested in them, he had hunted demons, spirits, you name it, but to meet witches was certainly something he thought he would never do. And for them to look normal, look like average people, was amazing and he knew that the sister could relate to them, they had the same lives.

"Yeah we do" Phoebe replied, "I'm an empath, which is premonition and I can levitate."

"I am a witch cross whitelighter" Paige said then she disappeared into blue and white lights then she reappeared in her seat. "Pretty cool huh?" she said smiling "and watch this, 'cookie.'" the cookie from the tray appeared in Paige's right hand "I love this power" she said taking a bite from her cookie.

"Hey that's personal gain."

"But I was teaching." Paige said pulling a puppy dog face.

"What power does Piper have?" Sam asked. He was truly amazed by their powers.

"She can freeze time and blow up anything she wants."

"What! Like the house?" Dean asked.

"If she wanted to."

"Oh! And don't piss her off" Paige added, "sometimes things blow up without her meaning them to."

"What do you mean?"

"There powers are tied to their emotions" Leo came into the conversation "when they're angry or sad their powers don't work the way they should, which can be dangerous."

"How hard was it to learn how to control your powers?" Sam asked another question.

"Well it was difficult but we had each other" Phoebe said.

"So you have premonitions. How are they triggered?" Sam asked in the hope that Phoebe could teach Sam how to control his powers.

"Sometimes they just happen" she began "or when I touch things like a piece of clothing or anything I guess."

"Was it hard at first? Did you see things that you'd rather not see, like people… getting killed?"

"Yes I did."

"I… I have these dreams… premonitions" Sam began taking his time to explain, "I see people die and sometimes I can't stop it happening. No matter how hard I try."

"Your an empath?" Paige inquired.

"I don't know."

"Can you feel peoples emotions?"

"Like how they feel?"

"Yeah like if they're scared or angry or sad" Phoebe replied.

"No its just the premonitions" he replied "but the first few times I only got them when I was asleep then I started getting them when I was awake and they cause one nasty headache."

"I've never had headaches with them" she paused "but your powers could be different I guess."

"Wait" Leo suddenly exclaimed, "I have an idea."

"Well, are you gonna tell us" Paige said.

"One word," he paused "Grams."


Phoebe lit the last candle then she walked over to Piper and Paige "you ready?"

"We've only said this spell like how many times?" Paige said rolling her eyes.

"Lets just do this" Piper said.

"Here these words, Hear my cry," the sisters chanted, "Spirit from the other side. Come to me, I summon thee, Cross now the great divide."

Sam and Dean stood amazed as ghostly figure appeared before them, sure they had seen ghost but never had they seen one be summoned. And the ghost they saw was evil, this one was most obviously not.

"Hello my dears" she said kindly then she turned to Sam and Dean "Hello boys."

"Wait you know who they are?" Piper asked surprised.

"Yes I do," she said smiling warmly at the Winchester brothers "I know everything about them…"

To Be Continued

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