Okay folks! Here's just the prologue for my next story. It's just a sample; tell me what you think please. I will upload the first chapter very soon.

Note: I'm sure, if you ever read my stories or authors notes, you will know that I in no way own Ghost Hunt or any of the characters.

Day 1

It was a bright day when a frightened young man walked into the SPR headquarters. He was about eighteen, black hair, green eyes, and dressed a little like Naru.

Naru stepped out of his office. "Tea." He told Mai.

Mai nodded, stopped from firing a rude comment due to the distress the young man was in. Instead, she went into the kitchen and soon, came out with two cups of tea. One she gave to the young man and the second to Naru.

"There's something wrong with my house! There's a ghost and it's taken my brother!" the young man exclaimed rather loudly, too loudly for Mai's taste in volume.

"Please calm down and tell me your story again," Naru asked the young man.

The young man nodded. He quickly drained the tea cup, gulped three times and then took five breaths. To which, Mai rolled her eyes.

"Recently, my family and I moved into an old house. The house was beautiful and the realtor was eager to sell it. A few weeks after we moved in, weird things started happening. The first weird thing to happen was that things would move around but never when someone was watching. We blamed that on our poor memory. The second thing was that doors would close when we weren't there. We blamed that on the air conditioning. The third thing was that we started hearing a little girl's laugh coming throughout the house. We blamed that on the wind." The young man said all in one breath which amazed Mai.

Naru nodded, "Please continue."

"The fourth thing was when any young child came over. For some reason, after 5:30 at night, the young girls would become restless and swear that they felt someone watching them. They refused to enter the house again. It didn't end with the girls, the boys would feel someone poke them or even push them. Now, my brother disappeared right in front of my eyes."

Mai shivered.

This is just a prologue. The first chapter shall be uploaded soon. And now, it's time for my famous saying: I don't own Ghost Hunt or any of the characters. Seriously, you should know this by now.