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Naru's Notes

Case Name: The Kidnapping

A curse was placed upon the grounds of the house by a young woman named Silvia Miles. In life, she was a psychic with extraordinary powers. She could look at a person and know everything about them. When she was killed, she swore that she would help any girl that came into the house.

The doll and the circle is another story. After more investigating, it appears that another girl died at the house site (Before Silvia) that was not recorded. Her name was Missy Lito. Missy was apparently a trouble maker and always wanted someone to play with her. She also had a huge collection of dolls. She died tragically at the age to eight. The cause of death is unknown, however, it is suspected that she fell, and consequently drowned, in a well after playing the game tag. The doll apparently, is her possessing one of her dolls and was still looking for a play mate. The circle was play mates that didn't satisfy her. (Creepy, isn't it?)

As to the matter of Mimi, Ali is apparently a very good ventriloquist. The dolls "appearing" was all Silvia's way of keeping Ali happy.

When we asked Silvia if she made the boys disappear, she said that she did. However, she also said not to worry. Their memories were erased (Psychic powers, I suppose) and they were sent somewhere far away. When we asked her where that was, she laughed.

The fire got rid of Missy, but not Silvia. When we asked her about that, she simply replied, "Why get rid of me? I've hurt no one." She then promptly vanished.

Naru closed his book. "I just remembered something," he said, "I forgot to remove the barrier…"


"Honey, try turning the door," the wife said.

"I am! It's not working!" the husband answered.

"Why can't we get inside?" Aly asked.


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---- Preview ----

"What's this?" Takigawa asked, holding up a book.

"I think it's Mai's diary!" Ayako exclaimed.

"Really?" Takigawa asked.

"It says Mai's diary on the front," she explained.

"I wonder what she wrote," Takigawa said.

"Immature children," Lin said from the side.

---- End Preview ----

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