Consequential Actions

By Miss Willow

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I raked my fingers through my blonde hair and stared blearily into the bathroom mirror. Jesus, if that was what twelve shots of vodka did to me then I wasn't touching the stuff ever again… well, at least until next Saturday. Luckily, for me, god gave me the gift of make-up, so I could feel like shit for the rest of the day without risking my reputation of being the most gorgeous person in Halls.

A loud banging on the door interrupted my lip-gloss touch up and after angrily telling Will to piss off back to Zoe, I reluctantly gave up my bathroom time. I was forced to put on the rest of my make-up in the broken shards of the already crap mirror that used to hang in our kitchen.

"Hey Kris." I straightened up and gave Zoe a look.

"What's that for?" She asked, frowning, as she took her seat at the breakfast bar. I turned back to my mirror.

"Your boyfriend has taken over the bathroom."

"Kris out of all of us you spend the most time in the bathroom."

"Yes but that's the difference the two of us, you see; me, well, my beauty is already a god given gift to men, while no amount of time in the bathroom could ever fix the way Will looks. He was born like that." I flashed the irritated Zoe a smug look and sauntered over to the fridge, hoping to find the leftovers from yesterday's casserole.

"Morning all!" Jess almost sang, appearing behind me. I slammed the fridge door shut and looked at her. She was still in her dressing gown; the lazy sod… well, what else could I expect from someone who had as much fashion sense as Mr. Born ugly, who was STILL in the bathroom, I might add. Goes to show who is always right and who is wrong. "What's up with you?"

"Nothing," I said, "…and if there was, I wouldn't be telling you," I added, stirring my tea. I took a sip out of my mug.

"So pleasant." Jess murmured, just loud enough for me to hear, while she smiled sweetly across the table at me. I rolled my eyes and helped myself to some cornflakes, as the leftovers seemed to have mysteriously disappeared during the night.

"Pass the milk please," I said to Zoe. She stopped munching her own cornflakes and glared at me over the top of the cereal box, before returning to her cereal. "Ok. Not immature at all, Zo."

"Here you go!" Jess plonked the milk down in front of me and, much to my annoyance, made herself comfortable in the seat next to me.

"That seat was taken," I said through my mouthful of cornflakes.

"Erm, by who?" Jess replied sarcastically. I could see that her good mood was vanishing rapidly and I couldn't help but feel satisfaction. There was no such thing as a bad time when it came to winding up Jess.

"Will." I said back.

"Oh, it's fine, Will can sit next to me-" Zoe began to say, taking her school bag off the stool next to her.

"-so I'm sorry but you'll have to sit next to Zoe." I jerked my head over at the empty seat.

"Please! Since when did Will and you get on!" Jess argued back.

"Since you decided to sit within a ten mile radius of me." I said.

"What is it with you?! You always have to pick an argument with everyone!" Jess said hotly.

"Not everyone, love, just you," I got to my feet and dumped my bowl I the sink, "Must be something about you that pisses me off… can't even begin to think what it could be." The sarcasm wasn't missed by Jess who, instead of giving up and saving herself the wasting of time, had marched over to me and was now standing in front of me, with her hands on her hips.

"Kris, you're the one with a problem! Let's face it! We all know you clearly have an identity crisis!" Jess exclaimed. I glared and Zoe snorted into her bowl.

"I don't have an identity crisis! I'm a gay guy in a particularly sexy red mini-skirt… you don't get more comfortable with yourself than that…" I said, gesturing to my outfit.

"Ah but that's it, isn't it Kris? You say you're gay but half of the time you just can't seem to be able to decide! Are you gay? Are you straight? Are you bi? You change sexuality as often as Zoe changes her underwear!"

"Not very often then." I said.

"Hey! Leave me out of this!" Zoe said indignantly, as she pushed her way between us to get to the sink.

"Just because you can't accept the fact that I can pull a guy and you can't, doesn't mean you have to be bitter about it. Many people stay single into their 50s, so you won't be the only one." I said, hiding my smile, as Jess' cheeks began to flush red. "But that isn't the real reason you're mad at me, is it Jess?"

"Oh no, it isn't, is it? What is the real reason then Mr. Know It All?" Jess said, stepping closer to me, so that our noses were almost touching, her eyes now slits of anger.

"You like me." Jess let out a hollow laugh and rolled her eyes. "Admit it. You've liked me ever since you tried to seduce me-"

"I hardly seduced you!" Jess protested, "You were just as willing, I seem to remember!"

"Well, I was bored and you were offering it on a plate-" I was cut off as Jess slapped my across the face. I whipped my head back around to face her, glaring at her, ignoring the burning mark on my cheek. I noticed that Zoe had buggered off fast…

"You know what, Kris, I don't know why I bother trying to get on with you…" Jess sighed and shook her head, before walking off. I heard her bedroom door slam shut down the hallway and only then did I allow myself to start breathing again.


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