By: Tiki Rane Gobell

Summary: Parthenogenesis: Asexual form of reproduction that does not require fertilization. Kyuubi believes he has found his way out. Mpreg. Narsasu

Disclaimer: Listen closely, for I will only say this once. I do not own Naruto or anyone of the related characters or themes. I'm simply a babysitter of Masashi Kishimoto's brain child…and I don't even get paid.

Prologue: Back to 9th Grade Biology and Beyond: A brief review of scientific concepts.

Genetics are the traits passed from one generation to the next, parents to offspring. These genes are stored within our very DNA in the chromosomes. Reproduction combines two halves of genetic code into a single new full code, a new embryo which can mature inside a mother into an offspring. Mammals have always required half of the chromosomes from a female source, an egg, and the other half from male source, a sperm. The gender allele, the code that decides if a child is male or female, for a female is XX. For a male, it is XY. Females always put forth an X egg, while males can either put an Y or an X, meaning they contribute to the gender as such:

X times X equals XX
X times Y equals XY

XY times XX equals XX, XX, XY, XY

But when male chromosomes are joined with male chromosomes, the possible outcomes become different:

XY times XY euals XX, XY, XY, YY

XX is female.
XY is male.
YY is inviable. The offspring would not be able to biologically survive.

In such a case as male chromosomes joining with male chromosomes, there is a 25 percent the offspring will be female, a 50 percent chance the offspring will be male, and a 25 percent chance that the offspring will become something that has never been seen by nature. Biologically, the offspring should not be capable of existence. Naturally, a mammal should not be able to reproduce by parthenogenesis. But should nots do not matter to a creature sealed within another and desperate for release. Should not's mean that there is a chance that something new and unprecedented could happen. Should not's have no control over centuries old demons with boundless power and limitless knowledge. To Kyuubi, it's just a challenge. To Kyuubi, it just might be his way out.

Time Frame: Into the future. Naruto is 17. AR. In this timeline, Sasuke has defeated Orochimaru and has returned to Konoha, after being drug back by Naruto. Itachi is still alive, meaning he may or may not contribute to this plot.

Chapter 1: Question of Sexuality

"Naruto….Naruto! NARUTO!"

The fifth hokage's voice shook the room, but the sleeping boy only grunted in his sleep and smacked his lips. The word, "Ramen" was mumbled before the boy settled into silence once more. A vein in Tsunade's forehead was visibly pulsing. How dare that boy ignore me, the Hokage! If she wasn't angry at the boy for sleeping during the mission briefing, she might have been impressed with the fact that Naruto was sleeping standing up, for surely that must take some skill. But the impressive skill was lost on the angry blonde Hokage because she hated being disrespected by the little twerp.

Not bothering to go the peaceful route of waking the slumbering shinobi, she punched him in the head sending him crashing into the wall of her office. The office wall now needed to be repaired, but the blonde kitsune was finally awake judging by the disgruntled yell that pierced the room when the wild blonde spikes connected with the hardness of the wall.

"WHAT THE HELL?" yelled the now 17-year-old boy, struggling to get off the ground and save some of his fierce exterior. But his efforts were wasted against Tsunade who merely started yelling at the boy, overpowering all of his other obscenities.

"NARUTO! Sleeping should be done at home, NOT IN THE HOKAGE'S OFFICE! You sure have some nerve, kid, falling asleep right in the middle of a briefing. Did you even sleep last night?" she finally asked, her anger turning to worry for the last question. She studied his face and saw dark rings under his eyes. Even now, he was yawning again and his eyelids drooped.

"Baa-chan, yawn, I've been sleeping at night, but every morning I wake up even more tired. I've been late to four team meetings this week alone because I keep sleeping right through my alarm. Yawn. I don't know what's wrong with me," he whined pitifully, the yawns adding to the effect.

"Have you consulted a doctor?" asked Tsunade, already knowing the answer.

Naruto looked sharply up from where he was rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "HELL NO! They'll just stick me with needles and demand that I stay in bed! Hospitals are for old people, not ninjas! There's no way you're getting me there!"

"What if I ordered you?" asked Tsunade, a bite to her words with her anger returning. "Would you defy direct orders from a hokage?"

Naruto's blue eyes disappeared as he squinted, figuring out what he would do. With sudden inspiration, he waved a finger through the air. "I would become a missing nin! I will never go see a doctor!" he finished stubbornly

Tsunade loved the kid, she really did, but he was sometimes too set in his ways that it was annoying. Heaving a sigh in defeat, Tsunade returned to looking over the papers on her desk. "You're impossible, Naruto, you know that? And that's NOT a compliment!" assured Tsunade as she saw Naruto's face light up at being called impossible, only to slump back into sleepiness as she corrected his misassumption.

"Have you considered it might be the seal? Lift up your shirt." She ordered, getting up from the desk where she had been sitting. This boy was going to worry her to death, or at least make the wrinkles show through her genjutsu.

Fake blushing, Naruto whispered in a joking tone, "Why Baa-chan, you might be just a little old to be asking something like that from me. I mean, I suppose it could work, but the age difference alone would give people something to talk about. I don't think that's the sort of reputation a hokage should be having. Just think of the whispers of 'pedophile.'"

Tsunade's self-control had about had it. It restrained her enough from killing the boy, but nothing more than that. With a monster of a chakra enhanced punched, the blonde kitsune was sent flying through three straight walls. That made it a total of four walls that would have to be repaired soon, and it was all because of a single visit of the blue-eyed, blonde-haired boy.

"JUST LIFT UP THE DAMN SHIRT, NARUTO! I swear you've spent too much time with Jiraiya. You've become a pervert too!"

"I wasn't the one that assigned me to an extended training mission with the perverted sage!" argued Naruto, walking back through the holes he had put in the walls. He noticed a secretary staring at him, probably wondering what exactly was going on. Tsunade wasn't making anything better by shouting for him to take off his clothes. People must be getting the wrong impression. Hmmm Naruto pondered who am I to correct their misassumptions? He felt a twinge of sadistic glee at the hole he was digging for Tsunade.

"You know, Baa-chan, this could be considered sexual harassment," commented Naruto as Tsunade studied his navel. She let the comment slide…for now. Naruto continued, "You never hear me ask you to lift up your shirt. Why should I have to listen to you?"
Finished checking the seal, she swatted him on the back of the head for his earlier comment. "Your seal looks fine. I suppose it's just you getting lazy, that's all. Go to bed earlier, eat properly, and don't exhaust all of your chakra every day, and maybe it'll get better. Now, on to the mission," she said, sitting down behind her desk again.

She continued giving him the mission briefing hoping that he would stay awake this time through. "I just need you to take these documents to the Kazekage. It's a one-man mission, I know you like those the best. I was going to have you leave immediately, but I think it would be best if you left tomorrow, after a good night's rest. Make sure you do as I told you, Naruto. A ninja, and especially a future hokage, can not afford to fall asleep on a mission and leave himself vulnerable. Is that understood?"

"Yes, baa-chan, perfectly clear. Lots of ramen for supper, good night's rest, head out tomorrow, take papers to Gaara. Got it!"

"QUIT CALLING ME BAA-CHAN! You disrespectful twerp!"

"Of course, old lady," said Naruto with a wide smile, already jumping out of the open window in the hokage office to avoid the missiles being thrown at him by a very young-looking old lady. He allowed himself a quiet laugh for being the only person able to get on the Hokage's nerves and live to tell the tale. He turned around, ready to walk home and fall into bed when he ran right into the hard, muscular chest of a certain Uchiha. Where did he come from? Wondered the future Hokage. I didn't even sense him behind me!

"Watch where you're going, dobe," ordered Sasuke, even as Naruto was bouncing off the raven-haired, onyx-eyed's chest.

"DON'T CALL ME A DOBE, TEME! And I wouldn't have ran into you if you weren't shielding your chakra, idiot!" yelled Naruto, getting defensive. As hateful as the two's relationship seemed, they were really best friends. They just had a … unique way of showing it.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was taken aback. He noticed that I was shielding my chakra? And I thought it was just luck that he could always find me no matter where I'm hiding from him in the village. He can actually sense me. But he didn't show that he was impressed when he responded coldly, "The Foolish King of all Idiots is calling me an idiot? How ironic."

Naruto made a noise of frustration, "Argh! What is with all you Uchihas and your superiority complexes?"

"Hmm…and here I was going to offer to allow you to tag along when I went to get dinner," idly said the Uchiha, making it seem as if he was really only talking to himself out loud, which of course, Naruto would have to butt into.

So predictable. "Dinner? As in Ramen? You're going to buy me ramen for dinner?" asked Naruto hopefully.

"DOBE!" said Sasuke, hitting the fox-boy in the back of the head. "I never said anything about paying for your gluttony!"

"But there will be ramen at this dinner?"

"hmmm…" said Sasuke, letting the tension get to Naruto. The blonde boy started hopping up and down whining Saskue's name to get him to answer. Finally, right before Naruto resorted to punching him, Sasuke said, "Yes. I'm going to Ichirakus."

"YES! I'm coming with you!" yelled the blonde, jumping up and down for joy this time, rather than in frustration.

"If you want," said Sasuke, making it seem as if he hadn't offered in the first place and that Naruto was just tagging along because it was one of those annoying things he always did. Naruto, of course, didn't even notice, and began following Sasuke's steps, thinking out loud of all the different flavors of ramen he was going to have when they reached the restaurant. By the time the familiar curtain of the restaurant was in sight, and after he heard of 200 different flavors of Ramen Naruto would like to try before he died, Sasuke was rethinking the whole inviting Naruto to dinner with him thing. Honestly, were there 200 flavors to anything in this world, much less Ramen? Sasuke seriously doubted it.

However, showing annoyance was not something a Uchicha did, it was not accepted, it was not in their blood – wait, this was Naruto, meaning he had every right to show his annoyance. Swatting him on the back of the head like everyone else always did, he hissed, "Shut up, dobe!"

Which Naruto promptly yelled back, "ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE ME SHUT UP?"

Knowing that they were now creating a scene, and that they had attracted the stares of everyone in the vicinity, Sasuke settled for appeasing the blond. "Shut up, dobe, and I'll buy you a bowl of ramen." Bribing with Ramen always wins against Naruto.

"Yeah!" Naruto's complete outlook changed to one of pure happiness, "Ramen! I'm starved! Sasuke, you're the coolest!"

Naruto promptly sat down and began ordering. "I'm only paying for one of yours, baka. Remember that." And they began to eat.

By the time they were walking away from the ramen stand, Sasuke had somehow paid for all of the dobe's eight bowls of ramen. Even he didn't know how that had happened.

"Dobe, you used up all my money on your ramen fest," he stated. Simply stated, not complained. Uchihas do not complain.

"Stop whining, Sasuke. If it really upset you that much, you'd either beat the shit out of me or get a girlfriend so you could take her to the ramen stand. Then, you wouldn't have to invite me so you won't be alone, and I'm sure she'd eat a lot less."

Sasuke stopped in his tracks, causing the blond to stop and look back at him.

"A girlfriend? Why would I want a girlfriend?" questioned the raven-haired 17-year-old

"Well, girls have certain comforts, and certain benefits to them," here Naruto had a mysterious coughing fit in which Sasuke distinctly heard the word 'sex' wheezed. Naruto continued, "And it would be good for your reputation."

"My reputation. Are you insinuating that my reputation needs help?" asked Sasuke, outraged at the very notion. If there was one thing he ever didn't need, it was help with his reputation, especially from Naruto, the social outcast of the village.

Naruto explained, suddenly finding his toes very interesting and nervously playing with the sleeves to his jacket. "Well, I'm not sure what insinuating means…but there are rumors. Rumors that you're gay." He got knocked to the ground by a fist. "Hey! Don't punch me! I'm not the one saying these things. All I'm saying is that getting a girlfriend would make the rumors stop."

"Gay? And what makes people say I'm gay?" he asked, counting backwards from 100 in his head to control his rage.

"Well, you're never seen around any girls, unless it's assigned on a mission, or with Sakura, and we all know Sakura has Lee, so she doesn't count as a girl-option for you. I mean, for example, today, you take me to dinner," seeing Sasuke's death glare , Naruto changed tact, "I mean, I followed you to the Ramen Stand, and then you somehow end up paying for my meal, and now, you're practically walking me home."

"I'm not doing any such thing," retorted Sasuke, "It's merely on my way."

"Yes, but for all outward appearances, you're gay, which, if you are, good for you, if you're not, you might want to get yourself a girlfriend," finished Naruto, continuing his walk home.

"Hmm…But there are no good ones to choose one….girlfriend material," he contemplated it, "But what about you?"

"What about me?" Naruto cut back.

"You have no girlfried," Sasuke pointed out, "Do they call you gay?"

This amused Naruto, who snorted before answering. "I'm the demon child, remember? Parents just want me to leave their daughters alone. Besides, what girl would be interested in me, even if I didn't have Kyuubi? I'm not a pretty boy like you who can steal their hearts away with my good looks."

That's not true thought Sasuke Naruto's plenty handsome to get a girl. He has a certain rugged quality, and those blond locks are gorgeous. Oh crap, I just thought like a fan girl. Maybe I am gay. I've never really thought about my sexual preference before. It never really mattered. Why does it matter now?

"Sasuke? Are you okay?" Sasuke mentally shook himself to the present, looking up into Naruto's blue eyes. Blue eyes. Now that was another good trait to Naruto. Damn, he had to stop thinking like that.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Naruto. Why do you ask?"

"You kind of zoned out on me there, and then your cheeks got red. Thinking of a certain lady friend, hmm?"

Sasuke ignored the questioned, angry at his cheeks for giving away that he was thinking certain thoughts. He did the only thing he could and picked up his walking pace, hoping to leave the question behind him.

"Oi! Sasuke! Wait up! Where's the fire? I just asked you a simple question. No need to run off."

"Hmm.." was his noncommittal reply.

The rest of the walk to Naruto's apartment was in complete silence, a great feat for someone like Naruto, but then again, they only had 20 more feet to travel before they were standing outside his door. By that time, Sasuke had a question he was itching to ask the blond boy.

"Naruto, are you gay?"

"Does it matter?" Naruto asked, avoiding the question.

Sasuke answered, "Not really."

"Then I don't suppose it really matters if I answer or not," replied Naruto. "Thanks for the ramen. I'll make it up to you sometime, teme. Goodbye." And with that, Sasuke was left facing a closed door, no Naruto in sight, and no answer to his question. Uchiha curiosity was a damned persistent thing. Sasuke had to know the answer to the question, for it did truly matter.

With his back pressed to the other side of the door, Naruto's heart beat loudly in his ears as he listened for Sasuke to leave. Damn, that was close. I don't need him finding out about that secret. He wouldn't want me as a friend. Over the years, Naruto had questioned his own sexuality. After he had gotten over his little crush of Sakura, he had realized that his boat didn't seem to float like everybody else's. Naruto couldn't claim to be straight anymore, so he generally just avoided the subject.

The blond cursed whatever made he think of bringing up the subject with Sasuke. Now, Sasuke would be curious, and Naruto wondered how long he could keep his secret from a curious Uchiha.

O0o.end chapter.o0O