Naruto was bone weary. He didn't want to move. He didn't want to think. He didn't want to hear Kakashi's words. He didn't want to see Aniline's sympathetic face or Daisuke in her arms. He didn't want any of it. All he wanted was to lie next to Sakura and sleep. All he wanted was oblivion.

"Naruto!" Kakashi's voice was harsh. Naruto could not remember a time where the composed man had been so emotional. "You're not listening!"

Naruto snarled in response. His kitchen was too bright. The world was too bright. On a day like this, the world should be dark. "I'm listening! You're telling me that Sakura's fine. That the baby's fine. I hear you!"

Aniline stepped up to the sagging man, who leant against the wall, his blonde hair messy with blood and grit. She touched his arm softly. "Naruto." She whispered, trying not to wake the boy in her arms. "Please. Just…listen."

After a long moment, Naruto hung his head, nodding slightly. He sighed heavily before he looked at the woman standing in Sakura's doorway. "Grandma Tsunade." He said, trying to smile. She did not return the smile, her eyes were puffy and she looked upset. "I'm listening."

The blonde woman nodded. "As you know…I'm the best medic this village has to offer. And Naruto, please, believe me: I did everything, everything that I could." Her eyes were pleading, they locked with his. His breath was knocked from his body.

"What…are you trying to say?" he got out. His concern and worry was getting the best of him. His fingers tightened on the hem of his shirt.

"Your baby, your daughter, she's fine. She's perfect. Sakura...she'll live." Tsunade sounded as if she wished that she was elsewhere, not having to tell her favourite ninja this bad news. "But Naruto, there's nothing left. Sakura won't be able to have anymore kids. There was just too much damage. There was internal bleeding, placenta tearing, and a fallopian tube had disconnected." Naruto's eyes widened. He may not have known exactly what all that meant, but he had taken Health class at the academy. He knew it was bad. "I fixed it, mostly. But it'll never work the same. Her…womb, for lack of better term, will be unable to house another child after this. She'll only be able to have this one with help. After this birth, it's unlikely that she'll even produce eggs for fertilization."

Naruto shook his head slightly. "But…she's okay?" he asked, hesitant. "Sakura, she's okay?"

Tsunade nodded. "Yes, Naruto. Sakura's okay."

The blonde sighed in relief. He pushed himself away from the wall and went to move past Tsunade. She looked at him strangely. "Did you not hear? She'll never have another baby!"

Naruto nodded slowly. "Have you told her?"

Tsunade shook her head. "She's still asleep. The healing wore her out."

"I'll tell her." Naruto said firmly. "Look, Tsunade, thank you. Thank you so much for what you've done for Sakura. And our baby. But…I'm okay that she can't have any more. She'll be more upset than I am. I'm just happy that she's safe." His arms pulled Tsunade in a tight hug, and she found herself slightly pleased that Naruto wasn't too much taller than her. His buried his face into her shoulder. "Thank you. Thank you."

He pulled away after a moment and moved past her, into his bedroom. He didn't hear Tsunade shut the door behind him. Sakura was the only thing that filled his mind.

She looked perfect.

Her battered face had been healed, and she snored softly, burrowed into her pillow. Someone had dressed her in one of his tee shirts, and Naruto knew that he had never loved her more than in that moment. He moved softly, pulling off his shoes. After pulling on a pair of sweatpants and chucking his shirt away, he crawled across his bed. Slipping under the covers, he pulled Sakura close. With the loss of her pillow, she burrowed into Naruto instead. He could feel her nose on his chest and he kissed the top of her head.

He was so tired. So, so tired.

He closed his eyes.

When Sakura awoke, the first thing she heard were the muffled sobs coming from the shaking person wrapped around her. She turned gingerly, her body sore. "Naruto?" she whispered, taking in the sight of the blonde boy crying harshly. He looked up briefly, his blue eyes shining and red.

"Sakura." He got out, before he buried his face in her shoulder again. "I'm sorry."

Sakura was completely blown away. What had happened to Naruto to make his so upset? She barely ever saw him cry. It was worrying, and she hated when he felt hurt.

"It's over." He finally whispered, his voice hoarse. "I killed him."

Sakura's eyes widened. She had suspected that Sasuke was dead, but there was a difference between knowing, and believing. She ran her fingers through Naruto's dirty hair. "I know." She replied. "It's okay. We'll be okay."

Naruto mumbled something into her hair, but she didn't catch it. His snuffling had not stopped and Sakura tried to soothe him. "I'm sorry." He said again. "They told me, outside, what Sasuke did to you. To…our baby." He squeezed her slightly. "They didn't tell you what they told me, Sakura. I can't…I'm so sorry!"

"What is it?" Sakura asked, slightly worried. The medic in her had done enough investigating to know that her baby was alive and healthy, but besides that, she had no idea what was going on inside of her.

"This baby will be our last. Tsunade…she said everything was too broken for you to have anymore kids."

All the breath left Sakura's body. She felt her fingers loosen from Naruto's hair. Sasuke had won. He had made sire that nobody would ever have Sakura, even once he was dead. A tear escaped her eye and she choked back a sob. Naruto was so good, so kind and sweet. He deserved someone who could give him a real family, full of kids, like he had wanted. "I'm sorry Naruto," she whispered. "I know you wanted them."

Naruto nearly shook his head in frustration. "Don't be a dolt." He said gently. "I'm just glad you're safe. And we have Daisuke. And soon, we'll have a baby girl. What more could I want? You're all that I need."

Sakura smiled to herself, still trying not to cry. Naruto loved her. How had she forgotten that?

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