No more than two years have passed since our little Marona saved Ivoire and defeated Sulfur. Many things have changed in Ivoire-- both geographically and socially, but whatever the case, Marona's life style has still remained the same.

Well, maybe with a little change.

Her eyelids lifted up, revealing her eyes to the sun. The light was rather merciless to her pupils, shining through the window. Marona sat up and rubbed her eyes.

A knock appeared at the door.


"I'll be out in a minute," said she, in her sleepy ecstasy.

Marona doused her frizzy chartreuse hair with a comb, followed by tying a ponytail with a velvet scrutchy in the back of her head.

Downstairs Ash is seated in the diningroom with his legs crossed, holding the Ivoire times. Ash posing in such a way that he looks like a man in his forties, living a daily routine.

Marona, finally freashened and clean, descends down the stairs, "Ash..." She walks into the kitchen, however her presence doesn't phase Ash in any shape or form.

"Ash...What's wrong?"

He puts down his paper, "Kitty and Rubi are pretty mad at you."

"How come?" She closes in on him.

"They've read the letter, from Cauldron..."

Marona pondered, seemingly looking at the question mark appearing above her head, "Okay...?"

"They're at the mailbox, I told them you would explain why you turned down Cauldron's offer so they would lay off my back," Ash shuffled the Ivoire times, "They're at the mailbox."

"Oh...okay then," Marona shifted her little legs and went out the door.

Ash(an old man in a sense) shuffled his paper yet again, taking his time in reading the many columns of words. Cauldron, ever persistant in his endeavor, appears on the nineth page of Ivoire times, in a public and yet private request, asking Marona to reconsider his offer.

"That Cauldron..." Ash folded his paper, "Marona wouldn't sing in a million years."

Ahead out of the house, Marona walks towards two far-sighted images standing at the mailbox, presumably Kitty and Rubi, two of the three merchant sisters who live with Marona on Phantom Isle.

The two are dressed simularly and, that being said, sexy and erotically. Pants that reveal the inner parts of the thighs, dark metallic-blue tang-tops and sleeves independent of a torso clothing, with the exception of a few straps tied to the tang-top.



Excited(and fustrated), Kitty ran for Marona and hooked onto her arm, "Get over here you little devil!"

Without a second to lose, Kitty pulled Marona to the mailbox, "Rubi..."

In reaction, Rubi held up a fancy letter in marona's face, expecting her to read it.

"It's from papa Cauldron," said Marona.

"uh, yea!!" Rubi half-heartedly yelped, "...asking you to reconsider the concert of the braves."

"Why aren't you singing?!!!" Kitty nearly leaped for five seconds.


"Because?" Rubi arched an eyebrow.

"Because... I don't know about the whole concert thing."

Kitty, ecstatic and hyperactive in frustration exclaimed to Marona, "But don't you see the benefits?! You are the savior of Ivoire, do you know how much people would fork over to see our little cutesy brave sing up on stage?" Kitty pinched her cheeks monsterously, "If we make a deal with that old geezer, we'd have enough run for our money to buy condos in the phantom world!"

Rubi nodded, "and those are pret-ty expensive."

"Why is it always about money with you two?"


"Because if it don't make money, then it don't make sense," said the presence of a fourth voice.

Behind Marona stood Florva, in a yellow(or gold) two-piece jumpsuit, with her hands to her hips. She is the last of the three merchant sisters and, hypotheticaally, the leader of the three, not to mention a nigh-inch or two taller then the other two.

She tends to be slightly less chippy then the two, but usually no different then Rubi(at the least).

"Why don't you give it a shot, Maronakins?" Said the golden merchant queen.

"Maronakins!!! Is it a singing issue Maronakins?"

"No it-"

"Here, come..." Kitty pulled Marona closely, "I'll teach you how to sing."

"She doesn't need to learn how to sing, she already has a beautiful voice," said Florva.

"One. Two. Three, repeat after me," Kitty signaled, "One. Two. Three. La L-Laaaa..."

Marona was reluctant to respond.

"Come on Marona baby, repeat after me; One. Two. Three. La La Laaaaa."

Marona sighed, bound by her kind nature, she had no choice.

"La, La, Laaaaa," she sounded dull and unmotivated.

"Come on Marona!!!"

"I don't know..." she sighed and exhaled.

"Your voice is as beautiful as your face, try it," commented Florva, "Go on..."

"Come darling, repeat after me."


"La La L-La, Laaaa..."

Marona repeated more gracefully, "La La L-La, Laaaa..."

"Soooo cute!" Kitty pressed her face next to Marona's in a hug.

"Alright, Alright, enough of that Kitty, let Marona practice in her voice a little more," Florva lifted up her hand and chopped the air in signal for Kitty to let go.

"No, that's okay. Really you guys, I'll think about it, okay?" Marona was ready to rid all three of them, "I promise..."

Kitty squinted her face and gave her the Stare, but Florva shoved her in the face and proclaimed to Maronakins, "Awright, but I hope it's the answer we want to hear."

The three disapeared, going back to the phantom world, perhaps to do what they do best(extortion and confidence Picasso-ing!)

Marona and Ash stood at the mailbox, looking at it as if it were an idol.

"Today's sunday Marona, I hope you're not planning on accepting any jobs today..."

"No, not today... I think."

"You think?"

"I just want to hear from any of my friends."

Ash reached far his hand into the mailbox, "I wonder what's going on with Castille."

Marona clasped her hand, emotionally excited, "I haven't heard from Castille in ages!"

"Ages? It's only been a couple of months."

"The last I heard of her she left Vermillion and moved to Monotopia..."

"Why was that again?"

Marona pondered, "I don't know. She didn't say. All she said was she's leaving the Isle of Healing Waters, and I haven't heard from her since.

"I hope she's sent a letter this time."

"Me too, I'm kind of worried."

Ash shuffled the letters between his fingers, tossing out any Job request that could be sent to the chroma guild.

"All of these seem to be Job offerings..."

Marona turned her attention inwardly, as if hearing an inner voice; more or less a sad expression on her part.

"I'm sorry Marona..."

To Ash's surprise, having thought all the mail was in his possession, a few bottlemails marched out of the mailbox.

"Fan Club 'Zine issue twenty-three!! For Marona!" Said a Clear, crisped water-colored bottlemail, in a whimsical and squeaky voice.

"I'll be on my way!"

Ash received the fan club magazine, "take care."

The next Sea mail bottle, red and filled with fancy gold paper, was next in line to jump into Ash's hand.

"Telegram for Marona!!"

"From who?" Replied our little Brave.

Ash popped the cork open to receive whatever fancy bread this Entrepreneur endowed to them.

...His time and patience knew no bounds as he read the letter to his self, so lost was he in his introverted world that he didn't even take notice in the appearance of Fai and Parmevia.

Fai is donned with long pale white, purplish-hinted hair streaming down to her lower back.

Her dress is somewhat wide—cone-shaped wise and redish- orange, with a ring of yellow at the lower tip of her dress.

Her sneakers are simularly colored, and are rather big. Her favorite hobby is reading fanclub magazines, hence her appearance in this scene.

Parmevia is more or less her fusionary assistant who always follows her around; a stray puttyshaman who shines vividly through her colorful leaf garments.

"It's a curtain invitation," said Ash, finally, after a minute that seemingly held an eternity.

"What's that?" Asked Fai. From the looks of it, Marona moved up next to Fai and Parmevia, sharing in the curiosity.

Ash turned to look at her, "A courteous dinner invite."

"From where?"

"Vapor Island..."

"From who?"

"From Count Malt."

"The Count?" Supplemented Marona, getting in closer to look on with Ash.

Silence filled the area as they both skimmed the work of literature. The seas were the only loud voices heard.

...Daintily, Fai(and Parmevia) tip-toed towards the two and slipped the magazine from the mailbox gently, "I just came to get this," she said quietly, unbeknowing to Ash and Marona.

"Bye..."She said, before walking away while turning to the first page.