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SUMMARY: Naruto flees Konoha at age six. Now desperate and alone, he finds companionship with the Kyuubi but soon that gets old. He's desperate for other companions. This sparks an idea in the fox...

Chapter one

Companions for Naruto

It was dark but little six year old Naruto Uzumaki didn't really notice. It has been a month since he fled the place that scorned his existence and the cold nights of the outside didn't really bother him. He sat with his back against a large tree in a meditative trance.

(Mind scape)

"Kyuubi? Kyuubi are you there?"

"Of course brat where the hell else would I be?"

"Ya don't hafta be so mean about it jeez."

"Just tell me what you want brat. Because I'm not going to sit through another two hour conversation."

"Actually that's why I'm here. I came to tell you that I don't wanna talk to you any more. We don't get along and you're way too grumpy."

This came as a sort of shock to the fox. She didn't really expect the kid to come out and suddenly say something like that. She had to know why. (seems to have missed the reasons Naruto just gave)

"Why did you suddenly decide this? Don't you realize that if you sever your ties with me you fall back into that pit of loneliness?"

"Because all you do is curse and yell because you're trapped in me. I'm tired of it and wanna find some different friends. I was really glad to meet you and you're not too bad of a person but we're just too different...I want...a different companion."

"Heh well prepare to be lookin for a very long ass time brat because no one's gonna accept a demon container."

"I'll find some one. Count on it!"

" won't" says the demon smirking.

"I will!"


Naruto was suddenly angry. "Stupid fox! I will find some friends dammit! I'll show you! I'll show every one! I'll make it my life to find a family!"

"Tell me this then. Why are you so desperate for companions? Why not just wipe them all out using my power? You know I would gladly help you take revenge on them."

"No I won't do that! Cause if I do I won't get anyone to like me!"

"Heh...So obsessed. You really want a companion?"

"Why should I tell you? You'll only laugh!"


"Well...I'm leaving now...Maybe after I've found a companion I'll return and we can be friends." Naruto then turns away from the giant cage holding the fox."Good bye Kyuubi-San," and with that the boy fades away back to reality.

After a minute, Kyuubi smirks and says, "Well I have to admit he's got guts."

(Real world)

Naruto's eyes snapped open and he stared at the midnight sky. His mind was swimming with thoughts of his past. He remembers the events that drove him to flee Konoha.


"Hi! I'm Naruto what's yours?" he asks a white-eyed girl and boy his age. They were about to answer when they were suddenly interrupted.

"Get away from those two demon! I will not allow you to taint them!" yells another white eyed person only this one was older. About thirty or so.

Naruto's eyes fill with tears and he slowly turns and shuffles away. As he was going he could hear the girl speak up.

"F-father W-why did y-you do that? H-he seemed r-really nice."

"Yeah," says the boy. "All he did was tell us his name."

Naruto could feel a growing happiness but that was soon gone the moment the man spoke.

"That boy is dangerous. I want you to stay away from him understand? He'll only cause you two great trouble."

"B-but w-why?"

"No more questions. All you need to know is that the boy is a menace. Stay away from him for your own safety understand?"

"Y-yes father/Hiashi-sama."

Naruto could feel the tears falling from his eyes. He was so close. He almost had two friends. But then another stupid grownup had to interfere. He couldn't help but curse them. They were keeping him from fulfilling his one purpose in life. For hours he wondered through the village as he always did. After that day he finally came to a realization that he was never going to find a friend. Not as long as the other children had adults who always got in the way. He had to find another person who had no one. He had to find another who was like him. That was the conclusion he eventually came to. He made his way toward the river and was thinking about where to find such a child when he suddenly bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going dobe." says a cold voice.

Naruto regains his composure and looks at the owner of the voice. It was a boy no older then him. His hair was jet black and was spiky in the back and parted into two long bangs in the front.

He was wearing a pair of white shorts and a blue shirt.

Without thinking naruto smiles and holds out his hand.

"Hi! My names Naruto Uzumaki! What's yours?"

The raven haired boy flinches in surprise before saying, "My name is Sasuke of the great Uchiha clan."


"That's right. We of the Uchiha are the best."

"What makes the Uchiha guys so great anyway?"

"Shut it dobe."

Naruto frowns. "Well whatever. I'm leaving now." and with that the Boy turns and leaves but not before saying. "And I do know about the Uchiha guys and how they were all killed. If you ever need a friend I'm here. I know what its like to have no one."

This leaves the Raven hair in a state of shock but he soon shrugs it off. "Dobe could never know how I feel," he says while simultaneously condemning himself to the life of the brooding avenger.

Naruto continued his walk through the village with his mind constantly shifting back to the two he almost made friends with. He didn't get their names but he was sure if it wasn't for that stupid old guy he would have. This thought fills him with an anger and a sadness at the same time.

"I-I just don't understand. Why do they hate me so much?" At this thought he comes to a realization.

"They always call me demon and monster...I wonder if its because I'm related to one? But I don't look like one? I just don't know." He begins to cry again for the fifth time that day. He cries for twenty minutes until he finally came to a conclusion.

"Stupid grownups! Fine! If I can't find anyone who like me here then I'll just leave and find some friends somewhere else!" This thought was very sudden but he didn't care. He had already made up his mind. He was leaving Konoha.

(End flashback)

Naruto smiles at how sudden his decision was. But he was glad he made it. He felt better now that he didn't have to worry about another beating or the hateful glares of the villagers. He remembers how a week after he left the village he was knocked out and found himself in his own mind in front of the giant cage.

"Thats when I met Kyuubi." thought the boy as he sifts through more memories.

(Flash back)

"So you're finally here brat. About time I was thinking I was going to have to force you here."

"Who are y-you?" he asks the giant fox behind the bars.

"Such a pathetic brat. I cannot believe I was sealed inside one such as you."

Naruto was quiet for a second before finally realizing what was just said. "Wait what? Inside me?" he asks.

"That's right brat. I'm going to get right to the point and say this now. I am the great Kyuubi kitsune. The nine tailed fox demon that attacked your pathetic village six years ago and before you ask something like "Wait weren't you killed?" remember this. I cannot be killed by any pathetic human. That is why I'm stuck inside you now."

Naruto goes quiet. Kyuubi was getting ready to say something else but is cut off by naruto who says, "So THATS it. I'm not related to any demons. Just have one in me. They could've at least told me."

Kyuubi smirks and says, "They didn't tell you because they were scared of you."

"No that's not it. If they were so scared of me they wouldn't have the courage to attack me like they do all the time."

Kyuubi goes to say something else but is cut off again by Naruto. "Well I don't really care about that right now. I wanna know why you attacked the village."

"Jeez whats with this brat? He not at all surprised by the fact that I'm inside him?" thought the fox as Naruto boldly steps into the cage.

"Hey what the hell? Are you stupid or something? I can possess you while you're in here you dumbass."

"But if you wanted to you would have done it instead of telling me you can."

Kyuubi smirks and says, "What ever brat I won't possess you this time because of my growing respect for you but get this close to me again and see what happens." She then reverts to her human form. A beautiful woman who was dressed in crimson silk and had wild very long red hair. Her eyes were red and the pupils were black slits. Her ears were pointed and nine red fox tails danced around behind her.

"So what the hell do you want to know? And make it quick."

(End flashback)

Naruto smiles and continues looking up at the stars.

Kyuubi and Naruto didn't get along very well but they held a mutual respect for each other. Over the last month they talked quite a lot. Kyuubi told him about her life as a demon lord and how she hates humans and snakes. Naruto told her how he hated the adults in the village for stopping him from making friends. This causes the fox to ask why cares so much about being accepted by those damn humans. When he told her his reason she merely scoffs and laughs in his face. This causes the boy to yell. It was like this all the time but he felt that the demon was someone he could talk to. It wasn't until about ten minutes ago did he realize that all they ever did was yell and degrade each other. He knew this is not how companions should act so he decided to quit talking to the fox and search for new companions.

"Brat you won't find any other companions. Give up."

Naruto ignores her but has a sad look in his eye.

Kyuubi suddenly has an idea. She remembers a jutsu that the fourth used while fighting her. It was called a shadow clone technique. She didn't know where this idea came from or why she even cared. After a mental debate she finally decided it was merely an experiment to test her own power. And besides, at least the brat wouldn't be crying all the time after this experiment.

"Hey brat I have an Idea."

Naruto says nothing.

"Answer me dammit!"


"Listen if you listen to my idea you'll never hear from me again if you don't want to."

"Alright then I'm listening."

"I knew you'd see it my way."

"Are you gonna tell me or what?"

"Impatient brat. Hey listen have you ever heard of the shadow clone jutsu?"


"It's a jutsu that allows you to make copies of yourself."

"And?" asks the boy with piqued interest

"Well I figure I can teach you that technique."


"Because I have an idea now pay attention."

Naruto then watches as an image of the fourth performing the seal for the Shadow clone flashes through his mind.

"You have it memorized?"


"Good now focus your chakra into that hand sign and say the technique."

"Okay." He then does a instructed and yells out, "Shadow clone technique!"

Kyuubi sweat drops. "Oh we have a long ass way to go..."

(Time skip two days)

"Jeez brat Why didn't you tell me you had no chakra control!?"

"That was two days ago! So shut up! At least I have it down now!"

"Just shut up and create a clone!"

Naruto does as he is told and soon another naruto is looking at him with a smile on his face.

"So what now Kyuubi?"

"This is my idea. Instead of searching for a companion I'm going to help you create a couple."

"And just how are you going to do that?"

"Shut up an cut your palm with a kunai."

Naruto does as he is told.

"Now Place your palm and an item of your choice on the clone's chest."

Naruto does and decided to place the kunai since it was already in his hand.

"Remember to keep your hand on his chest at all times until I'm done."

"What are you do...?"

He is cut off when his hand suddenly begins to glow with the Kyuubi's red chakra.

"H-hey! What are you doing?"

"Just watch! And keep your hand on the clone!"

And so Naruto watches as the red chakra flows form his and onto the clone. He watches as the chakra begins to slowly form an intricate spiral pattern on the clone's chest. He watches as the clone's hair and eyes begin to change color. The hair changing from yellow to dark grey withyellow tips at the spikes. A section of hair on the back of his head suddenly grows long toward his lower back and retains its bright yellow color. The eyes turn from blue to a light grey. When that is done Kyuubi tells Naruto he can remove his hand. When he does it reveals a glowing red spiral, the kunai and a bloody hand print still on his chest.

"Now this is the best part." says Kyuubi.

Naruto was about to ask what the best part was but is interrupted when the clone suddenly gives a yelp of surprise. The reason? The kunai that was on his chest was suddenly hovering a foot in front of him being held up by a tendril of red chakra. The blood was moving up the chakra to the kunai and the red spiral was moving toward the stomach.

"Fox what did you do?"

"Shut up its almost done brat."

Naruto looks in confusion as the spiral finally settles on the clone's naval and vanishes. Then his blood reaches the kunai. His confusion only grows as the blood covers the kunai and seems to liquify it. Before He could say anything the strange combination of liquid metal and blood shoots back at the clone and disappears inside him along with the red chakra in a flash of light.

"What did you do?" asks Naruto.

When the light fades, it reveals a boy the same age as naruto. Nothing seems to have changed except for now the boy had multiple bubbles of liquid grey metal floating around him like a lava lamp.

"Alright let me explain what I have just done."

"That would be nice,"

"Lets see how do I explain this? Alright I got. You see I got tired of your endless rantings about companions so I tried to get you to stop by convincing you it was hopeless. When it became apparent that it was a hopeless cause on my part I began to think.


"My thoughts brought me to a jutsu called the shadow clone. I figured I would teach you how to do this technique then...modify it a little.


"By using your blood, some of my chakra and an item of your choice. With these I was able to create a perfect clone of you. A copy that will not puff away in a cloud of smoke when injured. In short I created another human with it's own chakra coils and your blood."

"Then what was the Kunai for?"

"That was so I could give the human its own ability. I combined it with the blood and made it apart of him. A bloodline limit if you will."

"So that's what the those bubbles are."

"Correct. This copy is literally a DNA clone of you. He has his own chakra source and will grow as any other human. He is what one would call...your brother."

"You made me a brother?"


"And you gave him some of your chakra as your own."


Naruto could feel his mouth transforming. In less then a second his face is decorated with one of the biggest grins he has ever used.

"Hey Kyuubi?"


"Do you think you could do that again?"

"Fine but I'm not going to do it more then two more times."

"Thank you." Naruto was trying to hide his excitement and gratitude but he was failing. That gigantic smile never left his face.

"Hurry up and create two more clones."

He does and eagerly awaits further instruction.

"What items are you going to use?"

Naruto rubs his chin and looks around. His eyes land on a black feather. "I'll use this feather for one of them and...I guess The other one..."

"They don't all have to have a bloodline limit you know."

Naruto sighs in relief then proceeds to cut his palms and place his hands on the chest of each clone.

"You ready?"

"Yeah lets do it."

Kyuubi smirks. "I hope the brat is ready for a different change in the one who has no bloodline limit." and with that, she begins the process for creating two more siblings for Naruto.


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