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Chapter Nineteen.

Venturing to the Hidden light

Haku was the first to awaken. His forehead was throbbing and his back sore from the angle at which was sleeping. At first he was confused his eyes blurred and his mind disoriented.

But then the memories all came back like a massive flood, making his eyes widen and his mind recover in an instant. "Orochimaru!" he shouted as he struck out unconsciously, causing the young boy that was next to him to gasp and retreat. Haku calmed down with a few deep breaths, realizing that the snake sannin was nowhere to be found. In fact, he wasn't even in the forest clearing anymore.

"Ugh…What happened? Where am I? Where are Kin and Kimimaro?" He noticed that he was in some sort of cage in a room dimly lit by and old light hanging from the ceiling and the pale green glow of a large tube full of liquid. What had happened? He didn't know. Orochimaru had said something about their bloodline limits right before his team mates and he had charged with the intent to destroy.

He was taken out of his thoughts when a hand suddenly landed on his shoulder. He spun around so fast he could have given himself whiplash and was met with the startled dark blue eyes of a girl around his age that he did not recognize.

She just stared at him and him at her, Haku immediately noticing her state of dress and her physical condition. She looked to be recovering from a rather brutal fight. Some of the injuries looked infected. He noted that her hair was a blue that seemed purer and brighter than the sky itself and her eyes shined with an unnatural amount of intelligence.

"It's okay," she said, her voice raspy from non-use or injury. "Your friends are being tended to." She gestured to her left and behind her where the boy who had cried out earlier was standing over the unconscious forms of Kin and Kimimaro with his palms outstretched. Haku could only stare in fascination as hundreds of black threads emerged from the boy's hands and proceeded to stitch up the two in seconds. The tentacle like threads seemed to dance in their own breeze as they did their work, emitting a soft golden glow as they healed up his two friends.

"What is that?" Haku couldn't help but ask. The girl smiled. "His name is Kazumari. He's from the waterfall country and that's his bloodline limit. He calls it Serpent thread."

The girl gestured to the rest of the occupants of the cage, people who Haku hadn't noticed until now. There was three more. All of them were staring at him. The old man was looking on in interest while the woman of around twenty or so was looking on in concern. The young man looked the most cautious.

"Welcome," said the old man. "I'm Kaouru."

The woman got to her feet shakily and gave a slight formal bow. An action that led Haku to believe she is from a noble class family. "I am Shiroiya." The young man just stared for a few seconds before he grunted out a, "Name's Kazeryu," before looking away. The old man, Kaouru chuckled. "Don't mind him. He's a paranoid street punk."

"Up yours you old geezer," said Kazeryu.

The blue haired girl smiled and held out a hand. "And my name in Hanadeiko. It's nice to meet you."

It was then that Kin and Kimimaro woke up. Both were in a similar state to what Haku was in as well. Luckily for Kazumari they noticed Haku before they had any unconscious outbursts and rushed to his side.

"Haku! What happened? Where are we?" asked kin, fearful. Kimimaro also looked unsettled. His eyes were darting back and forth in anxiety. Haku shook his head. "I'm not sure. It seems we were captured by Orochimaru."

His two friends stiffened.

"That's right," said Kaouru. "You are currently trapped in a cage deep underground in his most precious lab." He pointed to the large test tube where Orochimaru's clone could just barely be seen floating inside. Kin, Haku and Kimimaro's eyes widened.

"He plans to use you three for a sick experiment. One that will push his power up beyond what any normal Human is capable of."

"And he plans to use our bloodline limits for this?" asked Kimimaro. The old man nodded. "Hai. Orochimaru has become obsessed with them as they can produce jutsus no one else can ever learn or copy. He finds that unacceptable. There should be no Jutsu he can't learn so he's rounding up everyone with bloodline limits and using them to alter the DNA of that clone in there."

At this Hanadeiko turned around and showed the back of her head. All three gasped in horror as the gaping hole there three inches in diameter and rimmed with coagulated blood. "Oh Kami!" exclaimed Kin as she put a frightened hand over her mouth. The blue haired girl nodded tranquilly and let her hair fall back over the hole. "My bloodline limit is actually rather simple. The power lies in my brain and in my mind. The stronger they are, the stronger I am." She raised her hand and made the cage they were in rise off of the ground a few feet before she lowered it. "Telekinesis and mind reading, the purest branch of mental abilities passed down through the blood."

They stared at here in shock and wonder.

"We are scattered throughout the world. There are very few of us left. We are very rare."

"Amazing," said Haku.

Hanadeiko blushed a bit and looked to the ground shyly.

Kaouru chuckled slightly puffed out his chest as a sign that he was taking his turn to speak. He stared at Haku, Kin and Kimimaro as his eyes turned red and began to glow.

"I come from a small clan near the border of the Earth country," he began. "I cannot tell you how long we've been around only that I'm probably the last one left." The glow in his eyes intensified and to the utter shock of the trio, shot a pair of blue beams of Chakra right past them where it scorched the wall on the opposite side of the room. "Charkradangan, or rather chakra projectile Eye. I can focus chakra into my eyes and release it through them at will. The level of power depends on the person and the level of chakra your body possesses. The less intense your lasers, the weaker you were considered." He then closed his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. "People also called them laser eyes in good humor because they hated saying Chakradangan."

The three newcomers didn't say anything, they were still trying to put it all into a coherent thought.

"And then there was actually one guy who had so much chakra he could release massive blasts capable of leveling a city block. A prodigy he was." Haku, Kin and Kimimaro gasped.

Kazeryu grunted and turned to face them.

"I ain't a ninja," he said bluntly. "But my ability gave me the power needed to be able to face most of them." An image of Orochimaru danced across his mind and made him cringe a bit.

Haku, Kin and Kimimaro looked on, fascinated as the boy's hair began to fade. As if it was being bleached until finally the hair was completely transparent. Then his forearms and hands began to fade as well, along with his lower legs and feet.

They were just about to ask what his could do when they felt it. It was subtle at first and barely noticeable, but then it grew in intensity. There was something in the air, moving with it, touching them. It felt like hundreds of little marbles were rolling along their bodies, taunting them.

Kazeryu smirked. "They gave me my name because I was said to have been blessed by the dragon of wind when I was born. Obviously that's a load of crock and I'm the descendant of an extinct…er, nearly extinct clan"

Haku felt a hand grab his shoulder, he spun around but there was nothing there.

"I've also been called a ghost in human flesh. heh, as sweet as that would be, I'm not that either."

A tiny tornado came to life in the middle of the cage for a second before it faded away again.

"In fact, control of the wind is just a secondary byproduct of my actual ability," he said with a smirk as he rose to his feet. The three could only watch, transfixed as he made like he was stepping up stairs…and actually stayed there like he had. He rose six more steps until the top of the cage finally prevented him from going up any further.

"I don't have a name for it nor do I need a name. All you need to know is that I am able to control the molecules in the air. I can condense them to a point of solidness and I can disperse them to a point to where there are actually gaps in the air completely devoid of oxygen. I can steal breath, give breath, breath underwater and yes, in space I'm sure. And by moving massive amounts of them at the same time I can recreate the action of commanding the wind. My ability is a very powerful one. And I still don't know how that fuckin snake bastard managed to overcome me."

"He's the snake Sannin you arrogant whelp," replied Kaouru. "Of course he'd be able to overpower a civilian with a blood limit."

"Up yours you old geezer."

Kaouru chuckled and gave a dismissive wave, making Kazeryu glare but before he could say anything, the woman moved a bit closer to the trio and gave a bow again. "Hello," she began with a formal bow. My name is Shiroiya as you know. I'm twenty five years old and my Kekkei genkai is this."

She held her hand out and concentrated chakra into it. A second later there was a large flash of light and in her hand was a sword made of pure light. Haku found his eyes widening as a single wing also grew from her left shoulder glowing and transparent.

"It's called the Tenshi Hikaru. I am the very last of the clan that wielded this blood limit, the remnant of a war that destroyed them all with the exception of my mother. "Or so I've was told by my parents before they were killed by Orochimaru."

Kin couldn't hold in her awe. "I-it's…beautiful."

There was a scoff from Kazeryu but the others fully agreed with Kin's statement.

Shiroiya deactivated her blood line limit and gave a slight bow in thanks to Kin before sitting back down.

Kaouru sighed and crossed his arms.

"Sigh it looks like the snake is closer to creating his "Perfect body," what with obtaining four more blood lines."

At this, Kin, Kimimaro and Haku gasped as they all spoke as one.


Kazeryu snorted and asked, "That the name of the little Hyuga girl who was actin like the snake was her hero?"


Hanadeiko gave a sad sigh. She hated having to inform these three but she had no choice.

"I think," she began. "It's best if I showed you what he means…"

Naruto woke up the next day with a smile and loud yawn, Waking, Hinata, Reiven and Tayuya in the process, two of which grumbled rather harshly and glared heatedly at said blonde while the other just gave a slight blush and said, "Good morning Naruto."

Naruto grinned as his muscles stretched, his lips smacking three times as he gave another yawn. He eyed the still sleeping members of his group and chuckled to himself, noting that Isaribi was practically laying on top of Naturo and Yugito and Akira were curled into each other like a kit and a kitten, curled around protectively by the large two tailed fox. Sasuke was slumped against a tree, snoring lightly.

"Wake up!" he shouted. Sasuke, Naturo and Yugito sprang to their feet in a flash. This in turn resulted in Akira and Isaribi being roughly tossed to the ground. Needless to say they woke up as well. Naruto waited a few seconds for everyone to orient themselves before he spoke again.

"Ok guys we got a lot of ground to cover. We're gonna have to move fast alright?"

It was true. They were still just inside the border to lightning country they had quite a ways to go

"Right," said Hinata with a smile while Reiven gave a mock salute. "Aye aye boss!" he exclaimed, causing Tayuya to smack him in the head, which in turn made him smack her in the head.

"Hey! Ass wipe what the fuck was that for!" she yelled. Reiven glared at her and was in her face a second later. "You know what it was for you banshee!"

"You wanna repeat that bird brain?"

"Heh are you deaf or what? Your eardrums turn to smoke and float away?"

Tayuya looked murderous and Sasuke, Yugito and Hinata looked worried a fight would break out…right up until Reiven enveloped the girl in a hug which she returned with a scowl and a blush. "G'mornin Yuya-Chan," he said, love pouring from every pore of his being.

Naruto chuckled when Tayuya sputtered and bashed his winged brother upside the head for real. "Who the fuck is Yuya-Chan ass hole! Don't ever refer to me as something like that again!"

"Awe but it suits you, Yuya-Chan. Ack! Okay okay!"

Hinata nearly squealed. "You're so adorable!" she exclaimed. Naruto laughed out right. "Yeah it's been that way for a while between those two." He then sighed dramatically. "Ah, young love. Kids these days grow up so fast."

"I'm older than you! Dick!" yelled Tayuya. Naruto chuckled. "And you're dating my brother who is only five years old. What's that say about you, you pedo."

Tayuya started sputtering again and Reiven laughed and enveloped her in his wings. "Don't worry Yuya-Chan I've always liked older women anyway." Tayuya proceeded to invent a new shade of dark red.

"ALL women are older than you," deadpanned Naruto.


"My siblings are idiots," muttered Naturo while Akira nodded her head, though she looked amused.

Isaribi looked a bit shocked. "D-does…this happen a lot?"

Naturo looked at her and shrugged. "Every morning."

Sasuke gave an emotionless flat look. "You hid your true nature from us back in Kumo. You're all a bunch of goofballs."

"Hmm? Oh that was because of the whole, ancestor's scroll, DNA knowledge, fourth hokage's offspring situation. No time for goofing off back there, ya know?"

Sasuke looked unsure for a second before Yugito playfully punched him in the shoulder. "Oh relax you stick in the mud, sheesh." She then eyed the members of Naruto's group. "So we're heading out are we?"

The blonde gave a grin. "Yep, the Hidden light village is pretty far away from her so we got a bit ways to go but before then we gotta stock up on some supplies and what not."

The others nodded in agreement.


Haku recoiled in shock and horror as the vision faded from his mind.

"N-no…it can't be," he muttered. Not Hanabi. Please not Hanabi! But he couldn't deny what he had seen and he couldn't deny the utter lack of surprise he felt when he'd seen it. And looking at Kin and Kimimaro, they felt the same. Hanabi was attention starved and desperate to be free. If Orochimaru could offer this to the Hyuga girl than there was no telling when she would do in order to get it.

Add to the fact that if Orochimaru actually went out of his way to make sure Hanabi actually felt cared for, respected and genuinely wanted, she would never do anything to upset him.

Her eyes…she'd give them up without hesitation.

"What will you do," began Kaouru. "If the girl becomes an enemy molded by that snake and fully willing to end your lives?"

The three thought about it. They didn't know Hanabi very well. They had only spent a day with her but even that day was enough to create a bond.

Bonds…how would they preserve the ones they had formed with Hanabi?

"I don't know," muttered Haku sadly.

And he didn't.

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