A/N: I don't own Black Cat, I do however own all the books and a stray cat (as in it wanders around my neighborhood and I just

A/N: I don't own Black Cat, I do however own all the books and a stray cat (as in it wanders around my neighbourhood and I just feed it sometimes) who just happens to be all black and I call it Train Heartnet. How very creative of me. TT

MATA!!: 'Tis a boy on boy don't like it, don't read it.


"SVENNY BABY!!" Train exclaimed, running through the street, calling for his partner.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I'm your partner…NOT your 'Svenny Baby'!" Sven retorted, whacking Train on the head.

"Awww but 'Svenny Baby' is so much cuter than just 'Sven'," Train reasoned. He turned around, to find Eve standing behind him, book in hand. "Why, hello Princess! Did you and Svenny Baby have a good time at the zoo?" Train inquired, looking down at Eve who had been reading a book on child psychology.

Eve looked up from the book, sending a slight glare to her Sven-attention-rival and replied, "Fine." Train laughed at her hostility towards him. She was just a little girl but had the mind of an adult and the fighting skills to match. However, sometimes she could be as childish as Train, which was saying something.

"Oh, Sven!" Train proclaimed, as if an idea hit him like a bag of bricks. "I ran into Rins while I was eating and she wants to take Princess to some party tomorrow. Real fancy. She says that she needs Eve to pose as her younger sister." Train babbled as they walked towards the hotel they were currently staying at.

"But I wanted Eve to come with us to pick up Kingslee." Sven replied.

"Yeeeeah…but that might not be such a good idea," Train began, "It's said that Kingslee has a thing for little girls and if we use her for bait and something goes wrong…" he paused, "I don't even want to think about what would happen to her," he finished.

"I'll be okay. I want to help you Sven." Eve sent another glare over to Train, followed quickly by tugging on Sven's hand. Sven looked thoughtful for a moment and glanced over to Train who had one eye on Eve.

"No, Eve, Train's right. I don't think this is such a great one for you to do. You go with Rins. You know you'd be a great help to her if you went." Sven patted her on the head and opened the front door.

"Okay Sven. But if you need something, promise to call?" Eve asked, looking up at the older, green-haired man.

"Promise," he replied, ruffling up her hair.


The next day….


"That was no fun at all," Train said dejectedly, walking through the front door. The sweep had only lasted a few hours and it had mostly consisted of watching and following Kingslee. Yet when it came time to capture him, he gave up with almost no fight.

"Don't be stupid Train. It's better that way." Sven replied, lackadaisically walking in behind him, closing the door to the small apartment.

"Aw but Svenny! I wanted at the very least some kind of chase!" Train whined, tossing his coat down on the floor.

"Look," Sven began, tired of hearing Train whine, "Seeing as Eve is out for the night, how 'bout I take you out, eh?" the tall man offered, sitting down on the couch, picking up the newspaper from the cushion next to him.

"Really?!" Train exclaimed, wiggling his bottom, "Somewhere nice?"

"Where ever you want go." Upon hearing this, not only did Train's eyes light up but he pounced on Sven, like a cat on a mouse.

"YAY! I wanna go to that restaurant on the other side of town! You know the one where they have the ice sculptures?"

Sven hit Train on the back of the head with a newspaper. "When I said 'anywhere' I meant somewhere where we wouldn't spend the whole bounty!"

"Pwease Svenny-Baby?" Train gave his best kitten eyes and baby voice, clutching at Sven's shirt. The older man sighed. Why did Train always win?

"Fine. Go get ready."

"Yay!" That said, the black cat leapt off of his prey and dashed into his room.


"Wow Sven…this place is really fancy." Train mumbled as the valet drove off with their car.

"They better be careful with my car." Sven muttered darkly, not hearing a thing that Train had just said.

Sven looked around once inside and immediately regretted his decision to take the Black Cat here. This place was going to cost him a fortune…especially with the way that Train ate! It was a seemingly nice décor; it had a Mediterranean theme about it with gold ceiling hooks and grape leaves in corners. There were many ice sculptures of a variety of fish. However…It wasn't until they were seated the Sven realized just why Train wanted to come here.

The dessert menu had several types of crème Brule, Train's favorite. Unfortunately crème Brule was very expensive.

Train's eyes lit up like the fourth of July as he eagerly asked in a playful yet hopeful tone, "Sven? What am I allowed to get?" This was a ritual, Sven always put restrictions on Train's meals.

"Only two entrees with the way this is priced." Sven replied, calculating how much this would cost, including dessert and wine.

"Only two?" Train complained, immediately going back to looking at the menu. Sven wondered why the hell he was doing this. Why should he care if Train was happy? Well… he should, he reasoned with himself, just not as much as he did. Caring for your partner is one thing, obsessing over what restaurant to take him for dinner was a whole other story which Sven often did. Only rarely did he take Train somewhere nice. Really only about once a month. He felt a little guilty for that. Didn't know why. Just did.

A waiter then interrupted Sven's thought-train as he came to take their order. Train ordered the Three Cheese Chicken Cacciatore Pasta and Bistecca ala Fiorentina. Sven was going to order the La Cotoletta ala Milanese…but after he saw that Train had ordered the two most expensive items on the menu, he settled on the Blood Orange and Garlic Chicken.

Once the waiter was gone, Sven leaned over the table and hissed, "Must you always pick the most expensive things on the menu every single time I take you somewhere nice?!"

"Yes." Train simply stated with a flirtatious smile pasted across his lips. Sven boiled with rage…What did Train take him for, a money tree? They sat in an awkward silence until the food came out. Train had occupied himself by eating all of the complementary bread and sipping at his wine, sulking to himself. Sven sighed. He had forgotten to ask the waiter for milk.

"Can I get you gentlemen anything else?"

"Could you please bring me some milk?" The waiters eyebrows rose, but he nodded anyway and left quickly. Train beamed at him.

"I love you Sven!" He exclaimed. Sven grumbled and turned back to his food. All was going well now. Train had his milk, the food was delicious and if he was lucky, Train would share his dessert. Yes, all was well. That was, until Train opened his mouth.

"Hey, Sven?"

"Yeah?" Sven answered, drinking some of his wine.

"Is this like, a date?" Train's question was so innocent, it was cute. However, unfortunately, he had caught Sven off guard who choked and spit his wine out over the side of the table. Train's eyes widened as he watched the other man cough. "Are you okay? Sven? Did I say something wrong?"

"Train…What in…God's name made you…ask that?" Sven managed to get out, hacking up a lung.

"I don't know," Train said meekly. He definitely had that feeling that he said something wrong or stupid…Maybe Sven didn't feel that way about him? "It just...kind of feels like a date..." he finished.

Sven's eyes slightly widened as he came to the realization that Train was right, it did kind of feel like a date.

"Well...uh...Do you want it to be?"

'Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes! Wait. What the hell am I thinking? Oh God please say yes!…' Sven's mind screamed at Train's.

"...Yes?" Train questioned, more than answered.

"Fine, it's a date then!" Sven announced to the whole restaurant, doing a little dance on the inside. Oh yeah! This kitty was totally his! Sven brought his glass up and train mimicked the gesture, toasting to themselves. All in all, dinner was good...with the exception for the bill.

The ride home, however, was silent. Each was thinking of the night to come. Sure, it was nice that they had just had a wonderful first little date together…but now they had to go home and sleep in the same bed. It was bound to be a little awkward. At first.

They entered the apartment, still silent, and Sven immediately headed for the bathroom. Train, on the other hand, went to their shared bedroom and laid down. By the time that Sven entered the room, he was sure that everything would be back to normal. Alas, things didn't always work out the way that he wanted them to.

There lay Train, seemingly unaware of the picture he presented: no shirt, ruffled hair and a pair of extremely short shorts (which Sven wasn't even sure why he owned them in the first place). He looked like sex. Sven accidentally let a predatory growl escape his throat. And of course, Train looked up.

"Hey, you comin' to bed?" Train devilishly smiled, cocking his head to the side. A small blush crept across his cheeks.

"Yeah." Sven replied, loosening his tie. He walked slowly to the bed, lying down on his side. Train, not sensing his partner's discomfort, immediately snuggled up to him. "Uh Train?" The brunette looked up in an answering fashion and their eyes locked. Train let out a slight gasp as he looked into the eyes of his partner: Were they always that shade of brown? Suddenly, there were kisses, few at first, but they grew stronger, more passionate and more frequent.

Sven moaned as Train began removing his shirt, and sucking on the flesh that had been exposed. Once Train got to his nipple, he forgot to function and could no longer think straight. It wasn't long until Train abandoned Sven's chest and moved on to other things. Train smirked as he removed Sven's pants, letting out his enlarged member. Slowly, the Black Cat leaned over the sweeper and let a hot breath out on the tip. Sven shivered at the contact and Train smirked, dipping his head down and fully devouring his sex.

Sven let out a scream and a moan all at once, due to Train swirling his tongue around his cock. "T-Train!" Sven moaned. Train ran his tongue along the long vein, on the underside of Sven's dick. It didn't take long after that until Train had Sven coming. He happily lapped up all of his new lovers seed.

"That's the best milk I've ever had." Train happily said, licking the side of his mouth. Sven nearly came a second time from the sight of something so…innocently erotic.

"Really? Then I'll have to try it sometime." Sven deadpanned, pushing Train down and thanking all the powers that be that Eve wasn't there that night. The sweeper literally ripped off Train's shorts, hurrying to reveal all of the other man's toned body. Apparently milk did the body good, and judging by Train's size, it must have done a whole lot of good.

"This may hurt a bit, but I don't have anything to ease it with right now, okay?" Sven informed the man beneath him. Train nodded and looked at his lover in anticipation.

Sven licked his fingers slowly, taunting Train. "God, Sven…you're such a tease!" Train complaining. When he felt them ready, he inserted his pointer finger in Train's entrance quickly. This caused Train to squeeze his eyes shut from the pain.

"You okay?" Sven asked, almost sounding concerned.

"Y-Yeah. Just keep going." Train huffed and Sven obeyed. Soon a second finger was inserted, brushing the prostate, and at that point, Sven started to stroke Train's limping dick. After a while, a third and final digit was inserted and Train was beginning to enjoy the sensation. Sven smiled and removed his fingers as Train whimpered for more.

"Be patient love." Sven whispered, slicking up his member with their pre-cum. The sweeper quickly inserted his cock into Train. Train, being as cat like as he was, arched into Sven and began mewling.

"Move!" Train demanded when Sven stopped to give him time to adjust. Sven smiled, kissed Train, and did as he was ordered to. His thrust started out slow but quickly picked up pace at Train's insistence.

"Sven! Oh my god Sven! Harder!" Train screamed as he neared his peak, Sven threw caution into the wind and pounded into his lover mercilessly. Soon, Train came with a cry of 'SVEN!', his semen shooting between them. Sven soon followed after with a few more thrusts and a grunt of Train's name.

The two of them lay there, trying to catch their breath, when Sven abruptly pulled out. "What are you doing?" Train asked as he saw where Sven's head was going. Sven smirked and dipped his head down. His answer was an action as he began licking Train clean from their activity. Train could only watch in fascination as the man cleaned him, kind of like a cat.

"You know," Sven began, crawling back up to Train, "I think I like that better that milk."

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