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Better Than Milk

Chapter Two: Whipping Cream

"Eve!" Sven called from the doorway, "Eve, hurry up we're going to be late!" Seconds later the blonde girl floated into the room, book in hand.

"I'm ready."

"Princess," Train said grinning, "You can't take a book to a party." He patted her on the head as if she were the silliest child he'd ever met.

"It's for the car ride," She almost snarled at him and strode out the door, leaving Train slightly dumbfounded at her harshness. Sven chuckled, holding the door for Train, giving him a quick peck as he passed.

Eve entered the mansion first, her book left in the car as promised, followed by Train and Sven. They were there to survey a new case, a one Yarley Ulmerten, convicted of felon in several countries for various thefts and a homicide. Tonight he was attending a party held by a local billionaire where the three were hoping to intercept him.

"Good evening, sirs, madam; may I take your coats?" The butler asked. Sven handed the man his coat and took Eve's for her. They proceeded into the ballroom where they were met with the sight of at least a hundred men and women dressed in the finest clothing.

"Hey!" A voice called and Sven turned in it's direction, it was Rinslet, "Hey, it's about time, I almost thought you wouldn't show."

"Yea, well, someone took their precious time," Train grumbled looking away, Eve glared up at the sweeper and turned back to the woman before them.

"Some of us like to look presentable when they go places," She replied.

"Now, now, let's not start that," Sven commented, "Rins, have you seen Ulmerten?"

"Not hide nor hair, tell you what I'll bring Eve with me and we can look in pairs, 'kay?" They agreed and split.

"Sven, when we find him, can we play with him a little?" Train asked, sipping his punch.

"No, only if he tries anything." Sven found as of late, he'd been getting more and more lienent with Train, and that he'd been giving in easier to the Black Cats' whims. This, was a decidedly bad idea, for now the former Chronos thought he could get away with almost anything.

Which he did most of the time, but still.

"Sven," Train spoke in a low hiss and nodded in the direction the entrance. There was a man with his back turned to the two, he was speaking to a couple, who kept nodding and gesturing. He had dark hair and was the same height as Ulmerten, "You think that's him? I can only see the side of his face."

"Don't know, let's follow." They made their way across the room only to watch as the man exited through a door on the side. Sven opened the door and found a large kitchen, with cooks and cleaning people running about and shouting.

"Now where'd he go?" Train scratched his head, " Ah, Sven over here!" Train grabbed his partner's arm and lead him though the mass of workers, all carrying some sort of food. He opened a door he thought he saw the man enter and suddenly was pushed forward.

"Hah, didn't think you'd really catch me did you?" Train and Sven turned to the person who'd pushed them and found Ulmerten smiling cruelly, "Well, I'll just leave you two here to think about you actions!" With that he shut the door.

"Ahh! Sven, what just happened?" Train asked.

"Train…we're in a dairy freezer," Sven said, slightly shocked. (1) He then turned on Train, "You thought you saw him go into a dairy freezer?!"

"No, I saw him go this general direction!" Train yelled, "Are we going to freeze to death?"

"And you know, you could have shot him right then!" Sven yelled, ignoring the other mans question.

"But, this is fun!"

"I'll show you fun! Get over here and help me open this door!" After twenty minutes of banging, prying and pushing Sven slid down the freezer door, huffing, "And we can't even shoot our way out."

"Sven, are you angry?"

"No," Sven's tone said that he was anything but.

Train sat down on a crate next to Sven and began searching through boxes that lay on the shelves, "Hey look, Sven, strawberries. You want some?"


"Oh," Train kept digging, "How about some raspberries?"


"Sven, do you-"

"I don't want anything, but to get out of this damned freezer and catch Ulmerten, can you do that for me?!" Sven's outburst left Train speechless before the Black Cat turned back to his box of food.

It'd been quite for a while then, and Sven had almost fallen asleep against the door. He wondered why no one had come into the freezer as of yet, and how much longer it would be until they did. He was startled awake by something cold plopping on his stomach.

"What the-?" He looked down to see Train slowly licking of some whipped cream from his stomach. "What are you doing?"

"I'm hungry," Train replied licking his lips and looking up at Sven. The brown haired man pulled his partners shirt up some more, and drew a line down the middle with the cream. Sven could only watch as Train's little pink tongue glided down his stomach, cleaning him. It was then that Train reached for Sven's belt buckle, undoing the pants and pulling them down a little before his wrist was seized by Sven's hand.

"Hold on, I'm hungry too." Sven smirked, pushing Train back a little so he'd lay back. Sven immediately went for Trains pants, pulling them down with one fail swoop, freeing Trains erection. Sven chuckled before pushing Trains shirt up, and drawing a line from his nipples to his member in whip cream, then proceeded to completely engulf the pulsating cock with the cool treat.

"Thirsty too?" Train panted, already excited from the ministrations.

"Very." Sven took his time licking the whip cream, stopping every so often to leave a love bite and dip his tongue into Trains navel. Once he reached his destination he looked up at Train, who was on his elbows watching him intently. Sven flicked his tongue on the side of the member clearing a patch of cream. "Train," He began.

"What?" The sweeper moaned out.

Suddenly, Train found his wrists handcuffed to leg of a shelf, arms high above his head. "Tell me why it's a bad idea to blindly follow a target," Sven demanded

"Whhhaaaa?" Train shook his wrists against the cool metal.

"Tell me." Sven gave another flick to the reddening cock, "And I'll give you what you want." Sven knew Train was ready for this, the pre-cum leaking from his slit did nothing to hide the fact.

"Uhmmm, so you don't end up in a freezer?"

"Ding, ding, ding!" Sven gave a long swipe to the shaft and Train mewled.

"Again!" He cried.

"Oh ho ho," Sven chuckled, "Tell me why you should hope for sweeps to be calm."

"Ergh, to save time and keep everyone safe!" Train thrashed around a bit, trying to shove his hips into Sven's mouth, but the older man set a firm arm across them.

"You're on a roll today," Sven told him, then gave another lick from the bottom to the top of the shaft, "I'll give you two for that." This time he made little circles with his tongue and he made his way to the top. Train though he might come from that alone.

"Okay, last one, what should you do if you see a target making a break for it and entering a room?"

"Augh, Sven, just do it already!" Train cried, he needed release and he needed it now!

"Oh no, answer. Here, I'll give you some motivation," He cleaned the last of the whip cream of the shaft, leaving only the head covered. "All or nothing."

"You should, you should survey the room before entering!" Train shouted.

"What do we have for him, Johnny?!" Sven swirled his tongue around the head and cleaned away all of the cream, and Train fell back nearly melting.

"Please, Sven, I need this, please," The Black Cat moaned wantonly. Sven gave a little smile before taking all of Train into his mouth, slowly bringing his head back up to swirl his tongue around the tip and trace the slit. Train was in absolute heaven by now, the only thing that would make it better was to be able to come!

Sven bobbed his head up and down Train's dick, occasionally stopping to lick the slit. He could tell Train was close, by the way the brown haired man squeezed his eyes shut and threw his head this way and that. Sven decided to put the boy out of his misery and gave a long lick to the underside vein before suckling the head of the engorged member.

Train gave a shout of elation and promptly released himself into his partners mouth, Sven dutifully lapped up all of the cats seed before placing small kisses on his thighs, hips and lower stomach.

"Ah, you're the best, Sven," Train purred out, sated.

"Yea, and I'm not done." Train's eyes snapped open as he watched the green haired man spread his legs. Sven reached for the bottle of whip cream, squirting some into his hand and smirked up at Train.

The brunette gasped as something cold invaded his opening, a questioning finger circling the expanse around it. Sven's smirk never left as the sweeper bent down and inserted his tongue into Train's hole.

"Oh, my God, Sven!" Train called, pushing down as far as he could on that wet muscle withering around inside of him, driving him mad with the utmost pleasure. "Please, Sveeeennnnn." Train's flaccid cock was now back full force, ready for another round.

"What do you want, Train?" Sven asked, licking around the rim of his opening.

"I want you, inside of me," Train moaned.

"What part?" Sven teased, thrust his tongue hard back into his prey.

"I want your cock!" Train pleaded.

"Really? It doesn't sound it," Sven singsong, inserted two fingers all the way into Train.

"Augh! More! I need you Sven, I need you!" The fingers began scissoring and curling, looking for that sweet spot buried within the brunette. Train called out salaciously, tears streaming down his eye and precum sliding down his peen in rivulets.

"More?" The questing finger dug deeper where they brushed the golden patch of nerves that had Train screaming for more.

"Sven, pl-please! Please just fuck me now! I'll never do anything bad again and I'll always listen to you and I won't make you take me to expensive places to eat if you just out your fucking cock into my ass and screw me into the floor!" Sven chortled before reaching for his pants and pulling them down to revel his straining member.

"If that's what you want."

"Fuck yes!"

Scooping up some of Trains precum and his own, Sven lubed up his sex. Leaning over he took a perk nipple into his mouth and lapped at it, setting the tip on Trains opening, he opened his mouth to say something but was cut off when suddenly his was buried hilt deep into Train. The sneaky cat had pushed himself back onto Sven before the green haired man could torture him anymore. "Eager?"

Train merely growled and wiggled his hips. Sven didn't even start slow, just pulled out all the way and slammed back in, drawing an incoherent statement from Train. The pace stayed somewhat like that for awhile, the only sound in the room was pants and moans, the slight hum of the freezer, and flesh slapping against flesh in a sordid dance.

Train let out a huff of breath, the air making small ice crystals in front of him. "Sven, harder!" Sven complied, kicking the pace up a notch, leaving Train's arms to rattle against the railing they were bound to. "Sven, I want to touch you." Thrusting back in Sven reached up and undid the handcuffs, then let his hand s fall back to their place on either side of Train's hips.

Train grabbed on to Sven's shoulders, lifting himself off the ground a bit, before slamming himself down to met Sven's thrust.

"Oh, God, Traaiiinnn" Sven groaned out at the new addition. It was too much; they both wouldn't last much longer.

"Sven," Train began, feeling a coil in his belly tightened, "Sven, I'm going, SVEN!" Train's muscles clenched wrapping around Sven engulfed member bringing the green haired man to white hot ecstasy at the same time as Train, whose seed was now painted between them.

They both fell back, exhausted. After sometime Trains picked his head up and whispered, "Sven?"


"What's that sign say by that read button in the corner?"

Sven looked to where Train was pointing and read out angrily, "You are not trapped!" He turned blistering eyes onto his partner who merely smiled sheepishly.

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