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"Quiz three, day three of the final exam. Quiz three is two parts, part one is a written test of five questions.
After the test you will have a thirty minute break in the library at the Pokemon Center or in the lunch room. You will then come back here to the Phenac City Pre-Gym and take a random battle sims as the second part of the test"
the Test Proctor announced boldly.

Saul coudn't beleive the pressure, he desperately wanted his Pokemon Trainer License, but what if he choked and forgot something about the Pokemon, or what if his fear of a simple Mudkip got the best of him. His stomach suddenly turned inside out, he felt like his stomach juices were leaking into his own bladder.

"OHHH! Now I need to go to the bathroom," Saul's mind exclaimed.

"Now before we take the test, are there any questions?"

Saul was trying to hold it down but coudn't. His lips opened and he shouted "I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!"

Saul paused, looking around at everyone staring at him. The Test Proctor, looking puzzled asked, "What?!"

", I need to go to the bathroom," Saul said, trying not to embarass himself any further.

"Very well, you can go. We will wait for you to come back before starting the test, as for the rest of you,
take this time to reveiw your books."

Saul tried to stay content as he walked down the hall. He past the training area and saw the elevater that led to the underground training area. He had seen down there once while on the school tour when he first came to the Pre-Gym, he knew it had every type of terrain for training any type of Pokemon. That area was speculated about by all experienced Pokemon trainers from Phenac. He then saw the battle sims area where they would, apparently, do the second part of the test. As he appraoched the boys bathroom in the east end of the Pre-Gym, he wondered what Pokemon he would have to battle and what Pokemon he would battle with.

He walked back to the classroom and took his seat. His classmates gave him a glaring look. He whispered to himself, "Now I know what it's like to be stared down by a Treecko."

The Proctor passed out the tests and everyone was shaking, flinching from the "bite" of life.

"You have to make at least an 80 on this part of the test to pass, if you miss two you are not going to catch a Pokemon of your own any time soon. NO BATHROOM BRAKES!" He said glaring at Saul, "You have 45 minutes to complete the test."

Saul started to feel twitchy, "If I miss just two I'll fail and have to do this trainer school all over again for another year." This is Saul's first year of taking the class and he didn't want to take it again. He just turned ten and would be able to get his license for Pokemon Training. Saul thought to himself "45 minutes, that probably means the questions are really hard."

"We will start the test when the clock stikes 11 o'clock," the Test Proctor announced.

Every body stared at the clock feeling eager.

The Proctor raised his hand, "On your mark," tic, "get set," tic... TOC "TEST!"

Saul could hear the sound of pencils tapping up and down. He looked at the paper and started the first question.

He read it in his head, "Name dual-type Pokemon and write there types, don't use the same type twice. You must name all the Pokemon Types."

Saul grimiced as he named Pokemon. Charizard-Fire/Flying, Bulbasaur-Grass/Poison, Metang-Psychic/Steel,
Surskit-Bug/Water, Geodude-Rock/Ground... Saul coudn't think of any more but then he got an idea. He continued with the problem: Charizard-Fire/Flying, Bulbasaur-Grass/Poison, Metang-Psychic/Steel, Surskit-Bug/Water,
Geodude-Rock/Ground, Kekleon-all types.

He continued with the rest of the test until question five, "Name Eevee's seven evolutions and how an Eevee evolves into them." He knew the first five evolutions, but he hadn't heard of the last two, he just new they were Grass and Ice Types. He wrote down the answers: Espeon-Sun Stone, Umbreon-Moon Stone, Flareon-Fire Stone, Jolteon-Thunder Stone, Vaporeon-Water Stone.

"Times up! Bring up your tests!"

Saul's heart started racing as he put his test on the front desk and went back to his seat.

"You will all have the battle sims test after the break, you are all dismissed."

Saul ate his lunch quicker than Quick Attack, he was eager to get to the battle sims to finish the test.

He was nervous and restless, he didn't know how the battle would turn out.

Just then the Proctor came up in the room, "Everybody report to the battle sims room immediately!"

Saul put his lunch bag into the trash can and walked out the door to the battle sims room. He saw a line starting in the hallway so he got in as fast as he could.

The Proctor came out and asked for the first person to come in. As Saul waited outside they heard little mumbles and then crying, he new the first person lost there battle. The door opened and the boy ran out and down the hall to the bathroom, crying. The next six people went in and came with sad faces, they all had lost their battles. Saul's heart started to race, this made him wonder how hard the sims were.

"Next," the Proctor said as Saul started to walk in the room.

"Please step on the pad under the simulater."

Saul stepped on the pad and asked the Proctor "Is this hard."

"You'll see."

The simulater started up and Saul found himself in a battle room. He saw the Proctor in front of him, "He must be the one I'm battling."

The Proctor looked at Saul, "This will be a single battle on a ground battle feild. Let the battle begin!"

Saul gazed at a beautiful Swellow appearing in front of the Proctor and then was startled at the Pokemon that appeared in front of him, a Nidoking.

He thought to himself, "How am I supposed to win against a Swellow with a ground type Pokemon."

"Swellow, use Fly!"

Saul jumped from being scared out of his thinking, he looked up at Swellow immediatly as it started up through the big opening in the roof. It must have been there so Flying-type Pokemon could give it there all.

Saul looked at Nidoking, who was searching the sky for his enemy.

Saul noticed the way the Pokemon was looking for Swellow.

"Nidoking, use Lock On."

Nidoking scaned the sky and had a clever look in its eyes, "Now use Sludge at the target!"

Nidoking shot a large bullet of his toxic sludge at the target.

Everybody stood still as the tention in the air builds. Suddenly they heard a smack. A tiny black dot fell getting larger and larger until you can make out the details in the Swellows feathers.

The Swellow was bulleting towards the ground. Saul started running under it and, amazingly, caught the Swellow in his arms. He started wiping off the sludge, set the poisoned Pokemon down, and returned to his spot.

"Why did you catch the Pokemon, it may look like the real thing, but it's just a simulation. You could have won the second part of the test."

"I don't know, I just...Nidoking, attack with full power Tackle!"

"Swellow, dodge by flying into the air."

Swellow hesitated being hurt by the poison but flew up before the charging giant could hit.

"Nidoking, use Lock On again." Saul commanded, seeming a bit hesitant.

Nidoking searched the skies again. "Be ready to counter an attack, Nidoking!"

"Swellow, use Aerial Ace!"

Saul jumped from the loudness of the command. Saul stared at Nidoking as he still searched the sky and and then stopped looking up with wide eyes. Saul looked up and gulped as he watched the Pokemon dive-
bomb down toward Nidoking.

Saul new that Nidoking coudn't dodge an Arial Ace simply by running, "Nidoking, use Dig to dodge!"

Nidoking looked back at Saul confusingly, "NIDOKING DOES'T KNOW DIG".

Saul wondered how he could win now. He thought while watching the Swellow dive down. Suddenly, a light bulb turned on in Saul's head.

"Use Horndrill to counter, Nidoking."

The Swellow came down and rammed into Horndrill. Dirt and dust made a cloud around the area. The Proctor looked at Saul with an impressed look on his face. The smoke cleared away and they could finaly see, both of the Pokemon, lying down, both fainted.

"Battle end, tie"

The battle room faided and Saul found himself back in the battle sims room. He walked out and went back to the test room. The other trainers came back with sad faces. Followed them was the Test Ptoctor with a stack of papers in his hands. "The written tests." Saul thought to himself.

"I will bring each of you up to my desk to see your battle test scores."

As he called the first person up, people started whispering in little groups of three and four people. Each person would give Saul a glaring look, he was guessing because he was the only one that didn't seem sad about the battle part of the test.

He went through everyone else and then called Saul's name. Saul walked up to the desk and sat down.

"Your battle was great, you were the only one to end in a tie and no one else even won. You were the only battler to actulally get that you needed to combine your moves. The other kids just gave up the battle once the Swellow went into the air. I don't know what the teacher was telling the other kids. For getting the whole point of the test, you get a 100 on your battle test."

Saul walked back to his seat with a happy face.

"Now I will announce the test scores. If you missed two answers, you must take this class another year."

Many of the kids were twitching, hoping they could get there Pokemon License.

He started calling out the kids, "Markis Manner, test, 80, battle, 50, pass."

Saul could see a releaved look on Markis's face.

"William Hayden, test, 60, battle, 10, fail."

Everybody looked at William, his stomach made an aching sound and he ran to the bathroom.

"Leslie Pahachek, test, 100, battle, 60, pass."

The proctor said everyname and grade, most kids passed but thosed who failed were excused if they wanted to leave for some privacy.

When he finally got to the last person, Saul's back stiffened, and his ears tuned in, "Saul Cautem, test, 60, battle..."

"WHAT, I GOT A SIXTY!!!" Saul shouted, feeling confident that the Proctor made a mistake. Everybody turned their attention to him.

"Yes, 60 was your score, you coudn't name each Eevee evolution and you did use all types when you said Kekleon, but the problem said to name dual-type Pokemon."

"As I was saying, Saul Cautem, test, 60, battle, 100, FAIL."

Everybody stared at Saul, he got a 100 when the others had 50's and 60's. Saul frose up at the sound of fail,
he was never going to be a Pokemon Trainer.

"BUT, because of his great success in the battle, his written test grade raises to an 80."

"WHAT, HOW COME HE GETS A 100 ON THE BATTLE!" someone shouted who had failed.

"Saul tied in the battle, all of you gave up when the Swellow went into the air."


"The Nidoking that you all started with knew Lock On, you should have noticed that by the way it looked up in the sky for Swellow, a Pokemon Trainer knows if their Pokemon has learned a new move usually by how it looks. And if you noticed that it knew Lock On and had gotten Lock On to work, you needed an inderect attack like Sludge to knock Swellow down. Saul did that and that's why I raised his grade. If the Swellow came down with Aerial Ace, you should have used a powerful physical attack, like Horn Drill, to counter it. Saul did this, too. I am also raising his grade to a 100. Before any of you interupt me about this, I'm raising it because Saul is fit to be a real trainer. When he saw the Swellow falling with sludge stuck on it's wings, he ran to catch it and wiped the sludge off its wings so it could still fly. A real Pokemon trainer should be dedicated to helping Pokemon, even ones that aren't their own."

The room was quiet, the other were students thinking about what he had said.

"Everybody is excused, it's been good testing you, think about what I've said. For those of you that have passed,
pick a Pokedex off of the desk. And Saul, good luck, I look forward to seeing you again." The proctor walked out the room and disappeared out the door. Saul wondered what he meant by what he said about seeing him again."

Saul ran out of the Pre-Gym and rushed home, "This is the greatest day of my life, I'm almost a Pokemon Trainer,
I just need to pick up my starter Pokemon tomorrow and I'm official."

As Saul approached his house, he found that a group of Machop and Vigoroth were moving boxes of stuff from his house into a moving truck that said "Poke-Movers."

Saul's mom saw him and walked up to him, "Hey Honey, did you pass?"

Saul handed the Pokedex to her. "OHHH! GOOD JOB, SAUL!"

"Mom, what's going on here?"

"Well, I have some news, were moving to Hoenn!"

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