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Victory Sneeze!!

"Here you go Mr. Cautum. That'll be twenty Poké."

Saul grinned as he dug a few bills from his pocket and handed it to the man. In turn, the man handed over a tray of six ice creams. After taking a look around the cruise ship, the Trainer had decided to give treat the team to some sweets. Eventually he had found a stand near the front of the boat, and stepped to the railing of the boat to hand the Pokemon their treats.

"Okay," Saul said as he looked over the tray, "chocolate-vanilla double for Yena. Strawberry and gummy for Flitz…" The Dark-Type grabbed the large cone off the tray, letting it stick to his muzzle as he licked the inside. Saul threw Flitz's ice cream up into the air for the Pokemon to catch. He then perched on the railing, holding the cone with one of his feet and picking the gummy worms out one by one. "What else? Vanilla and a whole lot of sprinkles for Scrap; and a chocolate-strawberry double for Blaze." Scrap ginned as he played with the cone and ice cream inside his mouth. Blaze sniffed at his ice cream, taking a test lick before taking a large gulp. Kip chuckled as the baby Pokemon cringed from a brain freeze. "And then a big chocolate and chocolate syrup each for me and Kip." Saul allowed Blaze and Kip playfully eat their ice creams up on the tray as he began leading the snacking group down the edge of the boat toward the front.

After a few seconds, a large commotion could be heard at the front of the boat. Soon after a large flame could be seen go through the air and disappear.

The Trainer curiously looked around the corner of the front deck of the boat. A black-haired boy dressed in an orange vest could be seen laughing at another Trainer as they recalled a fainted Pokemon and rushed away from the surrounding crowd.

"What?" the boy shouted, "Are none of you wimps going to give me a good battle? Come on, I need a challenge!"

Everyone in the crowd continued to just stare, most looking as if they were to afraid to challenge.

Saul frowned in annoyance as he bit the last part of his cone, "Come on guys, we've got another battle coming."

He began walking into the crowd, dropping the tin tray behind him. Yena soon followed as he managed to get his stuck cone of his muzzle and chomp it down; and Scrap rushed back to the group after picking up the tray, chewing on it as he went.

Saul and the Pokemon pushed through the crowd and the Trainer could hear the gloating boy again as they got to the front, "I bet I could beat anyone of you. This whole boat is full of weaklings!"

"Hey! You think you can beat me?" the boy turned to see Saul standing with Kip and Blaze on his shoulders. Flitz was hovering beside, and Scrap and Yena were on either the Trainer's legs, growling.

"What'd you say?" the boy shouted.

"I said, do you think you can beat me?" Saul smirked. "I haven't been here for those other battles, but I bet I could beat you. You don't look that tough."

The boy clutched his stomach as he faked a laugh, "You kidding me. All you've got is a bunch of third-rate Pokemon there. Your Mudkip hasn't even evolved once!"

"A Pokemon doesn't need to evolve to be strong. So are you going to bring a Pokemon out, or are you scared."

The boy chuckled and smirked as he reached for a Pokeball, "Alright. The name's Kindle. Remember it, because this'll be the worst beating you'll ever take."

As soon as he was done, a dark Pokemon with horns materialized beside the boy, "I'm starting with Houndoom, what about you?"

Saul looked the Pokemon over quickly and looked down at Yena, "Okay Yena, you start us off."

The Dark-Type nodded as he stepped forward, trying to size up the larger Pokemon.

"Houndoom, start off with a Flamethrower."

"Yena, use Sucker Punch!"

Yena dashed forward as Houndoom charged the fire attack. He ducked down as the Fire-Type release, slightly singing his tail as he swung his front paw up and knocked Houndoom in the side of the face. The horned Pokémon rolled to the side, barely enough energy to get up.

The boy clinched his fist, "Err, Houndoom, use Shadow Ball."

"Counter with Iron Tail." Saul commanded.

Houndoom shot the dark orb at Yena, only to have the Dark-Type swipe it back at the Fire-Type with his tail. Houndoom was hit dead on and flew backward. It struggled to get up, but fell soon after.

Kindle recalled his Pokemon and angrily reached for another Pokeball, letting a rather large Charizard materialize.

Yena fell back to Saul, and Flitz took his place.

"Charizard, use Fire Fang."

"Flitz, use Quick Attack and Aerial Ace."

Charizard charged forward, fire forming around its teeth. Flitz seemed to dash to the side a second to late as the Fire-Type managed to hurt his wing. The Flying-Type recovered, however, as he flew to the side and rammed into the Flame Pokemon.

"Charizard, use Seismic Toss."

As they both slid to the side, Charizard grabbed onto Flitz, keeping the Pokemon from moving. It then flew into the air and darted downward.

"Flitz, try to pull an Agility."

The Swellow Pokémon struggle a bit as Charizard rammed them both into the deck of the ship, and a gasp from the crowd could be heard as dust was stirred around the area. Soon after, Flitz flew out of the cloud and the dust dispersed. Charizard lay down flat and fainted.

Kindle groaned as he reached for another Pokeball, "Drat, this is my last Pokemon. Don't mess this up Arcanine!" The large Fire-Type appeared beside the Trainer.

"Flitz, come back," Saul said, telling the bird to come back to the group, "Blaze, let's see what you can do."

The Eevee looked up at Saul confusedly in a 'why me' way. He then stepped forward a little, feeling insignificant in front of the large Fire-Type. The Normal-Type took a large gulp. Small chuckles could even be heard throughout the crowd.

"HAHA!" the Fire Trainer laughed, "Looks like your Eevee's afraid of a little heat!"

The Normal-Type suddenly glared at Arcanine as he heard the insult.

Saul smirked, "Now I see how I can get you determined. Blaze, try your Ember."

Blaze took in a deep breath and blew out as hard as he could toward Arcanine. A few coals managed to come out, but they stopped a few feet short and dimmed quickly. Nearly the whole crowd laughed, including Kindle and his Fire-Type.

Blaze looked around for a few seconds, beginning to anger.

"Let's go Blaze, try a Shadow Ball."

The Eevee opened his mouth, letting the ball charge. He managed to get the orb a few inches in size and shot it at Arcanine. However, the ball floated slowly forward and disappeared only a few feet from the launching spot.

The crowd, Arcanine, and Kindle all let out another huge laugh. Eevee suddenly began clenching his teeth, steam literally coming from his nose and ears.

The Pokémon suddenly opened his mouth, letting a perfect Shadow Ball form and throwing it at Arcanine, barely missing the Pokémon's feet.

The crowd looked a bit shocked at the quick attack, then Blaze began letting out a barrage of the dark orbs, causing Arcanine to jump around to dodge.

After a few quick moments, Arcanine was visibly beginning to get tired of dodging, "Arcanine, stop jumping and use Smokescreen."

The Pokémon landed, sweating profusely as he shot a ball of smoke at the ground. Most of the area suddenly was covered in the black smoke, and Blaze looked around confusedly.

The Pokémon sighed, accidentally taking in some smoke. He inhaled deeply and let out a huge, fiery sneeze. A crackling sound could be heard travel through the air, and the crowd could see the burn away through flames. The fire then quickly died out, revealing Arcanine lying on the ground fainted. Kindle suddenly recalled his Pokémon, with his mouth agape.

The crowd stared at Blaze, who simply let out a few more sneezes as he headed back to Saul, looking up eagerly.

"Come one Blaze," he grinned, "Let's go get some cotton candy now."

"Well, well, Scott. I see what you two say about that Trainer really is true. He indeed does have a strong bond with his Pokémon."

Scott and Danielle looked back at the captain as they leaned back inside the ships steering room.

"You've got that right." Danielle said as they looked out the steering room's windows out to the front deck. Kindle could be seen running down one of the nearby stair cases shouting as the crowd laughed at him.

"And he seems to be quite a powerful Trainer, too."

Scott laughed to himself, "I'm telling you, that kid's a real trooper."

The man in the Hawaiian shirt stood up and adjusted his sunglasses as he looked down at Saul. The Trainer began walking down the side of the ship again, all his Pokemon following him eagerly for some cotton candy.

Author's Note: Not to short of a chapter, and hopefully funny. And hey, now Saul's got a Pokémon that basically has a machine gun Shadow Ball! Review, or I'll have Blaze sneeze on you!