Hey this is a poem inspired on true events to myself it took me half an hour to write and its about feeling hurt betrayed and broken by someone you loved

Warning: depressing and some bad language


'Im broken and bleeding on the floor

what your doing to me i cant ignore

your tearing up my heart

i guess your just playing your part

Fucking around with my mind

i thought you were such a good find

guess i was wrong

well i've never been very strong

I'm blaming it all on you

for the picture on my wrist that i drew

your the reason im drowning in my own blood

the bath overflows and the water floods

I hear the pounding on the bathroom door

But i dont care, i am no more

This is all your doing

You and your fucken wooing

you captured me with your love

then at the last minute i got a shove

from an angel watching from up above

She hovers about just like a dove

and yet here i am, i am dying

if i told you no tears fell i would be lying

look over to the left of you, do you see it?

Yea thats my heart, its taken quite a hit

the water's flowing red now

and im gunna ask you how?

How could you play with my mind and heart

i thought it was real i never wanted to part

and yet there you are wooing another girl

i thought that i was your pearl

how many others are you doing this too?

how many more will you screw?

It will all come back upon you in the end

you'll be alone but i'll have my friends

for what goes around comes around

in your tears i hope you drown

then maybe finally you will see

the pain i have gone through, and how soon i will flee

from your once loving embrace

i'll erase your memory from time and space

so never again will you be there

try and deny it do it, i dare

But i have it in wiritng

I would rather have been hit by lightning

then to feel this pain i feel right now

you must be in shock, wow

am i the first one to find out

caught in a moment of doubt

true friends will always come through

and to you now i say adieu

cos im going now it's time for me to fly

but before i go i just wanna ask why?'


Ok well please tell me what you think

Luv Phoenix