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"He makes me sound like a saint," Nilese laughed, turning in her lovers' arms and pressing her self against him. "Such a noble man, Eddie."

"Of course, darling," Nate said, his raspy voice sending pleasant shivers down her spine. Once the heavy smoker, his smoker's voice transferred nicely into the eternal life.

Nilese gazed up at him, a blissful smile gracing her lips. He was her angel, and he certainly looked the part. Like a dark angel, he had wavy dark brown hair that was unruly in the best way possible, and was constantly in a state of bed head. He, unlike every other vampire in the world, was graced with shining green eyes with only subtle sparks of gold in them. Though it confused all vampires to no end, Nilese didn't mind. Her eyes were much the same, only hers were a dark, ocean blue with specks of gold. They were alike in their bodies, both tall, lean and perfectly proportioned, though Nilese's legs put every runway model to shame.

Wordlessly, Nilese moved away from Nate and pulled him to their large bed, falling onto the giant, light gray blankets and smiling at the soft noise they made as she sunk deeper into them. She looked up at Nate and smiled, motioning for him to lie beside her, and he did so willingly; a soft smile playing along his features, making him look more angelic and causing the butterflies in her stomach to flutter. They held each other close, no sounds escaping their lips, their love encompassing them in a warmth their separate bodies could never obtain individually. No, they were only whole, and the world was only right, when they were together. Together, they were indestructible; and together, they were unstoppable.

"Carlisle, what are you doing?" Esme cooed, moving so she stood just to the side of her handsome partner, her hand moving slowly up and down his hard, cold back. He sighed and closed the book he had been staring at, placing it down on the desk he sat at and rubbing his eyes with his free hand.

"Thinking," he said, pushing his chair back slightly and standing, smiling warmly at Esme's kind face. He sometimes felt pained, knowing that such a kind, loving women once wanted to rip herself from the world; but found solace in knowing she would forever be with him, bringing her kindness and love into his life, and the life of his family.

"Anything in particular?" Esme asked, looking at her husbands face carefully. She wished then that vampire's features could change, if only to show their emotions more clearly. In life, she had never been one to read someone 'like a book' as they said, and still found it difficult to decipher exactly how someone was feeling simply from their eyes. Especially the emotions of vampires who had learned over the years to hide their emotions quite well.

"No, just things in general," Carlisle said offhandedly, leaning forward to plant a chaste kiss on his wife's forehead. Chaste, but full of love and unsaid messages that only they could hear. Esme nodded slightly and sighed, taking the blonde mans hand in her own and giving him a soft smile.

"Well, how about we go for a walk?" Their walks were something they held dear, though they passed them off as something less important. Their walks were their time alone, time away from the family and more importantly; time together. With them being the 'parents' of a family of eight, now, it was rare they had time where they could be together fully, with only them and their love. Yes, the others respected their privacy, but with enhanced hearing and Edward's ability to read thoughts, there was nothing private in the house. Almost nothing, that is.

"I'd love that."

The pale men stood, watching as their old friend Carlisle exited the house with his pleasant faced wife, Esme.

"Really, Caius," the palest snapped, his normally good humored nature long gone. "Why are we here? Why couldn't you just send Demetri or Felix?"

"Aro, calm," Marcus murmured, moving to stand beside Caius calmly. "You of all people know why we're here."

"Yes," he said bitterly, grimacing at the others words. "But is it really that important that we had to leave our home? We haven't left in—"

"A very long time," Caius said, shrugging and turning to glance at Aro, a stoic expression on his inhumanly perfect features. "I think it's about time we got out and stretched out legs."

"We could have gone somewhere nice for that," Aro argued, shaking his head bitterly and moving ahead of the other two swiftly. "You know I don't like America. The thoughts of the people here simply—"

"Quiet, Aro," Caius said calmly, his bored tone drawing out the words. "You don't want to draw attention."

"Who could possibly—"

"I meant I'd like you to be quiet," Caius said, frowning.

The pale haired man scowled but did as he was asked, crossing his arms over his chest and staring at the house; wishing then he had the power of one of the vampires within.

"When should we make out move?" Marcus asked, wanting to get this dirty chore over and done with. Though he would never say it, he too questioned why they the leaders of the Volturri left their home to search out two simple vampires. They had servants and willing advocates who would love to do that kind of thing for them; yet here they were in the mountains in Vermont, of all places.

"Now, I suppose," Caius answered, beginning to walk forward at a very leisurely pace. "It's not like it will matter if they notice us."

Aro and Marcus glanced at each other before following their companion towards the house.

"Rather unplanned, isn't it?" Aro quipped, settling back into his amused nature easily.

"That one can see the future," Marcus said, glancing up at the mansion momentarily before directing his dull gaze back to Aro. "As soon as you make a decision, remember? Things are better unplanned with this family."

"Ah, of course" Aro agreed, nodding his head quickly. "This is such an odd family, one reads minds, one sees the future, ones a doctor for humans of all things, and the—"

"They've heard us," Caius interrupted, though he didn't halt his steps. His keen ears had heard the gentle sounds of footsteps in the house, and the words flowing from their lips. It wasn't hard to miss, actually.

"Took them long enough!" Aro exclaimed merrily, clapping his hands together. "The sooner we get this finished, the better."

No one spoke as they all stepped up to the front porch of the house and waited for its inhabitants to open the door for them; they were never the kind of people who knocked. Aro stood to the side, a large grin on his face, eager to see the expressions of the people on the other side of the wall in front of him. Caius and Marcus were must more reserved; their faces calm and blank, their minds oddly unoccupied and their gazes fixed on nothing in particular.

As the door opened, only Aro looked towards the vampires who stood there, his smile growing as he saw who it was.

"Nilese!" he exclaimed, pushing past the two unmoving vampires and standing in front of her, nodding his head at the others behind her. "Oh, it's good to see you again!"

Nilese couldn't help but let out a low chuckle at his exuberance, but her eyes remained guarded; you could never fully trust any of the Volturri. No matter what. Aro studied her expression momentarily, resisting the urge to simply reach out and grasp her hand in his and just quickly scan her mind. She had always interested him, and she knew this; he would never intentionally place himself on her bad side because his curiosity got the better of him. No, he was better than that.

Caius and Marcus watched through half lidded eyes as the exchange between Aro and Nilese took place, their looks of disinterest plain on their features. Their eyes briefly scanned over other vampires behind the red haired vixen, but their gazes only lingered briefly on Bella, the other vampire that interested them even remotely in the group.

"We've simply come to talk a little business," Aro continued, his hand waving quickly in front of his face as he briefly rolled his eyes; a common sign of disinterest that he commonly used. "Quick and simple, you know how it is."

"I do know," Nilese said, nodding once and stepped aside to let the three in. Bella quickly stepped out of their path, her grip on Edward's hand tightening slightly as the leaders of the vampire race entered the threshold. She assumed they wouldn't attack, not when they were so obviously outnumbered, but she couldn't help but question their appearance outside of Italy. "Why are you here, though? Surely Demetri or Felix could—"

"Caius insisted in a personal visit," Marcus said curtly; his tone indicating that was a topic that was not to be discussed any further. All the vampires in the room nodded, knowing better than to push it any farther.

"We have a bit of a proposition for you," Caius said, finally speaking up. All eyes turned to him, and he grinned in satisfaction at being the center of attention. "You see, things have been happening in Italy, and we would like to ask your assistance."

"What's been happening?" Nate asked, staring at them in the same way they looked at him; calm and yet full of intensity. "And who exactly do you need the assistance of?"

"Why, only Nilese and you," Caius replied, as if it were completely obvious. His blood red eyes danced in the dim light. "The werewolves in Italy are planning a revolt against us vampires. They've been grouping in large packs all around Europe, planning to attack our Volterra when they have enough dogs at their beck and call. We need you to help us stop them."

"A werewolf revolt?" Nilese snorted, rolling her eyes and smirking; as if it were the most humorous thing she'd heard all day. "They aren't serious, are they?"

"Of, quite serious," Aro interjected. "They think by taking us out, all other vampires will play dead at their demand. We recently sent some people out, scouting, and found there to be at least fifty groups of around one or two hundred in Italy alone. It seems they're importing foreign mutts as well."

Nilese couldn't help but laugh at his last sentence, her joyous chortle filling the tense filled room. All topaz eyes were on her.

"Now, why can't you do this yourself?" Nate asked, frowning. Their story didn't add up to him, it seemed to unnecessary for them to be here, in the United States, asking for their assistance.

"We could," Marcus sighed. "It's just such a useless hassle, and we'd rather you two came and quickly ended the whole thing."

Nilese glanced at Nate, their minds calling out to each other as they measured the pros and cons of the situation.

"We'll think about it."

The three red eyes shifted to Nilese as the words passed her lips, frustration and aggravation now apparent in all of them.

"How long will that take?" Caius demanded.

"A day at the most," Nilese said, shrugging indifferently. "You can head back to Italy, and if Nate and I decide to help, we'll see you in Volterra in two days at the most."

"And if you choose not to aid us?" Marcus asked, pursing his thin, pale lips. The mere idea of her, this common vampire, telling them, the leaders of the vampires, what to do was more than disrespectful; it made his skin crawl.

"We won't show up at all," Nilese answered evenly, ignoring the intense stares on her; the stares coming from more than just the men in front of her.

"You had best choose quickly," Aro said, his tone the most light hearted of the three; yet still there was that edge that screamed power. "We don't like disappointment."

"We know," Nate said, the corner of his mouth twitching up slightly in an unsaid joke. Behind him, Edward too held back his smile.

"Then we hope to see you in Italy."

And just like that, the three robbed figures were gone.

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