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Eddy strolls through a creepy old library.

"We all heard fairy tale retellings back then," he says in a low, mysterious voice, "But in present day, many become tales of terror so horrible and gruesome that –"

Yolei Inoue comes up from the right hand part of the library.

"Eddy! You should warn the viewers that this time Whiteling's adding darker and scarier elements to the fic, or maybe they'd rather listen to that old seminar about anthropology?" she scolded.

Eddy grunts in annoyance, "I'm getting to that! Sheesh, don't have a bird . . ."

Yolei nods and walks off.

Eddy glares after her then continues as he stops at a certain painting, "From our eerie ambience, you probably wouldn't conjure up a story about the magic of true love; but that's precisely what our scary tale tells about. When the inner wolf desires the rabbit inside the beauty...And so ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you Whiteling's Beauty & the Beast, the Digimon edition!"

The title "Whiteling's Beauty & the Beast" appears in front of the painting, which depicts a red rose among a garden of black flowers.


"Once, not too long ago, in a dimension that is known to us as the Digiworld lived a Prince of Darkness. His angelic handsomeness was adored among the digimon just as much as his name struck fear into their hearts.

Myotismon, vampire Lord of Server . . .

He was a cruel and heartless ruler who lived in his castle surrounded by a horrifying forest. No living digimon ever dared to set foot in it as they feared to be devoured by the hungry wolfmon that roam through the underbrush. And Myotismon's alpha-bats, his obedient servants and sentries, swished through the putrefying leaves beneath the ceiling of sinewy branches like deadly shadows, reporting everything to their master.

This winter night was stormy. Ice cold sleet hit the earth with fist-sized hailstones and soaked the ground. It was a deadly swamp-like minefield of mire. The chilly wind was howling and had already uprooted several of the dark trees. Thunder roared through the air and lightning drew terrifying outlines onto the ground, flash by flash...

Frantically, a small flock of bats flapped their wings and tried to steer their flight in the hurricane-like storm. Eventually they arrived at Nightmare Castle; their master's domain, and after flying over a large crimson field on the castle-grounds, they darted towards the throne-room.

A tall, blond vampire sat on a throne of black marble. He was reading. His body, clothed in a medieval, cerulean suit, completely relaxed but still with an aura of aristocracy. He suddenly looked up from his book. His eyes were as blue as two sparkling sapphires, surrounded by a crimson mask. Its tips shaped like bats' wings. . . Like the wings of the alpha-bats that had just entered the throne-room. They flew to the ceiling, hung themselves on it and squeaked at their master. Their high voices roused a small ball of feathers, fur and leather that had slept on the floor next to the throne.

"Ahh, you lousy gnawers! I just dreamt . . .!" DemiDevimon grumbled, but he was interrupted by a heavy book falling down onto his head.

"Silence!" Myotismon hissed at the black rookie without looking at it. Instead, he nodded up to his sentries.

"So... There's a digimon out in this stormy night, you say?" He seemed barely interested as the bats squeaked excitedly. "A little vaccine? Oh how cute!" Myotismon laughed sarcastically when two other bats flew into the throne-room. They were smaller then their kin so as the storm grew wilder, they were late. Exhaustion forced them not to follow their fellows up to the ceiling but to flutter to their master. Myotismon reached out and got a hold of them barely a second before they would have dropped to the floor. The little black creatures rested in his gloved hand. They looked up at him with their crimson eyes, gratefully and squeaked silently...

"... Now what's with that digimon?...Oh really?... I see..." Myotismon said thoughtful and looked out of the window into the black stormy sky. "Well... it must be a very daft digimon if it is really heading towards Nightmare Castle for a haven, like you say..."

Suddenly the doors to the throne-room were pushed open and a Tsukaimon hobbled towards its master. It cowered and only stuttering could it deliver it's message. "M-M-Master Myotismon. . . The guards at the outer castle grounds report that a small digimon is standing in front of the external gate... Shall we chase it away, or delete it?"

The vampire scratched his chin, considering for a moment. . . "No, let it in!".

Though Tsukaimon was surprised, it stuttered an: "Aye!" and left.

"B-Boss!? Something wrong with you? You really wanna be so charitable?" DemiDevimon squeaked.

Myotismon got up from his throne, 'incidentally' kicking the Rookie to the other side of the room.

"I want to see that poor creature with my own eyes that asks me for shelter!" He said and paced out of the throne-room and down the stairs to the entrance hall.

Outside the huge stone portal, the storm was raging wildly. Myotismon heard the hailstones pelting against the walls, when a silent almost subdued knocking resounded in his highly sensitive vampire ears. He took the ring-shaped door handles and pulled the portal open. Chilly wind blew into his face as he looked down. There was the 'visitor'... a small Gatomon which formerly had been white, but now it was covered in mud and blood as the hailstones had severely wounded it. It's fur was mucky and tousled. It shivered frantically in the gusts and of hunger, its blue eyes bloodshot. And it stank of soggy fur and sweat. . .

"Urgh!" Myotismon uttered shuddering and was close to bang the door shut in the cat's face.

"Noble lord of this castle..." The cat meowed and Myotismon raised an eyebrow.

"What do you want dirtball?" He asked slightly annoyed, he wasn't fond of hailstones hitting against his face.

"Noble lord, I beg you to give me shelter in this stormy and unfriendly night. My paws are bleeding and I am so hungry…" The feline digimon coughed, staggering.

"Oh cry me a river! And why, my filthy friend, should I do so?" Myotismon scorned her, shielding himself from the hailstones with his cape.

"Because, my lord, I am only a poor, freezing and hungry digimon who cannot afford an inn. And you live in this huge and warm castle. . ." Gatomon sobbed heartrending, stretching out her raw paw to 'touch' his compassion.

"Oh pitiful! I give shelter to no one, I am not going to make an exception. . . especially not to someone like YOU!" The vampire laughed and moved slightly backwards so her muddy paw could not soil his cape.

"Please Myotismon, I cannot give you money, but this wonderful bloom. . ." She said holding a flower, almost like a rose with a white spherical blossom formed by several small blooms. . . It emitted a warm glow. Myotismon stared at it. He knew that shape of a blossom, but the color was odd. . . And then he grinned smugly.

"Well, it is quite nice, your little weed. . . But if you look over there you'll notice that I prefer the blood-colored ones!" He sniggered, pointing at a place in the courtyard and was about to return into his 'warm' castle when the Gatomon clawed into his cape. He growled menacingly.

"But my lord. . ." Gatomon meowed movingly. ". . .It is Christmas Eve. . . Christmas the feast of love, light and charity. . ."

Suddenly the vampire prince hissed viciously. "Christmas?! You think I care about a ridiculous human holiday?! Sorry, but no!" He drew his cape out of her bloody paw and turned away. He passed the doorstep and slammed the portal shut without looking back at the poor cat...

If he'd looked back. . . he would have seen the indignant expression on her face. And maybe he would have been prepared to what came upon him. . .


A booming female voice echoed threateningly throughout the whole castle. He winced and his eyes widened in shock. He was at the landing already but could not walk up the stairs... He was petrified when he saw his shadow appearing in front of him... The black silhouette elongated up along the stairs and Myotismon felt the hot light shining onto his back. Very slowly, he turned his head to the portal. It was still closed but the light seemed to gush in through the doorsill and every little gap.

"MYOTISMON!!!" The voice resounded again, this time even more inauspicious. And even more slowly he turned his whole body towards the door.

At this very moment the light burst through it and seemed to blow the debris against him. He was blinded by the radiant glow and tried to shield himself with his cape. But the light penetrated even the thick cloth... He staggered backwards, light swathed his body and dragged him out of the castle. Eventually he managed to free himself and stumbled sightless backwards. He tripped, fell hard onto the stony floor. Myotismon squeezed his eyes shut and propped his upper body with his elbows.

"MYOTISMON!!!" The voice hollered at him, this time very close. The vampire then felt something cold and sharp pointing against his throat as the light dimmed slightly. He saw a javelin almost spiking him to the ground... It hurt as the point jabbed into his skin already. . . And then he beheld the symbols of the four evangelists. . . The lion of Markus, the bull of Lukas, the eagle of Johannes. . . and Matthew's angel. . . in shield and armor with long golden hair flowing behind her. . .

"Myotismon! I am Ophanimon, keeper of light and love!" She said with authority and even though he probably could have beaten her, he was still in a state of paralysis, so he remained motionless. "The digimon of this area came to me in displeasure and fear of your doings!" The angelic woman informed him.

He tried to turn his head to stop the light burning his eyes and muttered. "Foolish peons, that'll be the last thing they've done!"

"SILENCE!!!" Ophanimon demanded and pushed the javelin a little further. The vampire felt a short pang and then a thin, crimson rivulet ran down his skin. "It is this attitude, Myotismon, that provoked my wrath! I came here to see whether you were truly as cruel and heartless as described by your pawns!" She declared while he managed to slide backwards and rubbed his aching throat. "To appraise your being I entreated you for nothing more than a place for the night, as a helpless and piteous Gatomon. . ."

He scoffed with a smug grin on his lips. He doubted her to be a serious danger. Ophanimon glowered at him. "Myotismon! You have proven yourself the most foul, loathsome creature I've ever had the misfortune to come across!" She hollered glowing in a dazzling gold light. "You repudiated me even though you saw I was freezing, hungry and wounded in this unmerciful, stormy night! And even more, you violated the ideas of this holy night. You disregarded Christmas Eve in your selfishness!" The light around her was now blinding him again and at least his subconscious realized that it would be unwise to arouse her anger. He kept silent and gave no snide remark this time. . .

"Therefore, in revenge for all the innocent digimon that suffered and died under your cruel regency. . . I sentence you, Myotismon, to death!" Ophanimon proclaimed with a definite voice.

The vampire gazed at her in panic, he had expected a lot, but not THAT!

The javelin disappeared and instead ten opalescent hexagons glowed up in midair. "SEFIROT CRYS…"

"WAIT!!!" Myotismon shouted at her. "What of your angelic mercy…?" He asked though as humble as never before.

Ophanimon lowered her hands yet the crystals remained where they were. "Isn't there something I can do to change your mind?" The condemned inquired and there was mortal fear showing behind his valiant undertone. . .

A heavy weight seemed to be taken from his shoulders when he saw the crystals dissolving and Ophanimon tipping against her chin, thoughtful... "Mm... Every being deserves a second chance you think?" Actually she did not agree in HIS case. . .

He nodded and folded his hands though it deeply hurt his pride, "I implore you. . ."

She looked into his begging sapphire eyes and could no longer refuse his plea. "Fair enough... I will give you one last chance, Myotismon! If you are able to love another being than yourself and be loved in return, than you can keep your unlife and immortality!"

Inwardly, Myotismon laughed to himself. What me worry! He thought. I am the most handsome 'mon in the whole Digiworld. There are enough females that cannot resist my charisma. . . Surely one of them will please me, too.

But a grim smile appeared on the angel's face. "There are more conditions, Myotismon! You will no longer be able to gain life-energy by drinking blood. You will, however, find the source of your energy in those crimson flowers. Therefore, there will be a deadline." She said indicating to the blood-colored field in the courtyard. Myotismon was more than pleased about that; He knew his 'flowers' were eternal. . .

"Don't be too cheerful vampire!" interrupted Ophanimon, "This holy blossom I hold emits a sacred light that causes your Dark Blooms to wither. . . Very slowly but progressing. It means you have to find true love within 13 years or you will die!"

Anyway! Myotismon thought. No problem at all. I'll need barely 13 days if a girl comes across my handsomeness!

Suddenly Ophanimon stooped and ripped the mask from his face.

"AARGH!!!" He snarled, not of pain but of the light blinding him now even more. No one had seen him without the mask.

The angel took the white flower and touched Myotismon's forehead between the eyes. It etched a small bleeding wound into his skin. Dizziness spread over the vampire's mind.

"What have you done to me!?" He barked at her, while blood ran into his eyes. She threw the mask at his feet. Blinded by blood, he groped for it and eventually placed the mask back were it belonged to. He wiped down the blood with the back of his gloved hand and repeated his question. "What have you done to me?!"

He seriously wanted to know it as a stinging pain spread from his head to his body. "Don't you feel it, Myotismon?" He felt something. . . He felt his body searing like boiling pitch. . . His blood intumescing in his veins. And then he yelled in pain as his blood began to ooze through his skin. . .

"Your heart is hard and cold as iron! It is time that everyone can see the truth!" Ophanimon shouted at him... She had heard his thoughts the whole time through.

It was as if every bone in his body bent and overstretched and finally, he felt an overbearing ache as his spine broke into thousand splinters... He coughed and saw the crimson liquid shimmer in front of his eyes... The last time he had felt an alteration this enormous, he had digivolved onto ultimate... but this was different... it was painful... The blood by now covered his crushed body like a fluid membrane. But while his bones healed and broke and healed again and again within seconds, the shield around him slowly hardened… He knew his body grew and his shoulders expanded…His lungs were compressed, he could barely breathe and his waist grew thinner then ever before… He felt the tips of something hard and cold break through his skin where his shoulder-blades were… It was like wings spreading on his back but to him their weight and metallic cold felt rather like airfoils… The ache of his jaw brought him close to madness as his teeth began to grow uncontrollably and turned from his pearly vampire fangs into a monster's dagger like spikes… His hair grew wildly too… There was no longer the cherubic golden towhead, but something with a thatch-like shabbily mane… Almost all of his bones had stopped cracking but his spine still broke apart and healed … It elongated more and more… While the blood that had covered him finally had solidified as a sort of armor and now slightly reflected Ophanimon's light on its unpolished, metallic surface… The repulsive creature fell onto his knees, slamming his vast claw-like fists onto the muddy ground… A giant, iron-tail whipped through the air… on its tip a sting like a scorpion's sans the toxin…

"Now your looks fit to your heart and soul!" Ophanimon said.

Slowly, the pain passed off and he was able to crawl to a puddle the storm had left… He regarded his reflection in the dirty water with horror… His wonderful blue eyes had turned to a venomous yellow… nothing that resembled to the formerly splendid vampire… nothing left… nothing but his crimson mask… This could not be him… Impossible!!!

"Geeze, boss!!!" A squeaking voice sounded from the portal of Nightmare Castle…

The ferocious beast turned his head towards the door just as Ophanimon did.

"Oh yes, your servants…" She remembered and snapped her fingers.

A second later a metallic, winged ball fell down the stairs with several clunks…

"DemiDevimon?" The monstrous creature roared, then listened up… The sound was menacing but still he could hear a split of his old sonorous voice within it…

"Yes!" The angel of light and love noticed. "I have converted them all into iron statues… They will remain like this until light will bring them back into life. And you are no longer able to live IN the castle!" She told the huge beastly creature.

He glowered at her with loathing… It was unfair! How should he be able to save his life this way? No living being would ever love a monster like he was now…

"Well, I will leave you to yourself now… There are more important things for me to do! Farewell, beautiful vampire lord of Server!" Ophanimon smirked then turned into a ball of light that rushed away through the air like lightning… And a fearsome, agonized outcry drowned out the howling of the storm in this cold and grim night . . .

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