A little Misunderstanding...

Main Character: Niou, Sanada, Yukimura, Kirihara, Marui!

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"Hey, Niou-sempai, who do you think would come out on top, Sanada-fukubuchou or Yukimura-buchou?" Kirihara asked one day at tennis practice.

It was a normal day at Rikkaidai...until the "devil" asked that one question...

"Hmm...I would say, Sanada-fukubuchou..." Niou said, taking the question the wrong way. Really wrong.

"Why? Yukimura-buchou is stronger, right?"

"I still think fukubuchou should be the top. He looks like he is the kind."

"Huh?" Kirihara asked, this was getting strange. All he asked was who was stronger in tennis! He thought Yukimura-buchou would be stronger, but Niou was saying weird stuff. How can someone look like the kind to be on top? (An: Hint, hint XD)

"Ne, what are you talking about?" A pinkish-reddish haired tensai suddenly popped out of nowhere and asked.

"Well, Akaya here was saying who would be on top, Sanada or Yukimura." Niou explained.

"Oh...let me think...I say...Sanada would be on top!" Marui exclaimed while blowing a bubble.

"Huh?" This little conversation was getting a bit strange for Kirihara...Seriously, why would Yukimura NOT be on top? He was stronger, right? He would be right? He was Rikkai's buchou!

"Well, what part of Sanada would be on top do you not get, Akaya?" Niou asked.

"Uh...everything? Buchou is way stronger."

"No, Sanada looks like the kind..." Marui said thoughtfully.


"Yeah, you're right, Marui, he would XXX then XXX afterwards he would XXX..." Niou said.

"O.o WTF?!??!!?" Kirihara shouted.

"Yeah, you're right, Niou..."

"Like I said, WTF?!?!?!" Kirihara shouted again...but no one was listening.

"What is going on here? You guys should be practicing." Sanada came in with a stern look.

"Ahh, Sanada-fukubuchou, just in time, Akaya here was wondering who would be on top, you or buchou?"

After much thought, Sanada became silent(er), then he sternly said, "Get back to work..." He walked off with some random mumbling.

"Ok...so...Sanada didn't have much to say in this." Niou said.

"BUT Yukimura would probably know! Ah, I am such a genius." The tensai exclaimed.

They called for Yukimura, asked the same question, and what was his answer, you ask? Well it was...

"Well, depends...but I'd rather not say..." Then he walked off.

"Well, no one knows..." Niou said, "But still I think it is Sanada, he seems like he would..."

"Again, WHY?" Kirihara couldn't take it anymore, he was gonna pop!

"Well, he would sound like he would XXX, then XXX, then XXXXXXXX..." Niou said...again.

"Yeah, then XXX..." Marui added.

Kirihara heard that loud and clear, he became...greenish...the said to then sempai-tachi, "We are never gonna say anything about THAT every again..."

After a few days Kirihara's parents called in at school and asked who was responsible for making their adorable son so scared and mentally scarred. He would mumble random words to himself. Some along the lines of "Rikkaidai, Yukimura, Buchou, Fukubuchou, Sanada, Niou-sempai, Marui-sempai, bubble gum, sempai-tachi...etc..." But they never found out...


XD Did you understand what I wrote?

Akaya's parents: You made our adorable son like that! We are gonna get you!!!! -runs after me-