Yu-Gi-Oh: Battle Island

Hi, I'm Elemental Hero Fanfic Neos. As my name suggests, I'm a huge fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. Now, I just finished reading charizardag's series of Yu-Gi-Oh: Team World fics, and I noticed that those are the only fics in the Cartoon Crossovers section that have a bunch of cartoons dueling each other. And since I'm such a big fan of the game, I thought "Why not give Mr. ( Or Ms., I don't know) charizardag a little healthy compotition?" So, without furthur aidui, I present the first chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh: Battle Island! Oh, and this is my first story, so be nice and no flames.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Except mabey a few made-up cards.

We fade in on a shot of Peach Creek, the home of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. The camera zooms in until we see the home of Edd, or "Double D", as he's called by his freinds. The camera continues to zoom in until we get to Double D's window. We see 2 boys sitting on the floor in his room. The camera enters the room.

One of the boys wears blue pants, a red and white stripped shirt witha green jacket. He has 1 eyebrow, and no chin. This is Ed, one of Double D's friends.

The other boy is short, wears light-blue pants, a yellow shirt with a red stripe, and has 3 hairs on his head. This is Eddy, another of Double D's freinds.

They are in the middle of a duel. Ed has no cards in his hand, 1 face-down spell or trap, no monster on the field, and his life-points are at 1000.

Eddy has no cards in his hand, no spell or traps, no monsters on the feild, and his life-points are at 1000.

Ed:It's your turn Eddy.

Eddy:Right. (draws, then smiles) This duel's over! I summon the Six Samuri of earth-Yariza! In attack mode!

Eddy places the card on the floor in front of him. It's attack is 1000 and it's deffense is 500.

Eddy:And since you have no monsters on the field, I'll attack you directly for game.

Ed:Not so fast, Eddy. I reveal my facedown, (flips his face-down up) Magic Cylinder!


Ed:This trap card negates an attack and takes the attacking monster's attack out of your life-points! So..um...1000-1000 is...um...

Eddy:(gathering his cards) Zero, Ed.

Ed:Zero? I win! Yay!

Another boy then walks in. He wears blue shorts, a red shirt, and a black sock on his head. He carries 3 big boxes. This is Edd, AKA Double D.

Edd:Salutations, gentlemen. Who won the game?

Eddy:Who do ya think?

Eddy pionts to Ed, who is doing a stupid dance.

Ed:(singing)I won, I won, I won!

Edd:I see.

Eddy:What's with the boxes?

Edd:One of them came in my mail just now. I saw that you guys had the exact same boxes in your mail, so I took the liberty of bringing them here to you guys.

Ed:Somebody loves me!

Ed grabs his package, tears it open, and jumps in it.

Ed:Oh, too cool!

Edd:What is it, Ed?

Ed jumps out of the box with a shiny new Duel Disk on his arm.


Eddy:That was in the package?!


Edd:(to Eddy) You don't think...

Edd and Eddy quickly open their packages and look inside. Sure enough, they each pull out a sleek, shiny new Duel Disk.


Edd:But, who would send us these Duel Disks?

Just then, Double D's computer beeps.

Edd:Hold on a sec. (walks over to computer) Someone's sending me a video E-mail. Says here it's from...Maxamillion Pegasas? (A/N:I spelt his name right, right?)

Eddy:The millionare creator of Duel Monsters? Yeah right!

Edd:Well, can't hurt to look.

Double D opens the E-mail.


Sure enough, staring at them on the computer screen, was Maximillion Pegasas himself.

Pegasas:Greetings, boys, I-

Ed:Oh my god, it's you! The creator of Duel Monsters himself! (pulls out pen and paper) Can I have your autograph?

Ed holds the pen and paper up to the screen. Pegasas does nothing since, well, he can't. Edd pulls Ed away from the screen with a sigh.

Edd:You'll have to forgive Ed, Mr.Pegasas. He's-well, um...uh, how can I say this nicely...

Pegasas:An idiot?

Ed:Been there, done that, Mr.Pegasas.

Pegasas:(sees boxes) Ah, I see my packages have arrived.

Eddy:You sent us these Duel Disks?

He points to his Duel Disk. Pegasas nods his head yes.

Edd:Well, not that we're not grateful, Mr.Pegasas, but why?

Pegasas:Well, you can't compete in the Battle Island Tournament without a Duel Disk.

Eddy:Ok, you lost me.

Pegasas:Allow me to explain. I'm holding a Duel Monsters tournament on a private island.

Edd:Like what you did with Duelist Kingdom?

Pegasas:Sort of.

Pegasas then holds up a picture of a circular island from above. The island has a dock, a bunch of little buildings on the edge of the island, and a large castle in the center.

Pegasas:You see, you and the other duelists will arive by ship. (points to docks) From there, groups of duelists will be taken by helicopter to 1 of these little buildings. (points to little buildings) There, the duelists will get 2 weeks worth of food, water, and camping supplies. Then, the duelists will go into the jungle, explore, and duel others. When you win 10 duels, you'll go to the large castle, (points to castle) and enter the finals. When we have 16 finalists, thye remaining duelists will be rounded up, and taken to the castle to watch the finals.


Pegasas:And this is an invite only tournament. You 3 should consider yourselfs lucky, being chosen to compete.

Edd:How do we get to the island?

Pegasas:Look in those boxes.

Eddy looks in each box, and pulls 2 slips of paper out of each.


Pegasas:Three of those tickets are plane tickets. Take them to your local airport, and you'll be put on a plane to San Fransisco. From there, go to the docks and find a ship called the S.S.Duel Monsters. The other 3 tickets will get you on that, and it'll take you to Battle Island.

Edd:Let me get this strait. The millionare creator of Duel Monsters is inviting 3 kids he doesn't know to a private Duel Monsters tournament?


Eddy:I don't buy it.

Ed:Hmm, mabey that's not Pegasas, but an evil shape-shifter from Ransnot 5 sent to lure unsuspecting humans to his secret island base, we're he'll eat our brains!

Eddy:Don't be stupid, Ed. If an alein was luring people to island to eat their brains, why would he invite you?

Ed:Who's inviting me?


Ed:Who's Pegasas?

Pegasas:Did I mention the grand prize is $10,000?

This gets Eddy's attenion. He zooms over to the computer.

Eddy:Could you repeat that?

Pegasas:The winner of the tournament wins a $10,000 cash priz-

Pegasas didn't even have to finish. In the blink of an eye, Eddy grabed the tickets, grabed Ed and Edd, grabed their Duel Monsters cards, raced out the door, and ran to the Peach Creek Airport. He dashes into the airport with Ed and Edd, and we see a plane take off a few seconds later.

Eddy:(on plane) Battle Island, here we come!


We see Battle Island. The camera zooms in until we see the castle from earlier. We see Pegasas trough a window. He is on the computer. A hooded figure enters the room.

Figure:Well, are they coming?

Pegasas:They'll be here in a matter of days, master.

Figure:Excelent. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Who was the figure? Why did Pegasas call him Master? R and R! Remembert, this is my first story, so no flames.