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Chronicles of the Ur-Dragon - Episode One

Chapter 1

Dozens of saprolings were surrounding Sakura and Kero while two dragons were in the air, carrying a struggling Li Syaoran and the Sword of the Chosen. "Kerberus, Sakura, go after those two dragons! I'll cover the saproling problem." Strider took out a black card. "Who would have thought that this would come in handy?"

He tossed the card in the air. "By Tsabo's Decree, all saprolings shall exist no more!!" The decree sent out a mist, wiping all the little saprolings out. By the time the saprolings were wiped out, there was no trace of the two dragons that took Li. Strider silently cursed himself. He should not had left the trio by themselves with the Ur-Dragon crisis drawing closer to Kjeldor.

"Come on, you two. We're going after those dragons that took Li." Sakura was about to take off when Strider grabbed her wrist. "Do you any idea where the dragons are taking him?" She shot a death glare at the entity. "I can try and sense his aura." She closed her eyes and concentrated for several seconds. Then they shot open with a panicked look. "I can't sense him anywhere!!!"

"That's because they probably took him to an area that has a lot of magic. That magic must be interfering with your senses." Sakura hovered back down. Kero floated right in front of Strider's face. "So what are we going to do?" Strider released Sakura's wrist and turned to the guardian beast. "We pay a visit to the elder dragons."

"The elder dragons?" The Defender nodded. "They are the respective predecessors of the dragons you saw. There are five elder dragons, one for each element of the Ur-Dragon's power. That element has been passed on to their successors. Each element uses energy from one of the five types of magic: Nature, Light, Fire, Water, Death."

He paused. "One of the successors grew ambitious and hungry for power. He began to dominate the other successors through fear. If the successors were more mature, then they might have retaliated. Unfortunately, their fear got the better of them and they swore allegiance to the renegade."

"I've been thinking...if we could eliminate this renegade, the others will stop their evil deeds?" Strider scratched his head. "Logically, yes. There may be a chance that they might still remain evil. After all, it has been the only life they have been able to live. I guess that we should try to teach the others about considering their options in life. And we'll probably have to help them get over their fears and force them to mature or else another being hungry for power might force them-"

Sakura held up her hands. "Alright, we get the picture!!! Now let's go meet the elder dragons already!!!" She flew off into the night sky. Strider gave Kero an exhausted look. "I sometimes wonder if both personalities are contributing to that bottomless pit of energy." Kero shrugged. The two silently took off to catch up with the vampiress.

Chapter 2

'Where am I?' Li's body felt like a ton. He struggled to get up before he collapsed back onto the ground. 'I can sense all kinds of magic in this area!! Maybe that's the reason why I feel so heavy.' He started concentrating. Moments later, he got up with little difficulty.

'I gotta thank Strider for teaching me how to tap into the Ley Lines.' (Ley Lines run all over the world and are heavily concentrated with magical power. This concept was originally invented by Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books...I think?!? Don't sue!!!) He was about to run out when he noticed five huge golems blocking his way. He reached for the Sword of the Chosen but found it was not with him anymore. "Looking for this, perhaps?"

The Chinese boy turned towards the voice. Before him, a gigantic red dragon loomed before him. He had wings that were growing from his head, stretching down to his lower torso. A mysterious medallion hung around his neck with a symbol on it. "Kami-sama...a dragon!!"

The dragon chuckled at the boy's reaction. "That's probably the most original reaction I've seen in centuries." Li snapped himself out of his trance. "Why was I brought here?" He tried to take out his own sword but it wasn't there.

"I had the Attendants remove all of your magical weapons and items while you were unconscious," spoke the dragon calmly while balancing the Sword of the Chosen on his index finger. Li glared at the dragon defiantly. "So what do you want with me?"

"Taking the initiative, I like that. Anyway, I would like to know about the dragons that your Chinese mythology speaks of." A look of disbelief crossed Li's face. "Mythology? You kidnapped me here to discuss mythology?" The dragon chuckled. "You are a rare breed, able to understand the possibilities of certain mythologies coming to life."

The look of disbelief was instantly replaced with a look of confusion. "What are you talking about...what do I call you anyway?" A small bit of smoke came from the dragon's nostrils. "I am called Darigaaz, the Igniter." Li looked at Darigaaz before restating his question.

"I have heard about certain Chinese spells that may bring forth one of the eastern dragons in Chinese folklore. They appear to be highly skilled in strength, speed and other such qualities. I wish to see this for myself." Darigaaz's intentions suddenly dawned on the young Chinese sorcerer. "You can't be serious. Me?"

"You are the only Chinese sorcerer we could acquire at the moment. We would have went for more experienced types but they would have put up a resistance. Treva could only heal us during physical combat. Magical combat is another matter." Li crossed his arms. "Even if I did help you, there would be certain things I would require."

"Yes, yes...your safety, the safety of any comrades and friends. Plus the equipment, incantations and other such things. My friend, you do not have to worry about trivial matters like that at the moment. I'll give you some time to think and even meet the other members of my little group." Before the boy could reply, Darigaaz flew out of the cave.

Li walked up to each of the golems and gently tapped them to check for a response. None came. He gave a smirk and started to head for the exit but the golems quickly blocked his way. Every time he tried to get through, a golem would step in front of him.

"Force, know my plight!! Release the light! LIGHTNING!!!" A few thunderbolts came to strike the golems but there were no scratches. Li sighed as he started pondering how to escape.


Next Episode: The trio pay a visit to the Elder Dragon Legends and battle Dromar, the Banisher...