Spoilers: Window of Opportunity.

Pairings: Jack/Sam of Course!!!

An Opportune Moment

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"Oh god", he groaned to himself "she's kissing me back".

"Holy Hannah this man can kiss" she thought to herself

As the time loop resets, Jack feels elated that he will remember this kiss forever, but devastated that she won't. He vows to himself to do something about it, again, today, but earlier. He wants to be able to spend more time with Sam Carter, ALONE.

As the day progressed, Jack became more impatient about his impending actions, he needed his "window of opportunity" to kiss her again. This time he took the chance in the briefing room; he turned up early and wrote his resignation. He handed it to General Hammond the second Sam walked in the door.

"General Hammond Sir, this is for you"

"What's this Colonel"?

"My resignation"

"Why are you resigning Colonel?"

"So I can do this" and he turned and caught her in his arms and kissed her again.

"Oh god", he groaned to himself "she's kissing me back - again".

"Holy Hannah this man can kiss" she thought to herself

"Colonel O'Neill, Just what's the meaning of this?" General Hammond demanded.

"General, if you'll excuse me, the Major and I have some very important business to attend to and if you read my letter, my retirement is effective immediately, so adios" Jack said as he gave the General a quick salute.

Jack took Sam's hand and in a daze she followed him out of the briefing room, leaving a very confused and agitated General Hammond in their wake. Teal'c stepped forward to offer an explanation to the General.

"General Hammond, The SGC is caught in some kind of Time Loop and only O'Neill and I are aware of it. We experience the same day over and over again, whilst to everybody else, it appears to be a new day. O'Neill has become quite frustrated and appears to be "having some fun". Yesterday we played golf in the gate room with the wormhole engaged, the day before; we rode bicycles through the halls. This day will end and reset again and none of this will have happened.

"Are we working on a way to end the time loop?"

"Yes General Hammond, we appear to be quite close"

"And you say, that none of us will remember what happens here today"

"Yes, except for O'Neill and myself"

"That still doesn't excuse his behaviour"

"No, it does not however, prosecuting him for his behaviour will have little affect as it will be forgotten the next time the loop resets"

"But Major Carter?"

"This is not the first time the Colonel has kissed Major Carter. They have strong feelings for each other, but both refuse to allow themselves to become involved. General, please allow them one time together, even is she does not remember, he will and I believe it will sustain him"

"I still don't like it Teal'c, but I'll trust you on this one"