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"Aw come on Sam, spill it, I'm your best friend, if you can't share sordid details with me, who can you share them with?" Asked Dr Frasier.

"Janet, he's still my Commanding Officer and your superior officer, do you think it's appropriate that I should share the intimate details of our relationship with you?"

Raising her voice indignantly the doctor replied "Of course it's not appropriate, but I'm not gonna tell anyone am I? NOW TELL ME." She demanded.

Capitulating Sam whispered, "OK, but not here, I'll tell you later. We're staying on base tonight." And when Janet raised her eyebrows, she frowned and said "I don't mean that we're staying on base together, I mean that we're staying on base until the official documents can be processed. We're safer here than anywhere else and General Hammond and The President suggested that we stay out of sight just in case Kinsey left any back up plans in place. Although I doubt it, considering he had to do the dirty work himself this time."

Later in Sam's quarters, as Janet consumed a bottle of white wine, one that she always kept one for 'medicinal purposes', Sam shared some of her intimate knowledge of her lovemaking with Jack. She couldn't tell Janet everything, it would be just too weird, besides, she wanted to keep that part of Jack to herself and to share it with Janet, it would be like giving her another piece of the Jack O'Neill puzzle and she couldn't do that, she wanted the rest to herself! She told her friend how he made her feel when he touched her, of the whispered confessions and of the most important thing that happened to them. She told Janet about the time in the loop, when Jack had told her that he would remember for them both and as they waited for the time loop to reset how she had wished that she would remember. At the end of it, both women were in tears, hugging each other. The smaller of the two telling her tall blonde friend how happy she was for her and that it was about time she got her Colonel. As they were tearfully hugging and giggling, a soft knock echoed from the door. It was Janet who spoke first.

"It's after midnight, I wonder who that could be?" and looking towards Sam, she got up quickly and answered the door. What she found there made her gasp. She had never seen Colonel O'Neill looking so handsome, even though he was in his BDU's, there was just something about him now. Before he could school his expression at the presence of the petite doctor, she saw his eyes flood with passion at the site of Sam in the background. But it was gone as quickly as it had appeared.

"Doc" he said

"Colonel O'Neill, what are you doing here at this late hour?"

"Just checking up on Sam."

"Oh, Ok" and then looking back at Sam, she decided it was time for her to go. "Well I was doing the same and I have to say that she appears to be just about fully recovered. Not quite ready for duty, but certainly ok for most physical activities."

"Right. Goodnight Doc" he growled, dismissing her with his tone. He had more important things to attend to than to have a conversation with the Doctor.

"Bye Janet and thanks. I'm glad we talked" Sam said from her seated position on the bed.

As Jack closed the door behind Janet, he turned to look at Sam, still sitting on the bed. She raised her head to look at him in return and found herself swimming in those dark, fathomless brown eyes and she thought she would drown in them. Jack approached the bed like a panther stalking its prey, he was purposeful, and yet graceful in the few steps it took him to stand beside her. Without a word, he reached down and gently caressed her check, brushing a stray tear from her lashes. The gentleness brought more tears to her eyes, yet the passion she saw in his eyes didn't reflect his movements. It was a stark contrast these two persona's Jack was showing her. He was obviously raging with desire inside, but his stoic control was forcing his movements. Even though she had remembered everything, he wanted to treat this again as if it was their first time, even though he wanted to take her and ravage her senseless, he wanted to show her once again how he felt, how he had always felt about her. Taking his gaze with hers, she spoke softly "Make love to me Jack"

It was all the encouragement he needed, he leant his face towards her and took her lips in the most gentle, loving kiss she had ever experienced. Even their time in and after the loop didn't compare to this. This kiss was something different. Jack was showing her his emotions in that kiss, showing her how glad he was to finally have her back and how sad he would have been if he had lost her forever. It was like a healing kiss. Leaving her lips, he found the soft skin of her neck and nuzzled his face there as they slowly lay on the bed. Finally breaking his silence, Jack spoke "I was so scared I'd never be able to do this again Sam, I love you."

Lying there together in the peaceful darkness that was their home away from home, Sam lovingly held her would be husband's body to her own. Even though she remembered the events before their car accident, she couldn't remember the feelings she felt when they were making love. How his body felt as it moved over her own, what it felt like to reach that blissful peak and then crash together. All these things she wanted to experience again, because that would once again make her complete. Remembering things had gone most of the way to making her feel herself again, but to experience these emotions and feelings once again would fully restore her inner self to what it had become when she was joined with Jack.


Jack O'Neill. Our world's savior had buried his face into the crook of his beloved's neck. He had been devastated throughout the entire ordeal. When she was unconscious there was always hope, but once she awoke with amnesia, he didn't know how he would stay sane. Sam Carter had been the biggest and brightest influence to him since he had met her before the return trip to Abydos. Sure Daniel and Skaara had helped him begin to heal, but Sam, she was just the catalyst to him. Through her timid and sometimes open flirting, through her steadfast loyalty, through to her verbal confessions of love in front of Anise, she was the balm to heal his battered soul. After their confessions and acts during the time loop, he was severely pained when she had decided that she wanted to keep this in the room, but oh so relieved when she decided to open the door and let her feelings out. He loved this woman, he love her more than he had loved anyone else in his entire life. Bracing himself for what must be done, if this woman was to spend the rest of her life with him, then she had to know all of him. He had denied her seeing him like this before. Taking a deep breath, he lifted his head as she ran her fingers through his hair; the pale light casting shadows across them. At first she was unable to see, but when he moved his head a little further, her breath was taken away by the sheer emotion she saw on his face and in his eyes. He made no move to mask them this time. He showed her his most vulnerable self. As the tears pooled in those dark depths, they began to spill over the long eyelashes and slide gracefully down his cheek.

"Oh Jack" was all she said, her own voice thick with emotion. Pulling his face to hers, he didn't try to prevent the sob that escaped his throat, a sob that she absorbed with her own mouth, breathing him in, taking his breath into her own lungs, so that she held a part of his sorry within her.

Breaking the kiss, Jack all but whispered, "I'm so glad you remembered. I don't think I could've gone on without you".

Words were not needed in reply. Sam found his lips again and took control of the situation. Her lips and tongue moved passionately with his and soon Jack basked in the glory that was his Sam Carter. He willingly gave control to her and let himself be lead.

As they lay together in the afterglow of their lovemaking, Jack's hand gently rubbing circles on her abdomen, he lifted his head and spoke to the child within. "Hey there little one. This is your daddy speaking. Your mother and I are going to be getting married as soon as possible, so that when you're born, we can show you the pictures. I love you." and then raising his face to his soon to be wife, "I don't wanna wait baby, can we get married as soon as our retirement papers are through?"

"Anything you want Jack, anything you want."

The End.

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