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By Kalachuchi

The path to Room 214 wasn't very long, but as Kyoya stepped out of the elevator and slowly headed towards the last room of the hallway, it felt like he had been walking for his entire life. He walked past his father's doctors and nurses, barely acknowledging the VIP patients that smiled at him. He couldn't hear their greetings, their small talks or their praises on how marvelous theOotoriHospitalservice is. There was a strange buzzing in his head and all he could think of was what could be waiting for him inside the room. He reached the end of the hallway and stared at the small sign on the door in front him.

Room 214: Fujioka Haruhi

It took all his effort to raise his hand and pushed open the door. The room was barely lit, with the windows all closed and the thick, expensive curtains not allowing the sunlight to enter. It all seemed ominous, Kyoya thought. His gaze went to the side of the room, and then, all his confidence was gone. He took a deep intake of breath.

Haruhi was lying on the bed, with various tubes all stuck inside her skin. She was breathing through a respirator and the noises of the machines were all that filled the silence inside the room. Kyoya slowly walked towards her.

Her face was as pale as the white pillow behind her and Kyoya took a moment to stare at her, wondering why this had to happen. He pulled a nearby chair, and sat on it. Kyoya slowly took her limp hand and entwined his fingers with hers.

"Haruhi," he began softly. Then, he stopped. Her hand felt so cold against his, it was almost like she was dead.

He quickly shook his head. No, stop thinking about that. He exhaled sharply, causing the hair over his forehead to flutter.

"Haruhi," he tried again. "I was waiting for you. I thought you were never going to come."

And it was true. He waited for two hours in that restaurant he specifically chose for her, and when she didn't appear, he really thought she finally decided not to see him anymore. It wasn't until he received a call from one of his trusted men in the Ootori police force that he learned of her accident. He didn't even knew how he managed to get in that general hospital that Haruhi was brought into, but all he could remember was her motionless body on the bed and how he suddenly realized that she wouldn't even be in this situation if he never invited her to that place in the first place.

It was his entire fault, Kyoya grasped desperately. He should have never invited her. He should have never asked her to go to the restaurant. Haven't she told him that she wasn't familiar with that place? Sure, he offered to pick her up, but he didn't push the suggestion too hard. It was his entire fault.

He, of course, immediately asked for her transfer to the Ootori main Hospital and called all the specialists that they have. But not one among all the famous experts that he had called into her room could tell him when she would wake up. It was the most helpless situation he ever had, and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

"You break everything you touch, Kyoya. Everything. What makes you think Haruhi is going to be any different?"

Kyoya reached out and gently caressed her thin cheek, swallowing hard. "I'm sorry," he said softly, running a finger over her dry lip. "Haruhi, I'm sorry."

Maybe Rei was right. Maybe he should have never tried to return in Haruhi's life. Perhaps, if he had just let her be happy with Tamaki, this wouldn't have happened.

"You're going to get tired of her like you do with all of your playthings. You'll just be the ruin of her."

Did I really ruin her life? Kyoya wondered. But as he stared at her unresponsive body in front him, somehow he knew the answer to that question.

The phone in his pocket vibrated and Kyoya reluctantly took his gaze off her face. He took out his phone with his free hand, the other not letting go of her.

"Hello?" Kyoya greeted distractedly.

"Kyoya, is she all right?"

Kyoya blinked and suddenly his heart began to pound furiously fast. For a moment, he almost forgot the complication in his situation. "Tamaki," he said, his chest hurting.

"Is she all right?" Tamaki repeated in a rare grave tone. "I flew back here as soon as I received your call. Oh God, Kyoya. Tell me she's fine."

Kyoya glanced at her limp body. "She's… alive."

Tamaki heaved a sigh of relief. "Thank God," he breathed. There was a sound of a screeching car then, "Kyoya, I'm here in the lobby. I'll be right there in a minute."

No, don't come over yet, he wanted to say. Let me stay with her alone. But Kyoya merely closed his eyes briefly. "Very well. I'll be waiting for you here." And Tamaki had shut his phone.

Kyoya pocketed his phone and stared at Haruhi. "He's coming," he said, gently squeezing her hand. "You'll be fine, Haruhi. Tamaki is here."

But of course there was no reply. She remained unmoving, and the only sign that she was alive was the gentle movements of her chest as she breathed through the respirator. He stared at her, hoping, oh hoping for just a tiny blink from her. He squeezed her hand.

"Haruhi?" he repeated, moving towards her. "Can you hear me? I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything."

He bent over her. He kissed her gently on her left cheek, then on the other, before finally resting his lips on her forehead.

"I know you're there. I'll be waiting for you, Haruhi," he whispered on her skin. "I'll wait forever."

Then, he reluctantly pulled back just as the door was pushed open.

"Kyoya," came Tamaki's harassed voice.

Kyoya immediately turned, slowly letting go of Haruhi's hand. "Kyoya, where is she? I want to – " Tamaki suddenly froze as soon as he saw Haruhi's state. He sucked in his breath. "Oh my God. I thought you said she was fine."

"I said she was alive, Tamaki," Kyoya said quietly. "Isn't that something worth being thankful for?"

Tamaki's features softened as he walked over to her bed, quickly reaching out for her hand. Kyoya took a step back and let Tamaki take his place by the bed.

"Yes, of course," Tamaki murmured, brushing a lock of brown hair over her eyes. "But she looks so…"

Kyoya adjusted his glasses. "I'm having all the best doctors that we have to look after her. Don't worry."

Tamaki slowly turned and smiled at Kyoya. "Thank you," he whispered. "For taking care of her while I was gone."

Something inside Kyoya twisted sharply, and he had to push his glasses once more to regain his composure. "I'm always here for the two of you," he said truthfully.

Tamaki smiled at him again before he sat down on the chair and began murmuring at Haruhi. Kyoya blinked before he quietly walked away and reached for the door.

"I'll be outside, Tamaki," he said. But Tamaki was too engrossed in what he was telling Haruhi that he didn't seem to hear.

Kyoya watched them for a moment as Tamaki brought Haruhi's hand to his lips, before closing the door behind him.


Kyoya looked up wearily and saw Tachibana standing in front him, a concerned look on the old man's face.

"Kyoya-sama, I think you should go home for a while sir," Tachibana said. "You need to rest."

"You know I can't leave," Kyoya replied as he took off his glasses and began massaging his eyes. "Is Ranka-san coming yet?"

"Yes sir. I've just asked my men to pick him up. They'll be here in a few minutes."

"Good." Kyoya leaned back on the couch and put on his glasses. He glanced at his watch and blinked when he saw that it was already 3 in the morning. Barely eight hours had passed since Haruhi's accident and yet, it already felt like an eternity. He took a deep breath.

"Sir," Tachibana began and Kyoya glanced at him. "Tamaki-sama is here. He can talk to Fujioka-san if you want. You've been in a lot of stress and you need – "

"He is busy with Haruhi inside, Tachibana. I do not wish to disturb them."

Pause. Tachibana bowed. "I understand. I apologize. Shall I get you coffee while you wait, sir?"

"Yes," Kyoya replied nodding. "Thank you." Tachibana quickly turned around and walked away. He returned not a minute later, with a cup of coffee on his hands, which Kyoya took gratefully. Kyoya took a sip, and barely noticed that Tachibana had left.

The warm liquid made Kyoya feel a little better. He didn't even realize how cold he was until he felt the warmth of the coffee on his throat. If only it could warm the numbness inside his chest too, then he'll feel so much better.

"Kyoya-kun?" came Ranka's shaky voice.

Kyoya quickly placed the cup on the nearby table and stood up. "Ranka-san, I'm glad you –"

"Is she okay?" Ranka cut in, wrapping the jacket he wore tightly around him. "Where is she?"

Kyoya gestured at the room across the Waiting Room they were both in. Ranka bit his lip.

"Is she –?"

"She's alive, Ranka-san," Kyoya said gently. "But she hadn't woken up yet. We've tried every test we can, but she still remains unresponsive. But she's alive," he repeated.

Ranka closed his eyes for a moment before drawing a sharp intake of breath. "Thank God," he whispered. "I thought I was going to lose her."

Kyoya blinked. He cleared his throat. "Tamaki is with her right now. But if you want to see her…" Kyoya trailed off. Ranka nodded.

"Yes please," he said softly. "I want to see my daughter."

Kyoya nodded mutely. He led Ranka inside Room 214 and carefully opened the door.

"Tamaki," Kyoya called as he stepped inside. Tamaki paused and looked at him. "Ranka-san is here."

Tamaki nodded. He kissed Haruhi's hand before standing up. Ranka cautiously walked inside. When he saw Haruhi, Ranka sucked in his breath.

"Haruhi," Ranka breathed.

Tamaki went beside Kyoya and they watched as Ranka slowly walked over to her daughter. Tamaki gave Kyoya a knowing look and they both stepped out of the room. Together, they went inside the Waiting Room and took a seat on the couch Kyoya was sitting on earlier.

It was strange to be sitting beside Tamaki and not one word had been shared between them. Kyoya wasn't used to this side of his friend – although he knew it was existing somewhere inside the blond – but Tamaki's helplessness was something Kyoya didn't want to see.

"Tamaki," Kyoya finally said after a few minutes of silence. Tamaki glanced at him, his eyes looking distracted. "You should go take a rest. I've ordered a VIP room for you to sleep in."

Tamaki shook his head. "I'll stay here," he said. "I want to be here if -" Tamaki suddenly paused. "When she wakes up."

Kyoya regarded him carefully. "She will Tamaki," he said. "Haruhi wouldn't just leave like this. You know that."

Tamaki nodded mutely. Then, he rubbed his eyes as he stifled a yawn. Kyoya suddenly had the urge to explain everything. Kyoya took a deep breath. "Tamaki, there's something I need to tell you."

Tamaki glanced at him. Kyoya swallowed hard.

"It was me who invited Haruhi to go to a restaurant – last night," Kyoya finally said. Tamaki blinked.

"Why?" Tamaki asked.

This is it, Kyoya thought. Just tell him the truth about Haruhi and maybe, maybe, he'll forgive you. But as Kyoya stared at Tamaki, at his best friend's tired and grieving face, his certainty left him.

"Kyoya?" Tamaki blinked again.

There's a proper time for this, isn't it? Kyoya asked himself. I will tell the truth to Tamaki. Of course I will. Not just now. Tamaki rubbed his chin, looking like a child who lost his dog.

Not just now.

"I… wanted to introduce her to my father's associates. To give her additional clients," he said. Which was partly accurate. Not just exactly the truth, but sometimes, it's better for a half-truth than a complete lie, isn't it? "I never meant this to –"

"Kyoya," Tamaki cut in gently. "I'm not blaming you."

Kyoya blinked. "You're… not?"

"You couldn't have known she was going to get in an accident," Tamaki said. "In fact, I should be grateful that you want to help her career. Kyoya," Tamaki gave him a small smile. "No one is to blame for what happened. It was an accident."

No. Kyoya briefly avoided Tamaki's gaze. You don't understand. But his mouth ran dry.

"Is this why you are so worried, Kyoya?" Tamaki wanted to know. "That you are the cause of her accident? No one is blaming you. No me. Not Haruhi."

"Yeah," Kyoya murmured, staring at the carpet on the floor. "Maybe you're right," he said as Tamaki stifled a yawn. Kyoya glanced at him for a moment.

"Tamaki, I'm serious. You should go take a break." But Tamaki shook his head. Kyoya sighed. "Why don't we make a deal? We'll take turns in watching over her. I'll watch over her while you sleep for six hours, and you can take my place after you wake up."

Tamaki blinked. "I don't think you can wake up just after a six-hours worth of sleep, Kyoya," he said lightly.

A small smile crossed Kyoya's face. "You're probably right," he admitted. "But still, that doesn't mean that my plan isn't useful."

Tamaki fell silent for a moment before stifling another yawn. "Six hours," he finally said. "Then, you take a rest."

Kyoya nodded. Tamaki abruptly stood up. He walked towards the door when something fell on the floor from Tamaki's pocket. Kyoya reached for it.

"Tamaki, you dropped something…" Kyoya trailed off as he realized what he was holding on his hand. It was a small velvet box and he knew, without even looking inside what it contained. He didn't even realize that his hand was slowly opening the box but his subconscious was making sure that what he was thinking of hopefully wasn't the same thing inside the box. He opened it.

It was a sparking diamond that Kyoya recognized as an engagement ring. He slowly looked up.

Tamaki's face broke into a small smile as he walked back to Kyoya. "I know, I know," Tamaki said as he reached for the box. Kyoya's hand felt unusually light without it on his hand. "I wanted to surprise Haruhi with this when I come back, but…"

Kyoya swallowed hard.

Tamaki stared at the ring for a moment before looking at Kyoya with an innocently hopeful face. "You will be my best man if she says yes, wouldn't you, Kyoya?" Tamaki implored, clutching at the box tightly.

A rush of blood filled Kyoya's head. He couldn't think. He couldn't feel. Tamaki stared at him, obviously waiting for an answer.

"Of course," Kyoya managed to say. "I'd love to."

Tamaki beamed. "Thank you." He carefully pocketed the box and gave Kyoya a wide smile before turning around.

Kyoya took a shaky breath. He really was getting tired of lying to Tamaki on his face. He really was. He leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes painfully.

By the time Kyoya woke up from his fretful sleep, he already missed a lot of visitors who stopped by to see Haruhi when they heard the news, including – according to Tamaki – Honey and Mori, both of whom were awfully shocked by what happened. They would visit again, Tamaki told Kyoya. They just had to finish their work and they'll come back in the hospital as soon as possible.

Secretly, Kyoya was glad they arrived when he was sleeping. He didn't think he could face them, knowing that somehow, it was still partly his fault why Haruhi was in this state, no matter what Tamaki had told him.

Kyoya finally went home after a lot of persuasion from Tamaki and Tachibana's part. It has been two days since Haruhi's accident - 48 grueling hours of waiting for her to wake up. But even when he stopped by her room right before he left, she was still sleeping, still not answering his voice.

It was the most helpless moment in his life.

He had just reached his room when the door of the guest room opened and he paused. It was Rei. She didn't seem to notice him, though. She was too busy flipping her perfectly straight hair behind her back. When she was just a couple of feet away, she finally looked up and met his gaze with a surprised look.

"Kyoya," she said, raising an eyebrow. "You're back. I was just about to visit you."

Kyoya stared at her. She was wearing a slim, dark Vera Wang dress, black three-inch stilettos, a straw hat that has a black veil over it and she was holding a bouquet of fresh flowers. Kyoya clenched his hand.

She looked like she was about to go to a funeral.

"What the hell are you wearing?" he hissed as he narrowed his eyes at her and she gasped as the flowers fell on the floor. "What the hell are you thinking wearing that when you know very well – " he grasped her arm, his voice growing hoarse, "you knew perfectly well what's happening - "

She met his gaze. "But that's why I'm wearing this, to visit your little friend. Isn't she dead?" she asked innocently.

There was a cold, sharp silence. Then Kyoya suddenly forced her to turn around and he pushed her back to her room.

"Get inside," he said in a deceptively calm voice. "Get inside and don't you dare show your face to me while I'm here or I swear you're going to regret it."

She spun around just in front of the closed door. "You think you can save her, right?" she said quietly. "That she'll still wake up even after that huge accident?"

"I don't have anything to explain to you." He reached out to open the door but paused when she spoke again.

"Maybe she'll be in a coma forever," she said. "Maybe she'll never wake up. What are you going to do then, Kyoya? Wait for her?"

"Get inside."

"She's going to die. And it's because of you." She took a step towards her. "You think I don't know, right? That you invited her to a restaurant that night she had the accident? You are so naïve."

He stared at her. "What do you know about it?" he asked. He grabbed her arm. "Rei, if you had anything to do with her acci –"

She yanked her arm back. "God Kyoya. You think I'm so evil as to do that to her? I wouldn't even think of spoiling my hands just so I can make her suffer. She's not worth it."

"If I learn that you had anything to –"

"I said I don't." She frowned. "I'm not saying it made me feel sad that she's where she is right now, but I'm not exactly rejoicing on that fact either."

He glared at her.

"These things happen," she continued, "even to someone like you Kyoya, who thinks that the world revolve around you. It's just a shame that she happened to be involved with you. Don't you think it's such a pitiful -"

Kyoya punched the wall behind Rei with a loud 'thud'. Rei immediately shut up.

"Don't show your face to me," he said in a hoarse voice as he opened the door. "I don't care what you do but don't show yourself to me." Then, he shoved her inside the room.

Kyoya turned around, headed for his room, and shut the door loudly after him.


The older twin stared at the nameplate on the door in front him.


Hikaru blinked and glanced at Kaoru who was looking at him anxiously.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Kaoru asked worriedly. "We could go some other time when you're ready."

Hikaru shook his head. He had already delayed this meeting a week too long. It was time to see her. "I'm fine," he said, though his voice was shaky. "I want to see her." Kaoru looked at him doubtfully but nodded. He pushed the door open.

The room was still dimly lit but the first thing that Hikaru saw was Haruhi's body connected to various tubes and machines. Seeing them made him recoil slightly, and Kaoru had to take his hand and guide him towards her bed.

"Haruhi," Kaoru whispered as he placed the flowers he brought on the table beside the bed. "We're here." He took Haruhi's hand but it hung limply against his. Hikaru stared at her blankly.

"I shouldn't have done that," Hikaru croaked. Kaoru turned.

"What are you talking about Hikaru?"

"I shouted at her," Hikaru whispered in horror. "I shouted at her right before I left. I said many – many bad things… I accused her – I shouted at her, Kaoru. Right before she had the accident."

Kaoru was shaking his head. "You didn't know this would happen."

"I shouldn't have shouted at her," Hikaru continued, not listening to his twin. "It wasn't her fault she didn't like me back. It wasn't her fault she decided to chose him over me, or – It wasn't her fucking fault."

"Hikaru," Kaoru said reproaching. "Watch what you're saying."

"I just wanted her to be happy." Hikaru blinked and looked at Kaoru. "Was that so wrong?"


"God, I was so insensitive. I wanted her to –"

"Hikaru." Kaoru frowned at him. "What's done is done. I'm sure Haruhi would have said the same. She's not going to blame you. She's not even angry at you."

"How do you know?" Hikaru glared at him. "You weren't there. You didn't hear what I said to her. She was trying to –"

All of a sudden, Kaoru pulled Hikaru's hand and placed it on top of Haruhi's limp ones. Hikaru's voice faltered.

"Talk to her then," Kaoru said soothingly as he grabbed a chair and placed it near the bed. He forced Hikaru to sit on it. "Talk to her and tell her what you're telling me now. She won't stop you. I won't." He turned around. "I'll be outside. I'll come back for you later."

Hikaru stared at Haruhi's sleeping face, the bruises on her body still visible, but lightening. He barely heard Kaoru closing the door behind him, leaving Hikaru alone with Haruhi. He was too busy staring at her.

"Haruhi?" he began softly. Then, he stopped and tentatively squeezed her hand. "Haruhi."

And then, he talked to her. Hesitatingly at first. Quietly, making sure his voice was calm because even though she couldn't answer - he didn't even knew if she could hear him - he still didn't want her to worry about him. So he talked to her, telling her things that he wouldn't have shared with her if she were awake. He didn't even notice the time that went by, until a gentle hand rested on his shoulder and he reluctantly looked up.

Kyoya pushed his glasses and gave him a small smile. "Hikaru, I'm sorry, but she needs to take her medications right now."

Hikaru stood up. "It's okay." He stepped aside and saw a group of doctors and nurses coming inside the room. He followed Kyoya out of the room awkwardly.

"Maybe you should go visit her tomorrow," Kyoya said as they stood outside the room. "The doctors said that it would be helpful if the people who care for her would also come and talk to her. It would do her good."

Hikaru nodded mutely. He shoved his hands on his pant's pocket and looked around, wondering where Kaoru went.

"He got coffee," Kyoya answered to his unspoken question. Hikaru nodded again. "She'll be fine. I'm sure she will."

There was a pause. Then, Hikaru looked at the older man.

"Kyoya-senpai." He took a deep breath as Kyoya looked at him. "I know."

"Know what?"

"Your relationship with her."

It was the first time Hikaru saw Kyoya's gaze faltered. Then, as always, Kyoya pushed his clouding glasses, and the Ootori was back to his composed self. "I see," was all he said.


"I love her," Hikaru said. Kyoya's gaze flicked at him quietly. "But she's in love with someone else." Hikaru hesitated. "It's you."

There was a flash of emotion that crossed Kyoya's face. "Hikaru," he began.

"I know you're worried about Tono, but I think you should know." Hikaru shrugged. "She still loves you."

"I –" Kyoya stopped. He took a deep breath and stared at the closed door for a long time. Then, he sighed. "Thank you for telling me this, but I'll appreciate it if it doesn't reach anyone else."

"Don't worry. I haven't told Kaoru. Haruhi also asked me not to tell anyone," Hikaru said. They heard the sound of incoming footsteps and Kaoru came into view, carrying two mugs of coffee.


Kyoya glanced at him.

"Please take care of her," Hikaru said just as Kaoru reached them. Kaoru smiled at Kyoya as he handed his twin the other mug.

Kyoya, to Hikaru's utter relief, didn't anymore reply.

Rei knew she was threading on thin waters by doing this, but Kyoya never told her she wasn't allowed to see her. He only told her not to show her face to him. And three weeks would be ample time for that order to be void, right? So here she was, standing in front of room 214, trying to look inconspicuous. She hesitated then opened the door.

She saw her lying on the bed, looking for all the world like a lifeless doll. She didn't move too close, though. All those tubes freaked her out. And the smell of the hospital wasn't doing anything good to her stomach either.

"So," she said, looking down at her. "Tough luck, huh?"

The commoner didn't reply. Of course she couldn't. It was almost foolish for Rei to talk to her like this, but hey, she always saw this thing on TV. Maybe it really works.

"Are you going to die?" she asked, glancing at the machines on the side. "Because if you are, can you hurry it up?" She immediately bit her lip. "Sorry. I mean, look. You know I don't like you. I know you don't like me either. But you already got Suoh. Can't you leave Kyoya to me?"

Rei sighed and pushed a stray of hair back from her eyes.

"Listen. It's true I've been wishing you were dead, but I never meant it to be like this. I was really surprised when I heard you got into this accident, but I must admit it didn't really made me sad or anything. I thought that it was Heaven telling Kyoya to leave you alone and be with me, but because you're here – " She sighed again. "Kyoya's not even looking at me. He's always away from home, from work, because he always wants to be here with you. If that isn't obsessed, I don't know what."

"So," she continued carefully. "I don't know if this is right for me to say, but if you're going to die, then go ahead. But if you're still going to wake up, then just… wake up. So you won't have to keep all these people going back and forth for you here. Suoh and the rest of your friends have been putting you priority, you know. They're not concentrating on their lives anymore because you're here. So, if you really care for them, then you do what you should do."

Rei took a deep breath. "So. That's it. I just came over to tell you that your accident has turned our world upside down, even mine. And I'll appreciate it if you stop controlling our lives with the fear of losing yours. I'm going to take care of Kyoya, you know, if that's all you're worried about. I really like the guy. I might be in love with that bastard, actually. So yeah."

The machines were the only sound the filled the room for a moment before Rei cocked her head.

"Well. Whatever. Nice meeting you anyway," she said breezily as she turned around and quickly left the room.

Kyoya blinked as he saw a familiar lock of black hair turning round the corner. It almost looked like Rei. He shook his head. That would be impossible. Rei doesn't like hospitals. She doesn't even like Haruhi, so why would she be there?

He paused.

He quickly walked inside Haruhi's room just to be sure. But when he got inside, everything was where they are supposed to be. The machines were functioning, Haruhi was still breathing, and her heart was still working.

It wasn't Rei, then.

Kyoya sighed in relief and took Haruhi's hand. Her cold hand was almost a familiar feeling to him now, something he wasn't happy about. But he took it anyway and sat down on the chair.

"I'm here again," he said quietly. And like what he always did for the past four weeks, he talked to her. He told her what happened to him during the day, what happened to her father, to Tamaki, to Hikaru and Kaoru, to Mori and Honey, to Kasanoda, and even to Renge and the fan girls who also took time to visit her.

"They're waiting for you," he whispered. "Like me. We're all waiting."

And when Haruhi didn't respond like she always did for the past four weeks, Kyoya shut his eyes for a moment before sighing. He rose and kissed her on her closed eyelids, one at a time, before kissing her on the forehead.

"I'll wait for you, Haruhi. Forever," he murmured. He kissed her again, this time on her lips that had became dry and chapped. But he didn't care. "Forever. Remember?"

He pulled back and brushed a strand of hair from her eyes. "I'll just be outside, Haruhi. I'm not going to leave you."

Kyoya caressed her cheek with his thumb before turning around.

It was very dark.

She couldn't see anything. She tried to reach out her hand but all she grasped was nothing. Not air. Not the wind. Nothing.

She felt like she was floating in some murky, deep waters and she wondered whether she was going to drown if she moved too much. But the darkness was suffocating her. She wanted to move. She wanted to scream. She wanted to come ashore.

She wanted to see the light.

Her hand was grasping for something to help her stop this darkness when her insides suddenly twisted painfully.

"… here… again…"

She stopped, straining her ears to follow the voice. She turned and despite the fact that she cannot see, she swam to her right.

"… all… waiting…"

It was getting louder. She felt it. She frantically tried to reach out but still there was nothing.

"…I'll… wait…."

She wanted to move.

"… forever…"

She wanted to scream.

"… remember…"

She wanted to see the light.

And then suddenly, there was a small crack in front her and she grasped it.

Her head felt like a thousand men were pounding it with needles and maces. It hurt so much, tears started to fell from her eyes.

"… if we take her toLondon, maybe there'll be a bigger chance…"

God, her body felt like it was being electrocuted. Everything hurt so much. Her throat was so dry and burnt, she couldn't moan even if she wanted to.

"…see her? She's going to be fine… "

It took all her efforts to keep her mind awake even though all she wanted to do was to go back to sleep.

"… and if this is the only way – Oh my God!"

Too loud, she wanted to say. Everything was too loud.

"Oh my God, Kyoya! She's awake! She's crying!"

Too bright. The light was blinding her, she couldn't open her eyes.


"I'm on it. Ranka-san, please step aside. Tamaki-sama if you could call my nurses –"


Why were they being so loud? All she wanted was to drink water. A few drops and she'll be fine.

"Haruhi? Haruhi, can you hear me? Oh my God. A month of waiting, and she's awake."

After what seemed like forever, she managed to crack her eyes open. Even though the room was dimly lit, it made her eyes hurt.

"Haruhi-san? Can you hear me?"

She turned at the voice and blinked at a man she had never seen before. His brown hair was slightly tousled and he was wearing a white suit.

Doctor Inoue Kenji, the nametag on his suit read.

Ah, she thought. This man is a doctor.

"Haruhi. Please answer us."

"Haruhi! Thank God you're awake!"

She turned her head again and this time saw a man wearing a woman's clothing, who was looking at her with such worried eyes, it made her want to cry.

Dad, she thought. Why are you so sad?

The one beside him was blond, with tears in his eyes. She wanted to ask him what's wrong, but when she opened her mouth, nothing came out, so she gave up. Then, finally, her gaze fell on the man nearest her. He was wearing glasses and was tall, that she had to blink up at him.

He was watching her with an expression full of sadness and confusion that it actually made her soul cracked painfully.

There was something in this man that made her raise a shaking hand, which the man gently took in his, and touched his face.

He looked so broken, she had to open her mouth.

"Don't… cry…" she said hoarsely. It hurts.

"Haruhi," he said in a soft voice that made her heart ache. "Haruhi, I'm so glad you're awake."

She slowly smiled at him, even though it made her lips crack and she tasted blood. But he smiled back at her when she did, so she thought it was okay. Everything was okay.

Then, her brows furrowed.

"Who…Haruhi?" she asked.

A deafening silence filled the room. She looked at the doctor, then at the three men on her other side.

"Who… are… you?" she asked, frowning at the bespectacled guy holding her hand.

Then, before anyone could answer her, she yawned and went back to sleep.

[NEW] A/N: Hi. I regret to say this but this is now officially discontinued. It's difficult to write for a fandom (and story) that you've… sort of lost interest in. Don't get me wrong, I will always love Ouran and KyoHaru. But I don't think I will be able to continue with this any more. I will not delete this because I know what it feels like to have a story you once liked or read to suddenly disappear off the planet without warning, so I'll keep this up.

For anyone who's interested as to how I originally planned for this story to end, the plot will go something like this (more or less):

[warning: really really looong author's note]

Haruhi has retrograde amnesia, which is a kind of amnesia that a person gets after a serious traumatic accident where the last and clear memory of the person is one that happened days, weeks and even years before the accident. In this case, Haruhi will remember everything up until she met the Host club. This is why she recognized her dad but not Tamaki and Kyoya. Will this work in real life, I DON'T KNOW but this is fanfiction and anything can happen, also this is very convenient with my plot, so let's go with this one, shall we. wink wink.

So. Haruhi wakes up, couldn't remember the boys, the boys are devastated, Tamaki and Kyoya more so. Tamaki's grandmother finds out about Haruhi's accident, offers to give her the best posttraumatic help if Tamaki agrees to go to Franceand handle the family business there. Tamaki agrees because while the Ootori is the family that owns Japan's medical field, the Suoh are even more influential and powerful overseas and could get the best doctors around the world. Kyoya agrees and feels useless because he had to rely on Tamaki's family to help Haruhi. He doesn't want to ask for his father's help, because knows what his father will ask him to do in return: leave Haruhi.

Tamaki flies to France. Haruhi is still staying in Kyoya's hospital because inJapan, they still own the best. At first Haruhi is wary of Kyoya because, hello, he's Ootori Kyoya and everyone is wary of Kyoya the first time. But just like in canon, Haruhi will slowly get to know him again. Cue warm and fluffy moments where Haruhi and Kyoya's friendship is rekindled. Haruhi is confused because she keeps having flashes of her relationship with him and she's wondering why is she having these weird feelings when she sees him? Who is he? It's all so confusing! Cue drama and people in denial, blah blah.

Meanwhile, Tamaki is flourishing as the next Suoh heir. He now has access to documents and secrets that were otherwise wouldn't have seen daylight if he isn't in the position he is now. Tamaki being Tamaki is furious at some underhanded things that his grandmother had done just to keep the Suoh powerful. When he confronted her about this, his grandmother is mad at him. Why is he complaining? She did what she had to do to protect their family, and if she didn't know better this was that filthy commoner's fault for making him so naïve. Tamaki defends Haruhi and with emotions running high, the Suoh matriarch angrily slips a secret: Tamaki finds out that it was her who ordered one of their men to tamper with Haruhi's car. Tamaki's grandmother admitted that she didn't mean to cause her harm. She just wanted to give Haruhi a message, to scare her a bit. She never imagined it would backfire so terribly. She is sorry for causing Haruhi pain but she still doesn't want her in their lives – "But isn't this great Tamaki, you're now a successful man and ready to lead the Suoh zaibatsu". Tamaki is so scandalized and upset that he declares himself out of the Suoh family. He returns back to Japan.

In Japan, Haruhi and Kyoya are getting along well. But then, Rei goes to the hospital, sees Haruhi and Kyoya laughing, and walks up to them. She makes a go at Haruhi who is genuinely confused why she is being tagged as a whore/adulteress and finally learns the truth: that she and Kyoya were once a couple but Kyoya left her so he could marry Rei. Haruhi is hurt and feels betrayed. She thinks that Kyoya is taking advantage of her amnesia to try and atone for the pain he had caused her. She asks Kyoya to leave which he does because he's an idiot and why CAN'T YOU JUST TELL HER YOU LOVE HER KYOYA? And when Kyoya steps out of the room, he sees Tamaki standing outside, face unreadable after hearing everything. Drama and confrontation ensues! Tamaki punches Kyoya who doesn't fight back, feeling he deserved it. Tamaki leaves after telling Kyoya YOU'VE BETRAYED ME. Kyoya angsts in despair! =(

Back home, Rei confront Kyoya, they fight and Kyoya declares they should separate. Rei doesn't want to and even threatens to hurt Haruhi, but Kyoya shows his Shadow King side and warns her that if she comes near Haruh again (he had already warned her before) he'll sabotage both their business, family reputation be damned. She cries, asks Kyoya what is it about Haruhi that she doesn't have and Kyoya says "everything". He leaves and drives all the way to stay with Fuyumi. Later, he buys his own apartment where he lives all alone. =(

Weeks later, Tamaki goes to see Haruhi who had now returned to her home. They talk and Haruhi (who had by this time knows who Tamaki is to her) tells him she is not ready for any relationship, not now when she doesn't even know herself. Tamaki understands and says sorry. Haruhi asks why. Tamaki says it's because he's the reason why she is suffering right now. Haruhi takes a look at him and gets a flash of the idiot Tamaki was back in host club and remembers even his grandmother. She suddenly understood what he is trying to say. She tells him it's not his fault and that she forgives who ever needs forgiveness from her. At this, Tamaki cries and tells her he can't turn his grandmother in. Haruhi says he doesn't have to. "You love her don't you?" she asks. Tamaki cries some more and Haruhi just hugs him.

I have an epilogue in mind. Haruhi still doesn't remember everything, but she has now gotten to know the host club boys. The twins are as loud as ever, Hunny weekly offers her cake over the phone while Mori grunts in the background. Rei signs the divorce paper and tells Kyoya to stop being a coward. One time, Haruhi visits her mother's grave and found a fresh bouquet of expensive and beautiful flowers on the tomb. When she looks around, she catches the sight of Tamaki's grandmother getting inside her limo. Tamaki and his grandmother had come to a decision: he will come back as the Suoh heir if she will stop interfering with his life. She reluctantly agrees because she is still the Matriarch and to her, the state of the Suoh zaibatsu is more important to her than anything. Tamaki calls Kyoya and asks him to meet him in the mall ("Stop complaining, Kyoya! You still owe me when you didn't tell me the truth and I have always wanted to return to a commoner's mall and see the vending machines!"). When Kyoya arrives at the designated place Tamaki told him, he is surprised to see Haruhi already there. (While this is happening, Tamaki is seen smiling sadly as he settles in his flight toFrance.) Haruhi is equally surprised to see Kyoya. She is still feeling conflicted with her feelings for Kyoya. On one hand, this is the man who left her and who (she feels) sort of took advantage of her amnesia to mend their relationship. On the other hand, she can't help the feelings she has for him, but she still doesn't really know who he is.

This is where I am not sure how to end it. The first ending scene I thought of is where Kyoya and Haruhi just looks at each other, and then Kyoya offers his hand in a handshake and says, "Hi, I'm Ootori Kyoya." To which Haruhi takes, smiles and says, "Hi, I'm Fujioka Haruhi". A beginning. Or something. =)

The second ending is basically the same as the first, up until the part where Tamaki calls Kyoya to go to the mall. In this ending, Tamaki and Kyoya are already okay. Tamaki has chosen to take care of his family, asks Kyoya to take care of Haruhi and flies back toFrance. Months have passed and Kyoya and Haruhi are back together. The final scene would probably be Kyoya and Haruhi standing under the night sky. Haruhi will fearfully ask Kyoya "what if my memories will never come back?" Kyoya will then answer "We'll just have to make new ones, then." They kiss, screen fade to black, the end, etc. =)

So there. I am truly sorry especially to those people who even sent me PMs to get my lazy ass to work on this thing. At least… I still gave an ending to this? Sort of? =) Anyway, thank you once again for giving this story your time, and I hope that somehow it touched you even a little bit. =)