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Harry looked at the note and tears slid down his face. It wasn't right but it was the best he could do, it was all he could do. He was sitting on his bed at Hogwarts, it was the holidays and no one was around. Ron and Hermione had gone home as had most of the school. This was why Harry had picked today.

Dry eyed now, he tied the note to Hedwig and sent her to find it's recipient and, lying back on the bed, he closed his eyes.

Malfoy was bored, unimaginably bored. All his friends had gone home leaving him here. He knew Potter was around somewhere and briefly considered going to pick a fight with him before deciding it was too much effort. He sat up as he heard a noise and an owl flew in through the open window and landed on his bed. Malfoy stared at it, recognising it as Harry's owl instantly. His eyes brightened as he realised it probably meant Harry was bored and wanted to duel or something. His eye quickly changed to laughter then worry as he read,

Draco, (screw the rules. It's your name deal with me using it)

I bet your wondering why I'm writing to you? You probably think this is some kind of joke. Well I guess I don't care since you'll find out soon enough its not.

I'm sending this to you not because I think that you are the best person to deal with it, but because you're the only one who matters.

First I need to you to know that this is not your fault. This isn't anyone's fault, its just my choice. O guess there isn't really a reason for it I just feel like its time. I don't have 'issues' or 'problems' I just want to leave. End of story.

Second I want to make sure that Ron and Hermione know they were the best friends I could have had and I will miss them. If you do nothing else tell them that, please.

Lastly the real reason I'm writing this. You. I love you Draco Malfoy, ever since our first meeting. I cant explain why I acted like I hated you, other than perhaps I was weirded out by how I felt. Or maybe I was just responding to you being so anti. I don't know. Anyway the point is I needed you to know before I go, before I die I need you to know I love you.


The note was signed and stained with tears, as the meaning of Harry's words sunk in Malfoy realised what he meant and leapt up. Suddenly so full of fear for the boy he had been taught to hate, Malfoy finally realised he truly cared about another person, not only that it was Harry Potter. Turning to Hedwig he picked the owl up,

"Please, take me to him" he begged her. Hedwig seemed to understand for she leapt into the air and flew down the corridor towards Harry with Malfoy close behind.

Malfoy found the Gryffindor common room only to find his path blocked by The Fat Lady. He stopped, gasping for breath,

"Please" he gasped "Let me in…Harry…"

"You can't go in" she replied haughtily "You a Slytherin"

Malfoy could see he wasn't going anywhere helpful with this conversation and lost his temper, jumping forward he pulled the painting away from the wall and, ignoring The Fat Lady's complaints ran into the common room and up the stairs to the boys dorm. Reaching the top he flung open the door and frantically searched for harry. Not stopping to think that maybe this was a joke. Not worrying about his own safety as he heard Harry begin the spell, he flung open the drape and jumped forward,

"No!" he yelled pushing Harry to the floor just as he finished the spell. A bright green flash of light lit the room and all was silent.

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