"Are you stupid?" both boys spoke at once and glared at each other.

Harry pushed Malfoy off him and sat on his bed, back turned "I can only assume Hedwig got there first and you decided to come see if I was telling the truth. Come and look at Potter" he said mockingly "the-boy-who-lived's gay"

Malfoy sat down behind him wrapping his arms round him, as if to reassure himself that Harry was still there,

"I came…"Malfoy hesitated "I came because I realised I cared, and I came to stop you and tell you…" he stopped again and Harry sat perfectly still not wanting to disturb him "…To tell you, I love you too" Malfoy finally burst out pulling Harry back into him tighter. Harry still didn't move,

"Really?" he asked bitterly "Sure I'm not just one big joke to you?"

Malfoy let go and moved round to face Harry "I don't joke Harry, not about important things" he moved closer "When I realised what you meant by 'leave' something happened." He paused "I can't explain, it felt like a huge hole had opened up inside me, and all I could think about was getting to you saving you somehow. That's when I knew. I've never felt this way before about anyone Harry, not even my own family made me feel this empty when I thought I might lose them" Malfoy was inching closer and closer to Harry "Say something" he said quietly

Harry looked into Malfoys eyes and could see his future stretch out before him, days filled with happiness and love. He could see children running around yelling and playing. He could only assume they were someone else's children, but the thought of being surrounded by that made him smile. He looked Malfoy in the eye seeing the blonde boy for the first time that evening without hate and the past to cloud his judgement. He knew instinctively that he could have that future with Malfoy, he knew it would be a hard and difficult journey and suddenly he didn't want to run from it anymore. He wanted to stand and face his life with Draco by his side, he turned to the boy to tell him this to find Malfoy smiling at him,

"I know " he said "I see it to" and he leant in further pressing his lips to Harry's gently without any pressure on him to respond. Harry wrapped his arms around Malfoy no longer afraid that he was just playing him and kissed back. Pushing him back on the bed Malfoy broke the contact and rested his head against Harry's forehead, closing his eyes,

"I think…"Malfoy said "This is the happiest I've been in a long time"

Harry rolled onto his back dragging Malfoy with him so the blonde boy was laying half on Harry and half on the bed. He couldn't think of a response and just held Malfoy close drawing him closer to him and slowly, with the comfort of another person close to him, fell asleep. Malfoy knew that Harry's silence was not meant to be rude or uncaring and took comfort that he had made Harry feel like he had a future to look forward to. Malfoy pressed his face closer to Harry's chest and he to fell asleep.

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