Life had been a whole lot simpler back in England, Sam thought. It was just her and her two best mates, Molly and Jade.

Through the first few years of high school they stayed super tight, like nothing had changed from when they were eleven… but they had.

Molly started having PMS all the time, and went off at Sam and Jade like they had just raped her or something.

Jade started drinking and taking drugs, and we know that always ends badly. It ended with Molly and Sam having to talk her out of suicide.

Sam- where do I begin? She got her tongue pierced and dyed her hair cherry-red. It felt nice for her to have some form of control in her life, but this was not what she had expected from her parents:

"Oh Sam! Thank goodness! You are finally showing some normal teenage rebellion!"

Needless to say, Sam was shocked. She kept her hair cherry-red and her tongue stayed pierced but she longed for the days when she, Molly and Jade would hang out in the art room and peer out of the window to see the guys from the school across the road.

They would go on about how they had freaky coloured hair at that "Arts College" and how dreamy and dangerous they looked. Sam longed for the days when they would be three kissing-virgins gossiping about girls, guys and the latest Buffy re-run, which teachers were ex-convicts, rapists, homosexuals and attempting to understand why Jade got to snogg all the guys while Molly and Sam stood in the background shaking their heads with their classic 'Dear Lord' Rupert Giles impersonation.


And I mean this literally. When Sam got her powers her old life of Jade and Molly and Buffy and those guys from across the road moved quietly into the background.

Sam managed to get her hair colour back to its honey-brown colour, but nothing could be done about her tongue piercing. She stayed in her room all day and whatever there was of a social life went out the window.

She wouldn't return any of Molly's calls that desperately pleaded for help with controlling Jade. She wouldn't return any of Jade's calls that desperately pleaded for help getting Molly off her back.

She just lay there, occasionally moving to go to the bathroom, have meals or go to school. That was when the non-events began.

She wouldn't put much thought into anything and was distracted. That is when her parents snapped and transferred her to Sky High… that just happened to be on the other side of the Globe.

She wasn't glad that she was now sitting at a table with Magenta, Ethan, Zack, Will, Layla and Warren. In fact, she would much rather be lecturing Jade about STD's in a motherly way. She would rather be back in England listening to the ridicules drabble of her band that she had formed with Molly and Jade. Yes, she would rather be singing her song "Guy Across The Road" than be in the position she was in.

It wasn't all that bad, Sam reckoned. She was pretty withdrawn in the emotions department and when Jade and Molly said their teary good-byes Sam could only sit by and think of nothing but 'Cry Sam! They're crying! You are never going to see them again!'

Sam didn't cry- she went to go live with her Grandmother in Maxville… the one place she never wanted to go. Ever.

Sam detested her Grandmother. Oh god, that woman was infuriating. But there was no need to think about that now.

She was sitting across the table from a guy who Jade would be shagging RIGHT THEN if she had the chance… Warren Peace.

He was better than those guys across the road because he was not across the road… he was across the table, and she could stare directly into his fantastically grey eyes.

Sam didn't stare at Warren. In fact, she barely gave the Leather-Clad hunk a second glance. But as her temporary brown dye wore off and the permanent 'Cherry-Red' began to fade into her hair colour, Sam bit down on her tongue piercing and thought, 'I'm going to give Moll and J a call.'

Back at home she added her new friends e-mails onto her IM contact list, she opened her homework but didn't touch it and she picked up the phone, automatically dialling Molly's phone number.


"Molly?" Sam began to feel herself becoming emotional. Damn this pre-menstrual tension! "It's Sam."

--"God! Sam! How are you?"--

"I miss you and Jade so much right now," Sam managed through sniffles.

--"We miss you too Sam."-- Sam could hear Molly tearing up across the phone lines.

"I'm sorry Molls, I must have woken you."

--"Woken me? Sam, you know very well that I'm an insomniac."--

Sam managed a laugh, not minding her tear-blurred vision.

"So," Sam tried to sound composed, "Have I missed anything influential?"

After a heart-wrenching tale about a 'Perverted Teacher' and the 'Almost Deflowering of Jade in the Schools Supply Closet', Sam was up-to-date on everything.

--"So," Jade buzzed in her sultry voice over the three-way conversation, "Any hot guys?"--

"There is one guy who is kind of interesting, and he is so 'Across the Road' hot."

--"Duh! Spill!" Molly said excitedly.--

"His name is Warren. He's tall, muscular but not in the ugly way and he has long black hair with red streaks. And believe me, he is dreamy." Sam felt a bit of her old self coming back to her as she exaggerated the 'hotness' of Warren Peace.

--"I am too sophisticated for the whole 'Bad-boy' thing," Jade claimed.--

Sam smiled knowing that Jade wasn't 'too sophisticated' for any guy.

"But check this out. When I met him he was reading. Honest to god reading."

--"And what was he reading exactly?" Molly accused--

" 'War and Peace'"

There was silence.

--"No shit?"--

"No. Shit."

This ended in hysterical fits of laughter that costed Sam's grandmother a small fortune in phone bills.