Diary Entry Number Twelve

Today Molly and Jade are heading back to Manchester. It's 4:30 am and I have to get them to the airport soon.

At The Airport

Molls and J just got on the plane. I was so emotional it's not even funny any more!

"I'm going to miss you guys!" I said weakly.

"We'll miss you too!" They said back in unison.

After a very prolonged embrace they had to go and yelled back from the departure gate 'Write Every Day!'.

Now to go back home for some well earned rest…

Same Day: 10:30 am

Layla, Zack, Maj, Warren, Will and Ethan are coming over later- and I've found out why Layla and Warren are all googly for each other.

-------Eerie Music! Screen goes all wavy! Flashback to Layla's freshman year…ear…ar…r… -------

Will had promised to meet Layla at the Paper Lantern at 8:00. He didn't show. That icky restaurant was closing and Layla was still all alone. Just then a very hot guy, also known as Warren Peace, came up.

"You still working on that?" he asked about her unfinished food.

Layla looked up, "Hey. We go to school together."

Warren nodded gloomily, "Strongholds friend."

There was a pause before Warren looked at her food and said, "You want me to heat that up for you?"

Layla whispered, "You're not allowed to use your powers outside of school!"

Warren crouched down and said in the same whisper, "I was just going to stick it in the microwave."

Layla laughed before saying sadly, "I was supposed to be meeting Will here… but no."

Warren seemed uncomfortable so she said, "You want to sit down?"

He glanced over to his boss and seeing that she was preoccupied he said, "I think I can spare a minute."

He relit the candle in the middle of the table (ooh, very suave) after sitting down.

Then- I think you know what happened next. They had a huge D and M about how much she liked Will and Warren said, "Why don't you just tell him?"

"There are two problems. One; he likes someone else and Two; she's perfect," Layla frowned.

"You know what I think?" Warren began, "To let true love remain unspoken is the quickest route to a heavy heart."

Layla sighed, "That is so deep."

"Yeah," Warren nodded, "And your lucky numbers are; 19, 48, 5, 23 and 7."

Layla laughed realising he had read it off his fortune cookie. At that same moment Warren's boss yelled at him in Chinese. Warren said something back before handing Layla the fortune and saying, "See ya around, Hippie."


How nice is that? I mean, they are SO made for each other. It's a shame Layla's boyfriend is Warren's best friend- that really seems to complicate things.

I think Layla has arrived because I can smell honeysuckle. See you around.


Sam tucked her diary under her mattress and walked downstairs to open the door for Layla. "Hey Sam," said the green-clad girl cheerily.

"Hi," Sam began before saying, "before everyone arrives I want to talk to you about something."

Layla frowned but walked in anyway. As she sat down on the couch she sighed, preparing for the worst.

"Layla," Sam began, "I know about what happened with you and Warren. I know everything… and I just want to know how you feel."

Layla tilted her head back, "I don't know. Will is so perfect, you know? But that makes him so… annoying sometimes."


"And Warren… you know I've always had a thing for him- but it's just a really awkward situation."

"You have to make a choice. But you can't dump Will saying 'okay now I'm going to go for Warren', you have to pace yourself."

"Who said I was going to dump Will?" said Layla, panicking.

"No one said anything- it's just one way of looking at this. You can dump Will, 'dump' Warren or you and Warren and tell Will what happened and that it was a one off thing," Sam repeated what she had told Maj on the phone days before.

"It… uh wasn't a one off thing," Layla said softly.

"Excuse me?"

"It has actually happened a couple of times now," Layla looked down.


"Yeah- I know."

"Good thing Warren is hot," Sam laughed, trying to lighten up the situation.

"It's not just that… he's also really nice when he wants to be," Layla said, clearly dreaming about him again.

They sat in silence for e while before Sam said, "Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have a huge crush on Lash."

Layla just smiled at me and said, "Don't we all at one point? I mean, he was the first boy I kissed… sure, it was when I was five. But Lash has always been there."

"And you've always been there for Lash," Sam smiled back.

"It was kind of weird when I first came to Sky High, because he was such a prick. And when he made Will and Warren fight it was just… wow. But things changed when I got him into community service, he really appreciated it because I got him out of jail. It's just what friends do," Layla gave Sam another one of her classic smiles.


"So Zack, what is your super hero name going to be?" Sam asked.

"Zack Attack," everyone answered in unison.

"And how about you Layla?" Sam asked.

"I was thinking something like, 'Mother Nature'," she told her. Everyone nodded in agreement.

" Warren?" Layla looked over to him, asking him silently what he was going to be called.

"Whatever. I don't care," he shrugged it off.

Diary Entry Number Thirteen

Possible Super Hero Names:

-Canary (BOO!)

-Lullaby (Shit. Absolute shit)

-Karaoke Kid (Never… ever call me that. EVER)

Possible Names For Warren

-Night Blaze (That's hot)

-Hot Head (Boomer would be proud)

-The Human Torch (Copyright infringement, much?)

Possible Names For Will

-Super Jet (Lame)

-Strong… something or other.

Okay I give up. Warren has cool names and me and Will have those shitty ones. Damn Layla and her 'Mother Nature'. Why is her power so cool and mine is so crap? Hell, even Zack has a name! Whatever.