Well, here's the first of another "linked" series of sorts, though this one is far more of a catch-all than Traditional Gender Roles was - I'd rather not clutter up the listing with a flood of drabbles etcetera. Characters, spoilers, warnings, and genre vary by fic.

The Forgotten Realms aren't mine, naturally.


(Somewhat twisted humor, no spoilers, offscreen death)

Shevarash has moderated his hatred toward Eilistraee and the good-aligned drow who worship the Dark Maiden. He does not kill them out of hand, but still dislikes them thoroughly.

-On Shevarash, Demihuman Deities

Mielikki gazed upon the Material Plane, through the cloud cover and forest canopy, to the body. The soul was long gone, and one of her servitors would pick it up in the Fugue Plane.

This sort of thing did happen to mortals, of course, but rarely in quite this manner.

She looked to the unsmiling elf beside her and pointed. "Would you mind explaining why your priest put an arrow through my ranger's eye?"

Her ranger's other eye remained open and glazed. It was lavender, or perhaps violet.

Shevarash shrugged, expression bland. "He wasn't one of Eilistraee's, was he?"