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Chapter One

Seto was driving home after a stuffing dinner party, when he thought he saw Wheeler walking along side the road. It looks like him Seto thought to himself, but what would he be doing walking the streets at this hour?

He went a little further down the road and pulled over and turned off the car and sat there. He looked in the rear view mirror and he saw him again.

Seto got out of the car and walked towards Joey and that's when he noticed the blood. He had blood all over his clothes and he was beginning to stagger.

Seto ran over and got there just as he fell to the ground. Joey was a mess, his face looked like ground beef and his eyes were swollen shut. Joey moaned when Seto touched his side and Seto felt and could tell he had a few broken ribs.

He got out his phone and called "Roland to get over there."

"Sir, we need to get him to the Hospital right now." Roland said.

"I know but we have to keep this quiet till we figure out who did this to him." Seto said.

"I understand" Roland said, and they got him into Seto's car and he drove to the Hospital at Kaiba Corp. Driving up to the Emergency Room Seto ran inside and got help to get Joey.

Ken Faust was on duty that evening and when he saw Kaiba he ran to see what the matter was. "We need to keep this quite" Seto said. "I understand" Ken said as they wheeled him into the room.

Seto was covered with Joey's blood and had to go clean up. Roland came in and Seto asked him "to back home and inform Marie that he wouldn't be home and to take care of Mokie." "I will and we will pray for his safe recovery" he said. "Thanks" Seto said. He sat down to wait.

Faust hand picked the people to help him take care of Joey. When they got his cloths off they were shocked that he got as far as he did. He had cuts all over his body and three of his ribs were broke. It looked like someone used him for a punching bag. They sewed him up and stopped the bleeding. Faust ordered "IV's and gave him a shot for the pain." As far as the ribs were concerned, they would have to make sure that he didn't move too much and let them heal on their own. They took x-rays and he found that Joey had several old injures that were from someone beating him up.

He went to find Seto and told him what they found. "Who in the hell did this to him?" Ken wanted to know.

"I don't know but I could give it a guess and say that it was probably his father and others." Seto said.

"He's resting now and will be here for at least two or three weeks." Ken said.

"He can't stay here in case they come looking for him." Seto told Ken.

"Where would he go?" Ken said.

"Where else, to my house." Seto said. "We have enough room and we could make one of the floors into a make shift Hospital.

"Get things ready and I'll see that he is moved" Ken said. Seto shook his hand and thanked him.

He then called "Roland and told him what he wanted him to do.

"Very well it will get done." Roland told him. "Thanks" Seto said.

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