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Chapter Eight

Mack Wheeler told Vic "the only other place that we haven't checked where that bastard son of my might be is the Kaiba Manor so let's go check there."

"What about the others?" Vic asked .

Mack looked at Vic and then he said "those three are all crazy enough to get themselves out of trouble and even if they can't well to damn bad. We're heading to Kaiba's."

With Roland and the other men out looking for Wheeler and his friends, the Manor wasn't protected very good, so it wasn't that hard for Mack and Vic to get inside. "Here" Mack said. He handed Vic a gun. They split up and went looking for Joey.

Seto, Mokuba, Joey and Marie were all in the kitchen eating the meal that Joey and Marie had cooked, when all of a sudden they heard. "Well what do we have here?"

Joey jumped up and ran round to the other side of the table. "Leave them alone, it's me you want, I'll go with you if you don't hurt anyone." Joey said to his father.

Mack walked up to Joey and hit him with the butt of the gun and knocked him out. He hit the floor so hard that his head split open.

Mack was so busy telling Seto that he was going to kill him and the others, that he didn't hear the man come in through the other room. Just as Mack was getting ready to shoot Mokuba in the head, Mack hit the floor, he was shot in the head. Seto looked up and here stood Phippie, and he had a snipers rifle in his hand. Then they heard someone yell and another shot rang out.

Roland came running into the room, "is everyone alright?" he asked. Roland then went over and shook Phippie's hand and said "thanks old friend, you were right to suggest coming here to make sure that no one would come in here and try to hurt anyone.

Seto hurried over to where Joey laid and he said "we need to get him some medical attention." Just then a huge black man walked over to where Seto was and said "let me see what's the problem is."

"Seto, this is Bubba and he is a trained medic, and he will see what Joey needs." Roland said.

Bubba turned Joey over and he checked his head and Joey opened his eyes and he said "are you good, or bad?"

Bubba smiled down at Joey and he said "I'm a good guy, let me see what damage that sick bastard did to your head."

Bubba then demanded "I need some bandages and now!"

Four men nearly fell over themselves to get what Bubba wanted. Just watching the men made Seto want to laugh out loud, but he was a little afraid to, then Roland laughed so hard that he had tears running down his face. "What's the matter, are you boys afraid of Bubba here?"

That broke the tension and everyone started to laugh. Mokie went over to his brother and Seto held him in his arms. Dartz and Raphael came into the room and said "Gone!" Roland nodded his head. What they meant, was that they got rid of both bodies so that no one would come around here to ask question.

Bubba then told Seto "he's going to be just fine, I sewed up that thick skull of his. Just have a doctor take them out in about two weeks."

Then the men all stood up at attention and they showed their respect to one of their own, they all saluted Roland, then they just went out of the door and out of their lives.

Roland later told Seto that the three other men decided to try to fight and they were all shot and their bodies were all disposed of. Seto walked over and wrapped his arms around the man who was more like family and whispered "I want to thank you for coming through for our family." Then he kissed Roland and the others had tears in their eyes.

Seto and Joey became closer every day and three months down the road, they got married with Roland, Mokuba and Marie in attendance.


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