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Gaara: Oh, shut up already!!! You're giving me a headache!!!

Italics is Gaara's thoughts

Bold italics is inner Gaara, since Shukaku is gone in this story.


"I love you! I really do, Gaara!" a beautiful pink-hair girl by the name of Sakura yelled desperately at a boy with crimson red hair from across her living room.

"If that's true, then WHY are you pregnant? With the 'Uchiha's' child?!!" Gaara hissed, nodding towards a raven-haired boy sleeping on the couch. "Sakura . . . " he whispered in his sleep, smiling to himself. Sakura gave Sasuke a murderous look of pure disgust.

"Must . . . kill . . . Gaara!!" Sasuke muttered, frowning.

There was a long pause between Gaara & Sakura, as if thinking of the right thing to say.

Sakura shook her head & quikly spoke up. "Gaara, I can explain-"

"No! I don't want to listen to your stupid excuses!!" Gaara interrupted angerly. "You were using me to get Sasuke! You never did love me, did you?!"

" . . . "

"DID YOU?!!"

"Gaara, I-"

"I don't want to hear it!! I thought that you might be different than the others, but you turned out to be like everyone else!!" And with that, Gaara ran out of Sakura's house.

"Gaara!! Come back, PLEASE!!! Wait! WAIT!!!" Sakura cried. "Gaara, hel-"

Gaara ran back & barged into Sakura's house, only to find that she wasn't there. No matter how hard he looked, he couldn't find Sakura OR Sasuke anywhere.

Tired & depressed, Gaara walked back to Suna, tears falling the whole way.


Sabaku no Gaara, now 30, recalled the incident from 13 years ago, tearing at the thought of Sakura's disappearance.

"Um . . .Kazekage?" Temari whispered, approaching Gaara & tapping him on the shoulder.

"WHAT?!" Gaara screamed, coming out of his depressing thoughts to find that sand covered about half of the village. Temari jumped, frightended.

"Sorry, I drifted off . . . again. What was it you wanted?"

"Kazekage- sama, is something wrong? This is the 5th time this week that you've drifted off. What's wrong? Do you need thera-"

"I'M FINE!!!" Gaara shouted before she finished, scaring not only Temari, but about half the village. A new personal best since Shukaku was taken.

Gaara sighed."I'm fine, I don't need any stupid therapy. Is there anything esle you want to tell me, if you're done trying to look into my personal life."

"Yes, 2 things:

1. We kinda need our houses back, unless you need them for some odd, unknown reason . . ."

The sand receded slowly away from the houses as it fell back to the ground reluctuntly.

" and 2. there's a messanger from the leaf village waiting for you in your office. And, please, try not to scare this one. The last one almost committed suicide in the staff lounge."

The leaf village?! Is it my Sakura?!! DON'T BE RIDICULOUS!!'Your' Sakura loves the 'Uchiha' boy, remember?

"Who said that?! . . . And why are you stalking me?" Gaara shouted out, looking at his surroundings.

SHUT UP, YOU IDIOT!! Do you want to put us an asylm?!

"Who are you?! And what do you mean 'us'?"

I SAID'SHUT UP!!!'kicks Gaara in the ass OW!! And, to answer your question, I am your sexy inner self. I've been hanging around Sakura for too long, haven't I?

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