6. Waking Up

Sakura POV

Sakura woke in her bed the next morning, the sun shining through her window. How did I get here? Sakura thought, looking down at herself. HOW DID I GET IN MY PAJAMAS?!!

Sakura got up and ran to her door, then stopped to see a note on her door. It read:

Dear Mother,

I was the one who changed you into your pajamas, NOT Gaara.I have a confession to make:

I am gay and I know you're probably upset that I'm a homosexual or that I didn't tell you in person.

I hope you still love me as your son and best freind, as we have been before.

Your loving son,


P.S Kyoshiro Uzomaki is my boyfriend and I'm at the movies with him now.

P.S.S Gaara is in the guestroom.

With tears of joy in her eyes, Sakura smiled and took thee note to the desk beside her bed. She put the note in the top drawer and pulled out a piece of pink paper and a black call-point pen.

Uchi POV

It was ten o'clock at night and Uchi was, for once, ahead of curfew. But there was something weird about the house. the lights are on in my mom's roo, but nowhere elsee.(A/N: NO, they are not doing anything sick!!)

Uchi ran to the stairs and stopped to hear a familiar song. That sounds like... the song my mom said was her and Gaara's song when they were together. Is she having another I-miss-Gaara moment? But Gaara's living with us right now. And speaking of which, where is Gaara?

Ychi quickly and quietly went up the stairs to his mother's room, the source of the music and peeked in. Aw.. how cute! Inside his mother's room was Gaara, who had his mother's nightgown against his body, letting Sakura's scent drift to his nose as he slow danced with the dress to the song he'd heard on the first day of his last relationship.(A/N: I'm sorry if Gaara came out kind of stalkerish in this paragraph)

Uchi slowly tiptoed to his room and was about to go in when he noticed a piece of paper on his door. He took the note off the door and went inside his room, turning on his llight so that he could read the note read:

My dear Uchi.

Don't worry, I'm not upset. In fact, I'm glad. I'm happy that you want me to

know what I've known for years. I will always love you, no matter what. All that

matters is that you're here with me and that I support you 100% and vice versa (I hope).

Now, with you're father, it's different, but, right now, him running off to

Orochimaru is the best thing for us.



P.S I'm at Tsunade's right now and I need you and Gaara to come ASAP. Come dressed formaly

and try to get Gaara to wear the kimono I made for him. It's in his closet.

P.P.S You didn't tell Gaara that I still have feelings for him, did you?!

Uchi laughed to himself. He'd been worrying about his mother's reaction for 5 years and not once was he expecting this. Wait a minute ... the one time I got home early ... and my mom doesn't know about it! Man, will I ever get my kunia back?

Uchi got up, went into Gaara's room and opened the closet. Wow, it looks like Gaara's regular clothes.... Hey wait a second... Those are his regular clothes! Then where's the... Uchi's attention shifted to something that peeked out from under the beg. Uchi put his head in his hand. Oh my God, Gaara! Why would you stick a kimono under your bed? (A/N: Gaara hates kimonos, BUT he doesn't know that it's from his "beloved" Sakura. He just found it in his closet when he came home from roaming the village.)

Uchi pulled it out from under the bed, a red and black silk kimono with black dragons imprinted on the red silk base. My mom made this? He shook out the wrinkles as best as possible and left the room to try and persuade Gaara to put on the kimono..........


"Come on, Gaara! Just put it on!" Uchi yelled into the bathroom door, inside which was Gaara, who'd locked the door in an attempt to avoid the kimono.

"No!" he shouted back, frustration in his deep voice. "Nothing you say or do will make me wear that.... thing!"

"My mom made it just for you".

There was a long pause, then Gaara quickly opened the door, snatched it, and locked it again before Uchi could make him do anything else.

Uchi Laughed and went back to his room to change.


(A/N: Uchi had to help Gaara with his kimono)

Uchi, dressed in a blue and yellow kimono with gold lillies imprinted on the blue silk base and Gaara, reluctantly wearing his kimono, stood in front of Tsunade's door.

"Are you ready?" Uchi asked, excited.

"As long as I don't have to do anything else that involves my appearance, I'm ready...."

:Are you sure you don't want to take off all that eyeliner?"

"It's not eyeliner!"

"Then what's the black stuff around your eyes?"

"Just shut up and open the door!"

"Alright, alright, geez...." Uchi said, opening the door quickly.

"SURPRISE!!" screamed the entire village of Konaha joyfully.

This has Sakura and Tsunade written ALL over it, Gaara thought with a blush.

Oh my GOd! I'm not wearing anything cute in front of Kyoshirio! Uchi thought, everything swirling around his head at what seemed to be the speed of light.

Shikamaru and Temari (who moved to Konaha after marrying Shika) brought a huge white cake that had Welcome back Uchi and Gaara written in blue icing in the center.

Sakura came to the front of the room to give the two a hug when Uchi fainted.... and landed right in the cake.

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