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The pairings are: (eventually, not right in a couple of chapters)




-and Ino+Shikamaru

Of Music and Boarding Schools

Chapter one: of fires and teenage problems

"Great….just great..!" I groaned.

"I can't believe this!!! This is totally sucks!" complained another seventeen year old who's hair was in two twin Chinese buns on the sides of her head.

" Well g-g-guys look o-o-on the br-r-ight side…at l-l-least e-everyone got out s-s-safely." Encouraged a very timid teen.

sigh "And all my best makeup was in my school bag too!! And now its all burning up in the freaken' school!!" cried a platinum blonde.

Said school was now barley standing the blazing fire coming out of the windows while the roof was looking like it was about to collapse at any second.

I couldn't believe this was really happening. It was all seemed too surreal to be going on at this very moment. Yes, our boarding school, Mizuki's Boarding School for Girls(M.B.S.G. for short), the place where I practically called my second home, was now burning up in a raging fire that was trying to be tamed by firefighters and fire engines. This was so not my day!

Oh, right I forgot to introduce myself! Well here it goes: I'm Haruno Sakura. I'm the one with short pink hair and emerald green eyes. Yes, I know what you're thinking: pink hair…WTH!!! Yeah, I do have pink hair and yes, it's NATURAL! I guess you can say that I'm sort of a wallflower because I'm not this hot-gorgeous-super-model (I guess because of my quote: "Big forehead") so I like to think of myself as just pretty, not plain, boring or even outrageously beautiful its too…troublesome. Yeah, I have good grades nothing short of an A to A+ but thankfully I don't like to brag about that kind of stuff.

I have three best friends and they all have very different personalities so…let me explain.

Yamanaka Ino: Ino and I have know each other since we were in diapers so yeah…you could pretty much say we've know each other for a long time. She has Platinum blonde hair and almost always wears it in a ponytail she has sky blue eyes too. Ino is practically the closest thing I have to a sister. She's always been there for me even if she does call me "Forehead-girl" and I call her "Ino-pig". When we were first sent to the academy, the girls there started to make fun of my forehead calling it "big and ugly". It really hurt me until Ino stood up for me. At that time I had no courage what-so-ever so my self-esteem was pretty low. That is until Ino taught my how to fend for myself.

Next up is TenTen: I love TenTen. She's the most tomboy-ish person I've meet but probably the coolest too. She has dark chocolate brown eyes and her hair is in two Chinese buns on the side of her head. TenTen I guess you could say is one of the sporty girls at our (used to be) boarding school. She had never met her parents before so she doesn't have a last name, which I think is totally cool. She can tell you almost anything about any kind of weapon, When it was first made, its purpose, and how wield or use it. This is how she got the nickname "Weapon's Mistress." Ino and I meant her in second grade, because we noticed she was kind of detached from everyone else. We went over to her one day and started to talk, and ever since we've been best friends.

Lastly is Hyuuga Hinata: Hinata is the shyest member of our group. She has white creamy eyes that are pupil-less and dark hair almost having a shiny blue-ish tint to it. The three of us meet Hinata in forth grade when her father had decided to put her in boarding school after being home schooled for the last couple of years. Hinata has this stuttering problem we've been trying to get rid of for her. It started when she first came to the academy; she was kind of pushed around because of her timid nature. Luckily Ino, TenTen and I saved her from a bunch of older girls from picking on her after that we decided to adopted her into our group.

Oh, and I forgot to mention we're in a band. It's called: Undreamed Visions or Undreamed for short. I guess you can say that we are pretty hot in the music industry next to Apocalypse Assault, (A/N: guess who's band that is!!) they're our only rival (who's names and appearances are still unknown) We've been competing with them since we first started our band. It was sort of like a competition to see who could get the most fans…or something like that at least. But the good thing is that no one really knows that the four of us are really Undreamed, accepted our manager: Mitarashi Anko. The only reason that we don't tell people who we really are, is because we decided it would kind of ruin our whole persona at school. People wouldn't treat you the same if they knew we were this "un-godly rock band" they would try to befriend us to only to have the perks that come with having a total superstar as a best friend. NOW it's not like I'm saying everyone's like that it's just that most people I know would do that and I'm sure I wouldn't want that, let alone TenTen, Hinata and Ino.

Now that were done with our introductions, let's get back to our current situation…

"Alright girls please listen up…HEY!!!!! I SAID SHUT UP AND BE QUIET!! Thank you…." our principal, Tsunade (or Dean if you want to call her), yelled into the megaphone. Standing next to her was Shizune. (our assitant principal), with TonTon in her arms.

"We are going to have you all line up single filially to board the busses that are here to take you all home. We'll send any news home to you or your parents about finding another school for you all. In the mean time think of this as an…. extended vacation." After that being said everyone lined up to board the busses that had come to take us to our homes.

"Well I guess this isn't so bad I mean…at least we get a mini vacation." I tried to look on the bright side, just to cheer everyone up. Apparently it didn't quite work.

"Isn't so bad??!! ALL MY COSMETICS ARE ALL BURNED UP THANKS TO THE GODDAMN FIRE!!!!" screeched Ino flopping down in one of the empty seats. She apparently wasn't trying to lighten up the mood.

"I-Ino-Chan I-I-its not t-t-that bad. I m-mean now y-y-you'll g-get to go s-shopping when e-e-ever you w-w-want." Stuttered Hinata. This seemed to cheer Ino up instantly

"All right Hinata-Chan!! You go girl! CHA!!!" exclaimed Inner Sakura.

"Oh my god!!! You're totally right Hinata!!!! I'm gonna have a huge shopping spree when I get home!!" Ino yelled excitedly. We all laughed at Ino's eagerness.

"Oh, hey TenTen-Chan are you still going to stay in your old apartment?" I asked wondering if she said no then where she was going to stay.

"Yeah, I mean I have no where else to go. Besides when we all get home we can I.M. each other and talk about our plans for the 'vacation'." I nodded. Soon it was my stop to get off.

I ran inside and was greeted by my cat Yuna. It had been about nine years since an unknown attacker had murdered my parents. I was really hysterical at first but my friends helped me get through it so I'm fine now. The only thing I remember about the attacker was that he had these sinister yellow snake eyes, and had this creepy almost deranged voice that actually sounded like a snake.

I looked up at the clock; it was about time the all the girls got home so I ran upstairs to my computer and waited a minute for my computer to boot up and sign on to my screen name.

CherryBlossoms has signed on.

WeaponsMistress has signed on

Cosmosflower18 has signed on.

LadyHinata06 has signed on.

CherryBlossoms: hey guys

WeaponsMistress : hey

Cosmosflower18: hey forehead

LadyHinata06: H-Hi

CherryBlossoms: so what school do you think we'll be able to go to?

WeaponsMistress: Idk hopefully something close by... I really don't feel like waking up at 5 in the morning just to get to school on time

Cosmosflower18: Yeah I need my beauty sleep! I need to stay beautiful!

CherryBlossoms : Ha, pig you don't need it! Your already ugly as it is!

Cosmosflower18: forehead! You're just jealous I'm prettier than you!!

CherryBlossoms : why you little pig!!!!!

Cosmosflower18: Forehead, I'm just stating the facts! AND DON'T CALL ME THAT!!

CherryBlossoms: INO-PIG!!!

Cosmosflower18: FOREHEAD GIRL!

WeaponsMistress : there they go again…..sigh

LadyHinata06: H-Hai I k-know…..sigh

CherryBlossoms : SHUT UP PIG!!

Cosmosflower18: WHY YOU FOREHEAD!

CherryBlossoms : PIG!!!

Cosmosflower18: FOREHEAD!!!

CherryBlossoms: PIG!!!

Cosmosflower18: FOREHEAD!!

LadyHinata06: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CherryBlossoms : ….

Cosmosflower18: ….

WeaponsMistress: good job Hina! That got them to shut up!

LadyHinata06: A-Arigatou….

CherryBlossoms: well anyway…we have a MAJOR problem on our hands!

Cosmosflower18: and besides our boarding school burning down, my make-up getting destroyed in the fire, and me stepping in dog-poo coming home from school….this problem would be…..?

CherryBlossoms: hahahaha you stepped in dog poop! Anyway...what about our band!

WeaponsMistress: what about it?

LadyHinata06: TenTen d-does have a-a p-point, what a-a-about our b-band?

Cosmosflower18: yeah forehead I don't see the problem…..

CherryBlossoms: Kami! You guys are so blind! The problem is where will we practice?? You all know that the music room is where we all practice before a concert or going to the recording studio!

CherryBlossoms : Not to mention what we're gonna do about Anko! I mean where will we meet her for practice?

WeaponsMistress: she's right ladies….where will we be able to do all that stuff?

Cosmosflower18: yeah I know but look on the bright side... you can all thank me for telling you to leave our stuff at home…or else all our equipment would have been burned in the fire!

LadyHinata06: I-I-Ino-Chan d-does have a p-p-point s-so Arigatou I-Ino-Chan

WeaponsMistress: yeah thanks Ino-Chan!

CherryBlossoms: good job pig! for once you did something right!

Cosmosflower18: I'll take that as a complement Forehead-girl

CherryBlossoms: your welcome…well I g2g it's getting late and I'm beat!

WeaponsMistress: yeah me too so bye guys talk to you tomorrow!

LadyHinata06: b-bye guys!

Cosmosflower18: yeah night guys and night forehead

CherryBlossoms: Night ladies! Night pig!

CherryBlossoms has signed off.

WeaponsMistress has signed off.

Cosmosflower18 has signed off.

LadyHinata06 has signed off.

After I got of the computer I felt drained. Man do I need some sleep. Me too… yawned Inner Sakura. After changing into my pajamas I climbed into bed. yawn...tomorrows gonna be a long day…was the last thought that entered my mind before I fell asleep.

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