A little something to cope with the writer's block. My first Kingdom Hearts fic. Sora/Alice pairing if you want it to be. Frankly I like crack pairings for Sora (aside from yaoi ones), so I decided to add my own. Enjoy!

BTW, the poem "You Are Old, Father William," is from "Alice in Wonderland" (the book, not the movie). But, it seemed appropriate for the subject matter.

"…I have answered three questions, and that is enough,'

Said his father; don't give yourself airs!

Do you think I can listen all day to such stuff?

Be off, or I'll kick you down stairs!"

Sora gazed in awe at the young blonde girl sitting atop the mushroom opposite his, and felt the urge to clap eagerly. The girl smoothed down her white apron over her blue dress, dimpled cheeks blushing slightly.

"Wow… You remembered that whole thing!" Sora exclaimed, grinning. Alice sighed, but managed a smile back.

"I'm afraid it's not quite right," Alice explained. "I've tried to get it right for the caterpillar, he asks me to recite it to him often, but unfortunately I can't remember. It's very queer," the blonde explained. Sora shrugged and smiled.

"Well yeah, but it's very nice. It's like you're singing, only not," the Keybearer replied. Alice smiled happily.

"Thank you! It has always been one of my favorite poems… Or at least, I think it was." The blonde girl adopted a thoughtful expression, leaning forward with her face supported by both hands on her cheeks. Sora felt a sudden temptation to exclaim "Kawaii!" at the sight-The blonde girl was simply adorable.

"Hm… Sora, do you remember where you came from?" Alice asked, her blue eyes shifting to take him in again. The Keybearer, Donald's constant warnings about not-interfering in other words in the back of his head, simply nodded.

"Yeah… Why, don't you?" Sora asked. Alice shook her head, and Sora blinked.

"Huh? You mean… Well… Wait. How could you not remember?" Sora had instantly felt a connection to this girl the moment he caught sight of her at the Queen of Heart's court. The other inhabitants of this world (called "Wonderland") that Sora had met were all sure of themselves, sure of where they were. The Queen scarily so. But Alice, well… She looked lost. That same look of disbelief and shock he'd seen in his eyes on this journey so far.

"It's been… I have no idea how long," Alice sighed, breaking into Sora's musings. "This entire world is… Well… Quite frankly, mad." Sora winced a bit.

"Er, well… Yeah. Kind of'." Alice shrugged, a sad smile making its way across her face.

"I wonder if I too, am going mad," she mused aloud. "Wandering this place, for so long… Nothing changes, nothing is new…" She smiled shyly at him, and Sora felt his face turn bright red at the raw joy in her eyes.

"Except you," she finished quietly.

I know, very short. Oh well, maybe I'll write more one shots like this? The KH section can use all the heterosexual pairings it can get, as it has no shortage of yaoi, heh.