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Summer Rain: Storms


Lily awoke to the sun shining in from the window. She felt the heat from the body next to her warming the air around her. She didn't want to wake up. She wanted to lie in this bed for the rest of her life. It was perfect. The boy beside her was perfect. Her eyes fluttered open and she merely watched the sleeping form next to her. The dark-haired boy didn't seem to have any plans of waking up immediately so she slid from the bed carefully, the call of nature pressuring her stomach when moving was the last thing she wanted to do.

When she emerged from the bathroom, James was still sound asleep so she made her way down to breakfast without him. She shook her head, smiling slightly at the snogging couple that filled her vision upon walking into the kitchen. Mike immediately pulled away from his wife as he heard Lily step into the room. After noticing that the girl was alone, or more importantly, that his son wasn't with the redhead to voice his protests, he pressed himself to his wife once again. Jane giggled slightly and pushed him away before turning to their intruder.

"Good morning," Jane greeted with smile and a slight blush. Lily figured the blush was due more to arousal than embarrassment.

"'Morning," Lily responded stifling a yawn. She crossed the kitchen and sat down at the rectangular table.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Jane said as she turned to the counter. "The letters from Hogwarts arrived today in the post."

Lily watched as Jane handed her a rather thick envelope addressed to Ms. Lily Evans. Lily's heart skipped a beat much as it had the last time she'd received a large package from Hogwarts. She carefully opened the envelope, fighting not to rip it open. A badge fell from the envelope and Lily barely glanced at it, as if not believing it was possible. Her shaking hands made it difficult to read the letter.

Ms. Evans,

I am pleased to announce that you have been appointed Head Girl…

Lily's eyes swept the rest of the letter quickly, catching the word "badge" and noting a list which she assumed was instructions. "Congratulations, Dumbledore."

The letter fluttered to the table as Lily dropped it. The parchment had barely touched the surface when Lily grabbed the badge. She noticed that it was warm and magnificent in her hand. She was almost afraid it would disappear. James' parents looked at her in surprise when she ran from the room. She took the steps two at a time, feeling like she was floating rather than running to James' room. Her hand barely seemed to touch the knob as she threw open the door. Her feet carried her to his bed and she jumped on the boy's sleeping form.

"James!" she exclaimed, bouncing slightly. "James, I made Head Girl! I'm Head Girl, James!"

The boy was immediately awake, his eyes needing no time to adjust. He smiled up at her, not the least bit disgruntled about being awoken in such a rough manner.

"That's wonderful, Lily!" James told the excited Lily, his grin spreading across his face. "I'm so proud of you."

"This is my badge," she said, thrusting the shiny object at him. "I mean, it's almost too good to be true. Me, James. I'm Head Girl! You have any idea how badly I've been wanting this?"

"I think I have an idea," James told her. "I really am so proud of you. You're going be great." He pressed a kiss to her lips, which prompted her to lie down next to him and hook her arms around his neck.

They pulled away after a few minutes. Lily sat up and ran her fingers through her hair. She squealed as she caught sight of badge in her hands. James chuckled lightly.

"Words really can't describe how proud of you I am, Lily," he told her. "No one deserves this as much as you do."

"You really think so?" Lily asked, blushing slightly.

"I know so," he insisted.

"That means a lot to me, James, it really does," Lily told him. "Now I'm gonna go tell Remus!"

"You're not going to jump on him, are you?" the boy asked, mocking uneasiness.

Lily smiled at him. "No, that's reserved for you only," she said. Her smile faded slightly. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Not at all, I'm a big boy, I can handle a bit of pouncing," he winked at her slightly. She smiled back at him before jumping up from the bed.

Remus had the same reaction as James, telling Lily he was proud and that she absolutely deserved it. When the two walked downstairs, James and Sirius were already in the kitchen. James' back was turned to them. He was standing at the counter, reading his letter.

Sirius turned to the others and let out a bark like laugh that was a mixture between amusement and disbelief. "You two are never going to believe who made Head Boy,"

A look of dread washed over Lily, sincerely hoping he wasn't about to tell her he had made Head. She liked Sirius enough, but all they did was bicker. She didn't know if she could handle working beside him all year without the two killing each other.

"You?" she asked, trying and failing miserably at hiding the dread in her voice.

He let out another laugh. "Bloody hell no! I caused way too much trouble to ever be Head Boy," he smiled. She barely had time to let out a sigh of relief before he was talking again. "I'll give you a hint, you're dating him."

Lily looked at James with disbelief; his back was still turned to her. Excitement and hope taking over against the small voice in her head telling her this may just be one of Sirius' jokes. "No way." She closed the gap between them with only a few short steps. He was holding a shiny badge in his hand. She glanced at hers quickly before turning her attention to the one in his hand. It matched hers, as she knew it would. "Seriously, James?" She pushed back the small voice of doubt in her mind. She knew Sirius would pull something like this but doubted that James would play along for this amount of time. Not to mention the look of shock on his face was too convincing to be faked.

At first, it appeared he hadn't heard his girlfriend. After a few suspenseful seconds, he glanced up, meeting her eyes. Swallowing, he nodded and held up the piece of parchment that had been on the counter. Lily glanced at the letter, her eyes sweeping his name in an unmistakable, elegant handwriting at the top, before letting a grin spread across her face.

"James, this is wonderful! We're going to be head students together!" Lily pulled James into a hug. "This year is going to be awesome." She pulled away and noticed the look of uncertainty and fear upon his face. "James, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," he said with a slight shake of his head. "This is wonderful…it's just….I thought it was going to be Remus for sure. I'm just shocked is all."

"Yeah, we both thought it would be Remus," Sirius reiterated. "Sorry, mate." He clapped Remus on the back.

"No, it's fine. James deserves it. He's going to make a great Head Boy. In all honesty, I kind of hated being Prefect. Everyone looks at you to know what to do. It's too much pressure. James is a much better leader."

"Thanks, Remus, that means a lot."

"I meant every word," Remus insisted. "Oh and you two do know that Heads have their own separate common room and dorm, right?"

James grinned at Lily, finally seeming to let the excitement and joy wash over him. "This year is going to be the best ever!" He pulled the redhead in for a kiss.

She giggled and kissed him back. "Indeed it will."

Later that night, lying in bed with James, listening to his breathing, Lily let her mind wander. The storm outside the window reminded her of the many nights of the summer. She thought about the coming year, about the future after they graduate. About the summer and how it had become something she never could have expected. She had come to this house, fully despising James, and now, she didn't know what she would do without him. He was everything she wanted and so much more. She remembered how their friendship had grown. They'd had rough patches that were overcome.

This summer, she had learned about love and life. She learned that there are things in the world that were so much bigger than her. She would never forget the lessons she learned, or the memories that had been made. She also knew she would never forget about the kisses shared in the summer rain.