This popped into my head and I had to write it out!

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This came to me while doing my school assignments and I had to write it out so I could concentrate. This does sound like something Luffy would do though!



Ace had very fair skin.

So it was no wonder that he had so many freckles dusting his youthful face. With all the time he spent out in the sun either doing chores or training it was inevitable that they would appear. While the skin of his body tanned rather nicely his cheeks gained their constant freckled appearance all year round. Makino had said they were charming and Ace knew she was saying that because that was how she felt and wanted to remove any ideas that they made him look silly from his mind.

However it was the opposite since Ace liked them. He didn't care that they were there and most of the time didn't notice them unless he was looking in the mirror.

Which was why he was looking at himself in the mirror with an annoyed look on his face…each and every one of his freckles was now a new color. There was a large amount of red used, blue, orange, some green in random spots. Oh and take a look at that single pink one just under his eye. All of the multicolor madness had been put on his face with the help of the ink from some markers from a certain seven year olds craft box.

How did he know Luffy had done it? Well maybe the fact that said boy was snoring away on the sofa with the floor being littered with red, blue, orange, green and bubble gum pink markers …just a guess really.

The now multicolored freckled faced Ace glared at the snoozing boy before smirking. He picked up a near by green marker.

Two could play this little game.