Sue White was afraid of nothing. In fact she couldn't remember a time in her life when she had been afraid of anything; even the childhood monsters under the bed had passed her by. The dark had never held any terror and spiders were much smaller than her, she reasoned, and so not worth being scared of.

All this came from a policy she had picked up from her Daddy and the words still echoed with her today – "go out of your way to be scarier than anything else", he had told her. In a much deeper voice than the one in her imagination and, if she was honest with herself (another thing Daddy had told her she must always be) a little bit drunker.

As it was she therefore had no problem with being in a restricted section of the hospital at 2 o'clock in the morning in the pitch black completely on her own.

Sue, in full combat gear, just in case she ran into the Trodd, was sneaking into the patient records in the hope of finding a scan of Mac's head she could put on her wall. It would take pride of place next to the lock of his hair and the underwear she had stolen some years ago from his locker.

She reached the door and swiped the Elf King's pass card, looking round the corridor to make sure nobody was going to foil her. Again. There was no sound except a few monitors beeping corridors away. Smiling to herself she slipped inside and dug deep into her pocket for her lighter as she pulled the door shut.

No point turning on the lights – the dark is NOT frightening!

By the small glow Sue slowly crept further into the room, guessing whereabouts the M cabinet would be and reaching out for it. She pulled out the drawer without making a sound and lowered her light to read the names. Mabrick… Mayburn. Mc-

"Fack me! Where is he?"

A file landed at her feet, overcoming her confusion she realised that it had come from behind her.

"Looking for this."

Before she could spin round fully something heavy collided with her head, her sunglasses flew from her face and she hit the floor. Sue heard the door open and close again and before she passed out she realised for the first and last time that when it came to the dark, her Daddy was talking out of his arse.