Pairings: Tezuka x Fuji

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis does not belong to me.

Genre: AU/Fantasy/Romance/Slight angst

A.N. I have millions of fictions that I had started and I figure it is time that I take another stab at one of them. I am totally contradicting myself because I am writing a Tezuka x Fuji fiction after claiming that I don't like the pair. Beta by Merffle.

EDIT: To eliminate confusion I change the time period names to correspond with the Japanese era. I wonder why I didn't thought of that before. Note, everything is made believe so please don't question me about the origin of the sword and etc. It is simply something conjured up by my imagination.

Anyway, please R & R and tell me what you think about my first AU story. I welcome all critics, comments and flames.

My Sadistic Lover

Prologue: The Source


I believe in love but I don't believe in marriage. I believe that temporary lust has the ability to blind one's mind but I will never believe that a person would be capable of loving only one other human being. I would never be foolish enough to wait around for the right person. I am not that naïve. I don't believe that any human being is capable of being undyingly faithful to another for a whole life time.

Human will always look for excuses to make up for his mistakes.

What is love?

I don't know and I am afraid. People who cherish love are most afraid of that emotion because once they are hurt they become scarred for life. People who lack true emotions will never talk about love because love is something that they will never be able to feel and experience. For them it was all about the rush of the chase, a game as one might say.

Today, I don't want to talk about feeling. Today, I don't want to talk about love. For now I want to dream. I want to fabricate a lovely dream for you and me.

Do you believe in love?

Please don't ask me because I don't know how to answer you.

Kunimitsu Tezuka

March 1, 618 AD

March 1, 2007

As a way of introducing the grand history of the Eastern world to Western society, there was a huge collaboration between the two for today's special event held by the Atobe Corporation. The most alluring exhibit of the event was the three legendary swords from Yayoi, Kofun and Asuka era respectively. Among them was the infamous "blood sword" from the Asuka period.

Rumors had it that blood sword's original name was "seven star sword" because the sword was inlayed with seven ancient jewels, the sword was so sharp that it could slice gold and had been labeled as the most deadly sword of all time.

After a hundred thousand years of ruthless killing the original pure whiteness of the sword had turned to a shiny blood color. The redness was so alluring that if the owner of the sword was someone with a weak mind, then he would be easily controlled by the sword itself.

It wasn't till the Asuka era when the emperor got a hold of such sword through a stash of gifts from various leaders and wealthy landowners. The emperor was a great lover of sword and declared the sword as "blood sword" the moment he laid his eyes on the sword. Since then "seven star sword" had vanished from the world and in its place came the birth of "blood sword."

Fuji put down the newspaper and turned to his best friend and said, "Keigo, I take it the exhibit was a great success."

"Of course, was there ever a doubt in your mind Shusuke." Replied Atobe with great confidence.

Fuji laughed before saying, "Do you think I could take a personal look at the sword? I am intrigue to see what kind of sword has the ability to murder thousands of people and still survive after all these eras."

"I knew you were going to ask me that. I already borrowed the sword from the exhibit for your personal viewing." Commented Atobe as he handed Fuji the magnificent sword that was valued to be priceless.

Fuji's hand lingered over the outer sheath of the sword and felt his heart increase in rhythm. Slowly and deliberately, Fuji pulled the sword out and in a flash of light.

Atobe was stunned.

The sword had dropped to the floor but Fuji was nowhere to be seen.