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Warning: An AU and gender bender fiction
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My Sadistic Lover
6:The glorious death

"Are you sure this is safe?" Asked Oishi in a hesitate tone.

Oshitari puts down his tea and replied with his own question, "Oishi, don't you think it is a little bit too late to be reconsidering Miss. Fuji's plan?"

Inui stares at Tezuka's lifeless body and replied, "I must admit that Miss. Fuji had done a brilliant job because no one would doubt that Master Tezuka is still alive from the look of his current state."

"Inui senpai is that really something we should be praising Miss. Fuji for?" Asked Momoshiro as he tries not to look at Fuji's disturbing and equally beautiful smile.

Meanwhile Kaidoh had already excuse himself for tonight's meeting but everyone knows that Kaidoh was probably just fussing over his recently brought back to life kitty in the privacy of his own room.

The next day, news of Master Tezuka's tragic death in the fire was spreading like a plague and it wasn't long before it had reached all the major leaders' mansions. Every leader who has heard of the news immediately came personally to pay their respect to Master Tezuka's tragic death. To avoid any suspicions, Fuji has advice Inui to take out all the important documents in Tezuka's study before planning an accidental fire in Tezuka's study. Therefore, to the outsiders the cause of Tezuka's tragic death was primarily due to inhaling too much fume and not escaping the flaming room in time.

That night everyone was in the main lounge discussing over all the visitors that came to pay their respect to their great Master.

"After all that work we have put into planning we are back to where we start." Commented Kaidoh in a frustrated voice.

"Wait; let's not jump to the conclusion. There must be something that we have overlooked." Stated Oishi as he tries to sooth Kaidoh's noticeable anger.

"I must agree with Kaidoh, there is hardly enough evidence to pinpoint any of the leaders who came to pay their respects." Inputted Inui as he observed his data book.

On the other hand, Fuji seems incredibly calm for someone who has thought up and plans the whole thing.

"I want you guys to think about two questions. The first one is who would greatly benefit from Kunimitsu's death and second is who would have the means to assassin Kunimitsu and still manages to get away with the murder without dirtying their hands." Stated Fuji casually.

"The first name that came to my mind would be Master Yukimura but I must also say that I don't think Master Yukimura would want to kill Master Tezuka." Stated Oshitari.

"I agree with Oshitari's observation but while Kaidoh and I were gathering information there does seem to be abundant amount of clues that suggest Master Yukimura would want to kill Master Tezuka. I mean for one, there is the incredible lure of financial gain that would tempt many men." Commented Inui.

"So Inui-senpai are you saying that Master Yukimura is the brain behinds the assassination?" Asked Kaidoh.

"Kaidoh-kun, what did I say about jumping to conclusion. I just stated that on the surface it looks really bad for Master Yukimura but after today I am one hundred percent sure that it is not him." Stated Fuji.

"However, I must admit that I was rather surprise to find out that the Master Yukimura that they have been talking about turn out to be an ancestor of Seiichi Yukimura. The physical resembles between Master Yukimura and Seiichi Yukimura is simply uncanny. If their personality is as similar as their appearance then there is no doubt in my mind that Master Yukimura would stoop as low as to hire assassins to eliminate his rivials." Thought of Fuji as he chuckles to himself quietly.

"I was quite surprise that the first person who came to pay respect was Master Kite from the Kyuushu region even thought he came from one of the further regions. I guess he must admire our Master Tezuka greatly." Noted Momoshiro out of nowhere.

"Momoshiro-kun, that is a very good observation. Then again if I found out that the person that I want to assassin suddenly died I would want to be the first one on the scene to confirm. From the background information that Inui had supplied me and from our visitors reactions I am fairly confidence that Eishirou Kite is the man that we are looking for." Commented Fuji.

"Why would Master Kite want to kill Master Tezuka? By no means would Master Tezuka's death benefit Master Kite. I mean why would Master Kite go thought all the trouble to assassin someone who would bring no financial or social gain to himself?" Asked Oishi in a state of confusion.

"Pride." Answered Fuji firmly.

"Miss. Fuji, what are you talking about?" Asked Momoshiro curiosity.

Fuji smiled and continued, "It is a matter of pride. Everything makes sense after I saw Master Kite's reaction to Kunimitsu's lifeless body."

"I will never figure out how Miss. Fuji seems to know everything even thought we have much more time to think over about this situation." Thought of Momoshiro in state of shock.

"I didn't even know that Master Tezuka have any contact with Master Kite." Commented Oshitari.

"Oshitari, don't trouble yourself over it. There aren't many people who would think of connecting our Master Tezuka with Kyuushu's Master Kite. However I must admit that Miss. Fuji's reasoning is very plausible. It seems that both Master Tezuka and Master Kite were trained by the same Sensai in the art of sword fighting and as they were both growing up Master Kite have always view Master Tezuka as his own personal rival on many levels." Commented Inui.

"Thank you Inui so our next step is going to be luring a confession out of Eishirou Kite." Stated Fuji with a calming smile.

"As great as the plan sounds I don't think it would be possible without any real evidence." Interrupted Oshitari.

"Exactly, there is no one stupid enough to confess without any real evidence." Commented Kaidoh.

"As soon as Kunimitsui wakes up we wouldn't need to search for any evidence. If you are still uncertain then I will personally guaranteed that we can get a confession straight out of Eishirou Kite's mouth." Replied Fuji with total confidence.

"How are we going to do that?" Asked Momoshiro curiosity.

"Everything will make sense when Kunimitsu wakes up but for now I would like to ask everyone to be a little more patient and keep your lips sealed after all, we must not let our guard down." Commented Fuji with an all knowing smile.

"That woman has to be the carnation of the mighty devil." Mumbled Momoshiro to himself as he watches Fuji walks toward Tezuka's room.


Chapter 7: The hunter becomes the hunted

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