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Okay these are the Naruto characters that play the Zoey101 characters!

Main Characters:

Zoey(Sakura Haruno)

Chase(Sasuke without the giant bush of hair)


Quinn(Hinata in a shy quiet way)




Dustin(Mika but as a girl!)

Coco(Temari!But in a younger form!)

Shikamaru in this story isn't based off a Zoey101 character.

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Chapter 1 :

Konoha Coast Acadamey

"You know, I'm kind of looking forward to this place." Sakura said sitting in her dad's black convertible.

"I hope they have nice people…"Sakura's sister Mika said.(A/N: Mika's short for Mikata)

"There's nothing to worry about honey, it's going to be fine." Sakura's Dad said.

"It'd better be…" Mika mumbled.

"What was that?!"

"N-Nothing, Dad."

"We're here!" Sakura's Dad said as they pulled up to a humungaloidbuilding known as Konoha Coast Academy.

"Wow…"Sakura and Mika said in unison.

After a while Sakura's Dad left and they were on their own. Mika went one way while Sakura just walked around in a trance absorbing the new atmosphere.

She noticed that she didn't stand out as much well, except for her pink hair but it's natural okay! The sun was hot down on her skin, she thought that wearing mostly black today wasn't a good idea.

Sakura was always slender and her clothes fit her in all the right places. Her black tank top hugged her torso and her not-all-that-short skirt did the same for her waist. A couple of bracelets jingled while she walked. And then she stopped.

'Okay, now I'm lost.'

She started walking to ask for directions to the girls' dorm. While observing every detail of the campus, she spotted a blonde-haired blue eyed boy about her age, sitting at a table eating peacefully.

'Maybe I should ask him.' Sakura thought.

She walked up to him,"Excuse me, but can you show me where the girls' dorm ?"

"Umm…you there?" Sakura asked.

The blonde boy raised his head from his bowl.

"HEY! Oh…Sorry. You're cute."

"Uh…." Sakura said.

"Oh! What did you say?!" He asked loudly.

"I asked where the girls' dorm is." Sakura asked again.

"Oh! I'll show you! Just let me pay for this…"He replied.

The boy turned to the waiter and yelled in his ear...

"CHECK PLEASE!" He screamed Sakura flinched at the sound of his voice but relaxed a little.

The waiter got so startled by his scream he fell over, spilling the food in his hand on this girl, who thought it was her date, so she smacked him, he fell over and hit this guy who hit this nerd that fell on this tough guy. So the guy punched the nerd and he fell out some window. Sakura was now amazed by the chain that this blonde kid caused.

'Damn. This is what happens in the first 5 minutes I've been here. This year will be fun…' Sakura thought.

"Ya know I'll just leave the money here on the table…" The boy said.

He then turned back to Sakura. "Here! I'll take you to your dorm! Let's go!" He had his fist in the air.

"Oh, yeah…what's your name?" He asked Sakura.

"Oh. Sakura. Haruno Sakura." Sakura said disturbed by his randomness.

"Great name! MY NAME'S UZUMAKI NARUTO! Pleased to meet you!" Naruto yelled.

"You too…" Sakura said shaking his hand.

"Let's show you to your dorm!" Naruto said while grabbing her hand and running off.

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