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SAKURA'S P.O.V (For entire chapter)

I sat up in my bed the next morning. I yawned and stretched my arms as far as I could. I then snuggled into my pillow which was breathing...? I almost jumped but I realized that my pillow was just Sasuke. I snuggled deeper into my pillow but I couldn't go back to sleep. And before you can come to conclusions about my descriptions let me explain.

You see today is the final day of my first year at Konoha Coast Acadamey...yay? So we decided to have a huge sleepover in our room. There was me, Sasuke, Ino, Tenten, Temari, Hinata, Shikamaru, Neji, Naruto heck, even Mika and Hanabi.

They allowed for anyone to do this but we didn't tell them about inviting our boyfriends. Shh!All night we talked, laughed, beat up Naruto, ate junk food, watched movies and made fun of Naruto.

I adjusted my position against Sasuke's chest so I could see around the room.

Neji was laying on the floor totally knocked out and Tenten was laying across him, making them form a plus sign.

Hinata was in Naruto's lap. Naruto's head was on top of hers and they were sitting against the couch.

Mika and Hanabi were on the couch. One was facing the left and the other the right.

And then there was Ino and Shika(As Ino likes to say), the new couple. Ino's head was in Shikamaru's lap and he was against the wall. I'd always knew they'd end up together. Everything between them worked out in the end. Shikamaru was her tutor (I have no idea how he pulled it off) for Biology because welll, she really needed it. And at the end of their 'sessions' Ino came running through everyone's dorm room screaming: "I PASSED MY EXAM!!!!BOOYAH!!!!" Ino had passed her exam with flying colors all thanks to Shikamaru...hmmhmmmhmmm. Anyway Ino was all excited and she ran to 'all' the teachers that doubted her and bragged about it. The teachers had to call secruity to get her out. Ino had told me that not only was Shika a great tutor but he was also talented in the kissing department.


Anyways, I knew it was about time for me to wake up even though I didn't want to. Tsunade was giving the final closing ceremony before everyone departs today at one and it was already eleven. I sat up slowly, not wanting to wake Sasuke, but he grabbed me by my waist. He grumbled and asked why I was getting up. I explained the scenario. He got up as well, brushing a few of his raven bangs from his face.

"So today's the last day." He'd recalled while stretching.

"Yeah, let's go wake everyone else up."

I shook Mika and Hanabi up. "Momma I want waffles." Mika grumbled. She moved a little bit and her friend woke up as well. "But I said I didn't want cheese on that." She rolled off the couch dragging the blanket and Mika with her. I laughed.

Sasuke kicked Naruto awake who grumbled something about ramen. Hinata awoke as well.

Mika continued rolling and hit Ino who hit Shika.

Hanabi rolled over Neji's face who shot up flinging Tenten and Hanabi a couple of feet away.

Sasuke and I watched the series of events.

"Come onyou guys. We have to get packed before Tsinade's final ceremony." I said to them. Everyone groaned and left. Sasuke kissed my forehead. "We'll talk later."

I sighed and looked over at Ino and Tenten. "This is it you guys." I choked on the verge of tears.

"I know." They'd said.

We gathered in a group hug.

"Time to pack."

We did so slowly savoring every minute we had in this place. Then I'd heard Ino and Tenten arguing again. I walked over to see what was wrong.

"I swear it was mine when I came here!" Ino'd yelled.

"No, it was mine!" Tenten countered.

They were pulling blue cloth in between them.

"What is it now?" I whined.

"This is my top! I own it!" Ino tugged on it.

"No this is my favorite shirt!" Tenten tugged back.

Then I laughed. I couldn't control myself. This was too funnny. I fell on the ground laughing my head off.

They looked at me as if Id just robbed them.

"Oh.My.God.What.The.French.Toast." Ino said.

"Son.Of.A.Biscuit." Tenten was extremely puzzled.

"N...no...no." I managed to say. "It's funny that this is like the first situation f when we'd met...remember."

Ino and Tenten remembered. "Yeah..."

"That was the day when I wanted that top bunk." Ino said.

"That was the day when I'd decided that I hated Ino's guts." Tenten said. Ino elbowed her.

I continued giggling.

"What now?"

"Hahahhah...it's also funny because...that's my shirt."


"So...this is it." Naruto bit his finger holding back a sob. Sasuke threw a pillow at him. "Suck it up." He'd said.

"It is the last day, Sasuke." Neji agreed moved his bag to the center of the room.

"I think I'm going to miss this place." Shikamaru mentioned sitting by the window.

"You're only gonna miss Ino." Sasuke pointed out.

"Yeah..." He admitted.

Sasuke sat himself against the wall. "You know, this year with girls was freakin' awesome."

"Yeah..." They sighed.


Later that day at the seremony.

"Congradulations students you've made it through another year of KCA." She clapped. An applause emerged from the campus.

We were currently outside in the front lawn of our school. Tsunade stood proudly at a podium. I stood with Sasuke on my right, my hand gripped his wrist. On my left all my friends were there with their boyfriends.

"There had been many changes about this year. Number one being the big change from an all boys' school to a school where both genders are welcome. And me becoming the first female principle here. And I have to say that this change was one of the best ideas of this school in its history."

"There were many adjustments but we got through them. Now I'd like to announce the end of the first year of our now blended school!"


"Have a great summer guys."And she left the podium to greet parents.

I turned to Sasuke. "Let's go see our teachers."

Our crew split up in couples and wondered around. We saw Kakashi, our homeroom teacher. He'd told us that he was quitting at being but he was guaranteed a spot as an assisstant principle. I was proud for him.

We literally ran into Gai-sensei and Lee. Literally. Gai was going to become the track coach where he would be Lee's personal trainer. They were happy with tears. When they left I swore Lee winked at me. The little freak. Luckily, Sasuke didn't see.

After that we were pretty much done with teachers. I despised my other ones. Then it was time for departure. I knew my dad wouldn't be coming for a while because he had a long way to travel. Tenten was the first to leave. Tenten kissed Neji good-bye but he pulled her back into yet another one. Tenten had planned to call him all the time and Neji promised the same.

After Tenten, Neji and Hinata left. Naruto was so sad he hugged her for like ten minutes. He kissed her on the cheek and watched her leave. Oh yeah, Hanabi had left with them also. Mika had a hard time, I knew she was going to miss her best friend. They exchanged phone numbers,myspaces and screennames.

After the Hyuga's car left. Naruto was the next to leave. Some guy with long, white and spiky hairpicked him up. He was so checking out Twunade. Then he winked at me, I gagged. Once Kakakshi saw him he like, ran over and bowed down to him. Who knows what that was about.

Then last there was Ino. She and her boyfriend were watching clouds for the last time together. Ino's dad drove up and she made out with Shikamaru for about a minute. Shikamaru's dad came as well.

While I waited for my dad to come I sat on the bench with Sasusk and Mika. I laid my head on his shoulder, Mika did the same but on his left. In fact, she'd fell asleep. As I sat there I remembered all the events of this year. Most of all, prank week.

Ah, prank week, the thing that caused problems to occur everywhere. Technically, me and Sasuke wouldn't have gotten together if it wasn't for prank week. I thought fo a moment...wait wasn't there someone else I had forgotten about?

Then, it hit me...Roy. Yeah, Roy was his name. It felt like he had disappeared. He wasn't in my classes for the rest of the year, in fact he wasn't on the basketball team. I made me wonder what really happened to him. Where could he have gone...so fast that nobody noticed he was gone? At the same time I was relieved because, knowing Sasuke he would probably rant on and on about it.

"Sakura! Mika!" A voice called. My head snapped up almost knocking into Sasuke. I shook Mika awake.

"Mika, dad's here." I whispered. Mika gathered her things.

"I'm going to miss you, Sasuke." She's said. She gave him a brotherly hug.

"I'll miss you too. We'll have to spy on Sakura together again." He smirked and I rolled my eyes. Then she ran to the convertible were my dad waited happily.

"Well Sasuke this is good-bye." I said. I definitely didn't want to cry, but I really felt like it.

I hugged him. I felt paranoid because my dad was right over there and I didn't want to make out with my boyfriend with him right there.

"Sakura.." He said to me. I looked up at him. And then he pulled me away, behind a tree. This way we were out of my dad's sight.

"Sas-- And then his lips were upon mine just as they were that day. The day when we'd first kissed. I remembered it vividly. Sasuke tugged me closer. I clung to him. I felt his smirk on top of mine. He pulled away so our foreheads were touching."The things you do to me." He whispered.

Ditto! I thought.

He chuckled. "Bye Sakura, I'll see you next semester." He kissed me softly again. Then his hand glided over my face. I shivered. And he turned away. I watched him walk away until out of nowhere a long, white limo sped into the parking lot. He smirked at me and climbed in.

Wait a minute! A limo! Come on! Is he supposed to be rich or something? What. The. Hell.

I walked over to my dad's car and hopped in. I'm sure that I was still in a trance-like state, just like how I was every time he kissed me.

"Golly Sakura what too you so long?" My dad asked. "I saw you and then you disappeared."

"O-Oh, I had to tie my shoe." I lied...of course.

He hesitated and then finally took my answer. Mika turned to look at me, she mouthed 'Sasuke' mockingly. I scowled at her quietly.

And then I remembered if I was going to tell my dad that I now had a boyfriend. Maybe, I'll hold off for a while. What he doesn't know won't hurt him right?

We pulled off out of te parking lot and the wind blew my hair. I was really going to miss this place and I was already excited about what things would be like next year. I wondered what bizarre events will happen next year...I gues I'll have to find out.
















The End

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