Full Summary: Terrence is often seen as a bitter hateful teenager and a bully. But how did this happen? Him and Mac being different as night and day? Could it be in their childhood? Terrence's childhood? Did Terrence even get the chance of a childhood? They're a million reasons and theories as to why Terrence is like he is now. This fic covers a few of them.

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Chapter 1: A Dark Household

Mrs. Tricia West slowly walked in with her bundle of joy. Terrence Terry Gordon West.

"You gonna lay the little snot down for a second?" Terry West her husband asked angrily.

Tricia looked at her husband Terry fearfully. He had promised things would be different when the baby was born. Obviously that wasn't going to happen.

I can't make him mad. The last time I did that with a child nearby I had a miscarriage. – Tricia

Terrence started to cry.

"Just put the little snot in his crib and come make me dinner," Terry told her, "and shut him up," he added threateningly.

Tricia hurried upstairs.

"Shhhh," Tricia said and rocked him desperately wanting him to keep quiet.

Terrence soon drifted off to sleep.

Tricia sighed.

"Hey!" Terry shouted from downstairs, "I want my dinner!"

Tricia quickly rested Terrence in his crib and ran to tend to her husband.


(Two Weeks Later)

Terry lay back in bed watching his wife breast feed his son. Personally he didn't want the worthless little snot. Kids were trouble. Plain and simple. His dad believed it to be true when he was a kid and his mother never did anything to stop it. So it had to be true. His parents couldn't be wrong.

"You gonna put him down soon?" Terry asked coldly as he smoked.

"Terry," Tricia said in protest of him smoking around the baby.

"You wanna make your own rules you buy your own fricking house?" Terry snapped at her, "and you try to leave me and I'll kill you," he threatened her, "but only after I suffocate that worthless little shit in your arms with a potato sack, you here me?" he said and demanded.

A teary eyed Tricia nodded. Her throat too constricted with fear to let her talk.

Chapter 1 Completed

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