Disclaimer: Oh yeah, I own Pokemon

Disclaimer: Oh yeah, I own Pokemon. I'm also really Mewtwo. Come near me with those subpoenas and they will be disintegrated by my powers. Hahahaha! (No, I don't own Pokemon. So don't bother.)

Mewtwo's Revenge Part 5

Beginning of the End


Mewtwo monitored the various trainers as they battled each other. Those that won, he sent an invitation to via Dragonite. Before long he had about 35 trainers with invitations. He would give it 3 days before he stopped, and have them come.


2 and a half days later


Mewtwo was becoming bored of watching all of the trainers. They may have won against each other, but they were still pathetic humans. Mewtwo decided that 1 more trainer would be sufficient to the already large amount of 150. Through the camera on a Fearow he spotted a trainer with his head on a table. He looked to be about 11, He wore a blue vest and had a red and white cap. 2 humans were with him, a redheaded girl and a squinty eyed boy. A Pikachu and a Togepi were also there. Mewtwo watched as a trainer challenged the younger boy.

He was flawless with his victiouries, eventually defeating 3 Pokemon with his one Pikachu. "Master, shall I send out an invitation to these trainers?" Yes, do it. Mewtwo said telepathically. "Very well." Dragonite flew out of his room, invitation in his bag and flew off towards the trainers location. It wasn't long before it spotted them. He flew dangerously close to the trainers, for the fun of it. They were blown to the ground, their table and food all over the place. Mewtwo chuckled slightly and continued watching.

The Nurse Joy hologram appeared and began her usual speech. When it was done, the trainer checked the Yes on the paper. The Dragonite started flying away when a woman with long red hair stopped Dragonite with her frying pan. Mewtwo noticed the red R on her uniform and his eyes glowed blue.

He twirled his fingers around, unleashing a huge backlash of psychic energy. Clouds suddenly converged all around New Island. A huge storm started up and the waves became fierce enough to make travel by boat dangerous. Only the strongest Pokemon Trainers would dare try to cross the ocean now. The test to stand before Mewtwo. 3 trainers out of 153 went. But… there were 3 others as well. The last 3 trainers he invited. They were traveling in a boat with 2 humans dressed up in foolish costumes. A Mewowth was hanging at the end of the boat looking quite nervous.


An hour later


Mewtwo slowly descended to the main room. All of the 6 trainers had made it and were looking anxious.

I am Mewtwo.

The End

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