The Falcon and the Frog

Disclaimer: I don't own the Power Rangers and do not intend or desire to make any money off of them.

Summary: A series of quick drabbles for the PRSW22 challenge featuring Tommy and Adam. This challenge attempt is dedicated to Baby Kitty who, besides writing really good slash, also made me see Tommy and Adam as a viable couple.

#1: Animals

The look was hungry, almost predatory. Those were the only words he could think of to describe it. There had been subtle shifts in all of their personalities since they had gone to Pheados and connected with their Spirit Animals. Changes that seemed to reflect the nature of those animals. Rocky and Kim seemed to have become calmer, more focused. Aisha, on the other hand, was a bit more aggressive in battle, as was Billy. Adam had become even more aware of the world around him. And what the Frog was aware of right now was the look his boyfriend was giving him from across the table . . . the Falcon had his chosen prey in his sights, and the Frog couldn't have been happier.

#2: Atmosphere; #7: Fire; #11: Laughter

Adam shouldn't have been laughing. He knew it, but the look on Tommy's soot-covered face was just too priceless. Tommy, for his part, still seemed a bit shell-shocked.

"I just wanted to give you a romantic evening," Tommy said in a sad, distant sounding voice. "A fancy dinner, soft music, candles. You know, atmospheric."

Adam managed to get his giggles under control and pulled his boyfriend into a hug, "I know love. And I appreciate the effort. But in the future, no cherries jubilee."

#10: Kissing in the rain

Tommy was not pouting. He was disappointed, but definitely not pouting. The day had been perfect, a picnic in the park to celebrate he and Adam's first anniversary as a couple. Then that freak storm had rolled in and they barely made it under the gazebo before the rain really hit. Certain that Zedd was just trying to screw with him, Tommy had contacted Alpha, who assured him the storm was completely natural. Now Tommy was standing under the gazebo not pouting, definitely not pouting, and watching his boyfriend do back flips in the rain.

Tommy cracked a smile for the first time in nearly an hour. Leave it to Kermit to be happily playing in the rain. Noticing the change in his lover's mood, Adam skipped over to the gazebo and joined Tommy, dripping from head to toe. He leaned in towards Tommy, still half in the rain with an odd smirk on his face. Tommy backed up a step, "What?"

"Join me."

"In the rain?"


"But, I'll get wet."

"Yeah. So?" Tommy looked at his boyfriend as if he had grown a second head.

"I can make it worth you while," Adam replied with a mischievous smirk. Tommy started to ask how but before he could even get the word out, Adam lunged forward, grabbed Tommy and yanked him out into the rain. Tommy tried to jump back under the shelter of the gazebo, but Adam wrapped him in a firm hug and locked his lips onto Tommy's. Under the force of the kiss, Tommy relaxed. He was soaked to the skin, the picnic was ruined, the most wonderful person he had ever known, the love of his life, was kissing him. Today was perfect.

#22: Watermelon

"Oh my god! Tommy! I'm so sorry, it was an accident!" Adam stood over the prone form of his boyfriend.

Tommy groaned and his eyes slowly opened, "Love?" he asked in a pained voice. "What . . . what happened?"

"I tripped on the rug, and it went flying. Oh god, please be okay!"

Tommy reached up and picked one of the dripping, red chunks from his chest. He put it in his mouth and took a bite. "Mmm, good watermelon. You should try a piece of this."