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Author's Note: Well, this is the end of The Falcon and the Frog. The last two prompts. Tommy and Adam are somewhat peripheral these two, but I think they're entertaining. The last drabble has a bit of a tease ending. However, before anyone asks, I have no plans at this point to pick the idea in it. I have to finish GeoForce first. Then I have some other ideas to run with.

#17: Public Dining

Gabriella's was the fanciest, most expensive restaurant in Reefside. It also provided the most privacy for individual groups of diners, so it was the perfect place for Anton and Elsa to hold their "real" engagement dinner. In a week there would be the large scale gala for the press and the public, which like most things Anton did these days would double as a charity fundraiser, but for tonight, the happy couple wanted to celebrate with their family and friends. Therefore, the quiet dinner with Tommy and Adam, Kira and Trent, Ethan and Conner, and Haley.

At least, it had been a quiet dinner until Elsa, returning to the table after a trip to the ladies room, had heard two of the wait staff making homophobic comments about Tommy and Adam and Conner and Ethan. From their vantage point at the table, the rest of the group watched the fireworks as Elsa tore into the servers and the manager who came up to try to calm her.

"Wow," Kira commented, "I wonder what set her off?"

"Had to be something bad, Elsa's usually so even tempered," Adam observed.

Conner winced, "Definitely had to be major, she using her 'evil Elsa' glare on them."

"Whoa, the manager just turned white!" Ethan announced, impressed.

"Which probably means she dropped my name," Anton said with a chuckle. "She'd only do that if she really wanted to scare them."

Elsa, apparently satisfied with the manager's response, concluded her berating of the man, and returned to the table. The manager shot a glare at the two servers and followed Elsa at a respectful distance. When Elsa returned, but didn't sit, Anton asked, "Darling, is everything okay?"

"It's is now," Elsa answered, a bit of venom still obvious in her voice. She turned to Haley, "The Cybercafé is open late tonight, right?" When the red head nodded, Elsa added, "Good, because I am in desperate need of a triple chocolate raspberry smoothie right now."

The manager, still pale as a ghost, now approached the table, "Dr. Mercer, please allow me to apologize for any offense to your guests by the staff. As an apology, you meals tonight are on the house. Would you care for dessert?"

Before anyone at the table could respond, Elsa held up her hand, "No, we will be leaving."

Once everyone was out in Anton's limo, with the exception of Ethan and Conner, who were in the former Red Ranger's car, Elsa finally explained what happened. Tommy and Adam merely sighed while Kira, Haley, and Anton all turned bright red and shouted "WHAT!?"

Tommy now spoke up, "Everyone calm down. Elsa handled it. Thank you," he added to her. "Any revenge you three are thinking up," the three in question began to protest until Tommy held up his hand, "Stop, I know all of you, and what you're capable of doing for the sake of your friends. But as I was saying, any revenge is unnecessary. I'm sure their business will suffer more than enough for offending the fiancé of Anton Mercer."

"Especially when I drop the topic of this incident into casual conversation at the big party next week," Elsa added with a wicked grin.

Anton looked at Elsa with a loving grin, "You're evil."

Elsa responded with a wink, "What, you thought Mesagog was responsible for that?"

#18: Rock

"Bro, we should so not be down here, your Dads' will kill us if they catch us," Aiden Scott said nervously to his best friend as they descended the steps into the secret Dinolair. The son of the original Red and Yellow Power Rangers, Aiden had inherited his mother's looks and brilliance, and his father's build and, despite his protests, his father's love of adventure as well . . . hence his willingness to follow his best friend into the forbidden parts of his house.

"No they won't. I come down here all the time," Kyle Oliver-Park responded confidently. Being adopted, he didn't look like either of his fathers, although everyone said he looked like his uncle Billy with his sandy brown hair and green eyes. In personality he a little too much like Tommy for his relatives comfort at times, but fortunately, he had picked up Adam's perceptiveness.

"Yes, but that's usually with one of your Dads or Aunt Haley," Claudia DeSantos countered. The daughter of the second Rangers on Earth to wear Red and Yellow, she was an even split between her parents physically, but definitely took after her mother in personality, which often made her the voice of reason, or the one to just smack some sense into the boys, of the trio.

It was not surprising to any of the former Rangers, given the relationships between Tommy and Jason, and Adam with Rocky and Aisha, that the kids were close. They were only a few weeks apart, age wise. And, despite the Oliver-Parks living in Reefside, and the Scotts and DeSantoses living in Angel Grove the children were practically raised together. Many a summer as kids was spent with the trio living for a week at a time with each family.

They had been thirteen when their parents sat them down and explained why they had all these aunts and uncles who weren't actually related to them, and why each of the adults had wardrobes dominated by one or two colors . . . or four in Tommy's case. They had been thrilled, although a bit disbelieving, to find out their family was made up of ex-Power Rangers, but their first trip into the Dinolair had proven everything. However, ever since that day the trio had been plotting to be able to explore the underground lab without the adults looking over their shoulders.

Now fifteen, and spending the week at the Oliver-Park home, they finally had their chance. They had been deemed "old enough" to be left alone while Tommy and Adam ran into town to help Haley with something at the café. Once the three set foot on the floor of the lair, all nervousness and thought of being caught vanished as they looked around the accumulated Ranger memorabilia. They split up and began looking around, careful not to touch too much, lest they leave evidence of their invasion.

After a few minutes, Aiden called out, "Hey Kyle, what's this rock?" Kyle and Claudia wandered over to Aiden to find he was holding a chunk of light colored stone. One surface was unnaturally smooth and appeared to have part of a carving in it.

"Oh, that," Kyle responded on seeing it. "That's a piece of the Command Center." When the other two teens looked at him, Kyle continued, "According to my Dad, he went there a few years after Divatox destroyed it and brought that back with him. He said it was a way of keeping a piece of Zordon with him."

Aiden and Claudia nodded. They had heard numerous stories about Zordon in the last two years, always told with a reverence reserved for a deceased loved one. The three teens stood there for many minutes, staring at the chunk of the Power Rangers legacy. Without even realizing what they were doing, Kyle and Claudia began to reach out to the piece, feeling drawn to it. So intent were they on the fragment, they never heard Tommy and Adam come down the stairs.

Just as Tommy and Adam reached the floor and were about to begin yelling, Claudia and Kyle touched the shard. There was a blinding flash and the three kids were thrown back. Tommy and Adam shielded their eyes. Tommy yelled, "Kids, are you alright!"

"Yeah Dad, we're . . . great?" Kyle responded.

Tommy and Adam uncovered their eyes. The three teens were rising to their feet, each glowing with a corona of energy. Kyle Red, Aiden Blue, and Claudia Yellow.

Adam grabbed his husband's shoulder, "Tommy?"

Before Tommy could speak, the glows faded and a voice that was booming, but quiet as a whisper, filled the room, "MY GRANDCHILDREN, RECEIVE MY GIFT."