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sweet talk 101

o1 : it was summer - october fall

The day starts out as any other normal day. That doesn't count the normal teens who are dragged out of bed by annoyed parents or fall out themselves, the alarm clock smashing against the wall and laying on the floor in millions of pieces. That doesn't count the world's new records for showering and dressing (three minutes and thirteen seconds) after waking up late. It doesn't count all of the "Mom! I missed the bus!"'s. It doesn't count practically flying down the street with your backpack hanging in one hand and your breakfast in the other.

The first day of school is far from normal.

Especially to the average person who has time for everything. Then again, who has time anymore these days? It's always late, late and late again. Flying into Dunkin Donuts, grabbing an espresso to keep you alive for most part of the day and flying right back out. Everyone's just speeding by.

But that's beside the point.

So the school bell is ringing and new schedules are flying through the halls while kids run around like in a mad house, trying to locate their first class which just happens to be right in front of their nose and they only figure it out after they passed the doorway about seven times. It's one of the many signs that summer is finally slipping away. Out with sleeping late, in with curfew's. Out with tv and video games all day, in with homework and tests. Out with hanging out by the pool everyday with Sea Salt ice cream dripping onto the pavement and in with projects, Drama club, Newspaper club and scary teachers. Oh yay.

Let's skip the hectic and chaotic mess and fast-forward straight to the lunch period, shall we? I mean, who needs to know who set whose pants on fire in Chem., right?

Okay, so here we have the first lunch wave. There were only so much more warm days left so lunch was outside on campus. Ah, there's someone worth pointing out. Red hair, green eyes. Eyeliner. No not there, to your left. Your other left! Yeah, there. See him? Sticks out like a sore thumb, doesn't he? His name's Axel. Want to know why I'm pointing him out? Well, that's where the story starts... or something cliché and cheesy like that...

Axel jumped into his seat at the lunch table, sitting down right in front of a dirty-blond-haired boy. Don't bother asking how many bottles of gel it takes to style the kid's hair into a mullet like that. I don't know.

The dirty-blonde started. ''Don't do that!'' he breathed out, his drink tipping over when he jumped. He quickly righted the can so at least something would stay in.

''Do what, Dem? Breathe?'' Axel asked, quirking an eyebrow. He spun his soda around and then opened it, the contents inside fizzing.

''That!'' Demyx hissed in irritation as he mopped up the spill with an insanely huge pile of napkins. ''Pop out of nowhere. You know I hate when you do that.''

The red-head rolled his eyes and went back to scanning the school grounds. Green orbs finally landed on a mess of spiky chocolate-brown hair and narrowed. Sora Kisaragi. Ick. One of the most popular boys in school who was best friends with the most popular boy and girl in school. Double ick. Axel always hated the popular people. Those rich, stuck-up, cold-blooded (can't forget absolutely gorgeous) bastards. Or they were to Axel. It wasn't like he knew them to begin with but he knew they were popular and that he hated them with the passion of a thousand and one suns.

Wait, no. Kairi was his sister. He couldn't really hate her just because she was popular. But he did anyway. You would too if you've been living with an Abercrombie-and-Fitch-wearing-ball-of-evil for sixteen years. Triple ick. Then again Axel always enjoyed tormenting her with the fact that even though they were twins, he was two and a half minutes older. And taller. And sexier. Mmm.

Ugh, but sometimes he just wanted to wring that pretty little neck of hers. Especially when she had no one to talk and came to him.

"Axel, Axel! Didja hear? Ya know Sora right? Well, duh. Anyways, his brother is transferring to our school. Isn't that awesome? I heard he was reeaally cute. Blonde hair, big blue eyes, doesn't that sound adorable? Axel? Are you listening to me? Helloooo, yoohoo, earth to Axel!"

"..el.. AXEL!"

"H-huh? What?" the red-head stammered out, jumping in his seat.

''What, Ax? Checking out Kisaragi?''

Axel made a face, scrunching his nose. ''No! Not that preppy fuck.''

Demyx snorted. Larxene, a blonde with a hairdo that made Axel think of a bug, slid into the seat next to him and snagged his drink.

"Hey! That was mine!" Demyx wailed, lunging at her. Larxene snickered and sprayed the blonde with soda.

Axel merely rolled his eyes. Bunch of douche bags..

"So," Demyx said after finally reclaiming his drink, "Have you guys seen the new kid? Sora's brother?"

"Oh, yeah," Larxene said. "Blonde? Short?"

"He's not that short."

"What? You've been checking him out?"


Axel sighed and looked back at Sora just so he could glare knives at him. One in his head.. the other in his eye.. Oooh, well, well, well.

"Is that him?" he said, nodding his head at a gathering group.

There was Sora, his arm around a slightly shorter and paler version of himself. Kairi was bouncing around, doing all the talking for him while he stood there and looked like he really didn't want to be there. Riku just hung back, acting as though the whole thing bored him to the extreme.

Demyx stood up, trying to look over a number of heads. ''Yep. Kisaragi number two."

Larxene snorted and nudged Axel's shoulder. "He looks like he wants to kill your sister."

"Let him. I don't care. In fact, I hope he does!"

"Oh, c'mon! She's not that bad." Of course Larxene thought. When Kairi was around other people and Axel, she was on her best behavior. But when they were alone..

"You don't know her like I do!" Axel cried, shaking the blonde's thin shoulders. "She's pure evil! You don't know the things she does to me!" He buried his face in her shoulder, letting out waves of fake, dramatic sobs.

"Quit being such a whiney bitch. People are staring," Larxene grumbled, shoving him off.

Axel scooted away, fake-sniffling until Larxene smacked him in the head. The red-head grumbled and moved farther away. He would get her back for this, he swore it.

Larxene folded her arms across her chest to keep from doing any more damage. Last time she let herself go, she got stuck going to Guidance for two weeks.

"So, you guys going to Zex's party tonight?" Demyx asked, blushing lightly. It wasn't really Zexion's party, it was his brothers. Demyx just liked the emo kid.

"Mmmyes," Axel purred, quite happy now. Whenever there was a party, everyone came. Yes, even the 'preppy fucks' like Kairi. But Axel knew he could escape her evil clutches by losing himself in the crowd. It always worked. Mmmm, freedom from his sister. He felt like getting up on the lunch table and dancing. Only he didn't.

"I heard there's gonna be a DJ," Demyx piped up again. "Man, good thing today's Friday, huh? I mean, someone, must've been an idiot to have school start on a Friday, but it's good for us 'cos.."

Oh, here we go, Axel thought. Demyx was rambling. His near-bleeding ears were saved when the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. Just five more periods and Axel was freefreefreeee.


"Aaaxeel, have you seen my black t-shirt? Y'know, the one with all the designs on it and stuff?"

Said red-head, looked up from his magazine (what? it was on music!) at Kairi with narrowed, emerald eyes to see her standing in his doorway, hands on her hips, wearing nothing but a towel. Ew.

"Kairi, why would I have anything to do with your clothes?"

"How should I know?"

"And how should I know where your damn shirt is? Just find something else to wear, for Christ's sake, not like you're going to impress someone. It's a friggin' party. So party."

"For your information, I am trying to impress somebody," Kairi said snootily, flipping back her wet bangs.

"Oh, and who would that be?" Axel asked, without much interest. He just wanted to make fun of her.

"That would be Roxas."

Axel raised his eyebrows. Hadn't he heard that name somewhere at school? Huh. "Who's Roxas?"

Kairi's jaw dropped open and she gave her brother an incredulous look. "That's Sora's brother! I can't believe you don't know his name!"

"Sorry, we haven't been introduced yet," Axel said, now very disinterested. If he was Sora's brother, then he was bound to be just like him. Then again, he didn't seem too happy today...

"Oh. My. GOD. He is the sweetest, cutest, most innocent thing I've ever met-"

Oh, so he's not a person? He's a thing? Typical Kairi. Axel let his eyes wander back to his magazine.

"And Sora said that Roxas doesn't talk much, but I just think he shyyy. Or did he say he was mute..? And I think maybe he likes me cuz he didn't really look at me-"

Or maybe he just thinks you're the most annoying, distasteful person he's ever laid eyes on. Or maybe you stop wearing so many colors. You probably blinded the kid. Axel flipped a page.

"So I think I'm gonna ask him out at the party. Ooooh, I know we'll make a cute couple! Everyone would be talking about us and they'll all be so jealous because I went out with him before anyone else did-"

You'll probably scare the hell out of him anyway, so don't count on him saying yes.

"Axel? Are you even listening to me?"

The red-head flicked his eyes up and nodded.

"Then what was the last thing I said?"

"''Then what was the last thing I said'."

Kairi threw her hands up and stormed to her room, slamming the door behind her. Axel was surprised he didn't hear picture frames fall from the walls.

Axel sat up on his bed and stretched. He got up, shut the door and turned up the light from his lamp. Now then. What. To. Wear? Of course, since he wasn't like Kairi, he wasn't going to tear apart his whole closet... no... he only did that once.

He looked at himself at the mirror hanging from his closet. He could keep the jeans. A few minutes of digging through the closet gave him one good result. A black t-shirt with the words "ROLE MODEL" splattered in white across the front. Ahhh.. from the days of Simple Plan. Axel scratched his cheek and then slipped it on. At least it still fit... and was clean. Not too bad.

Picking up a sweatshirt from the foot of his bed, he hung it over his shoulders and stepped out into the hallway.

"Yo! Kai! I'm leaving!"

"Nooo! I'm almost done!" came the reply.

Axel rolled his eyes and halted at the foot of the stairs. Crossed his arms. Hummed. Tapped his foot.


The door to his sister's room opened and Kairi whizzed by into the bathroom. "You dick, give me a sec!"

Axel groaned and followed her, hoping to talk her into picking up the pace. Kairi flicked on the light and Axel had to squint against the glare that bounced off the marble sinks.

"We're gonna be late," the red-head grumbled, leaning against the doorjamb as Kairi swiped on mascara. Whoa.. hold the phone..

"What are you wearing, Kairi?" Axel asked, horrified.

"What?" she asked, planting her hands on her hips and turning to face her brother. Kairi had outfitted herself in a blindingly pink mini-skirt, skin-tight black tank top (she hadn't found her shirt after all) and her usual pink slip-on sneakers. As if her skirt wasn't bright enough.. both wrists were sporting bangles in colors of the rainbow. She looked like a neon sign that screamed "I'M A SLUT!"

"Y-you.. go.. change.. now.." Axel managed, shutting his jaw.

"What? Why? I think it looks nice."

"If nice is the new definition of whore!"

"Axel! I'm telling this time that you called me a whore."

"She would think so too! In fact, she would skip the thinking and have a heart-attack on the spot. And then she'll kill you. You're so lucky she and dad are at work right not or they'd both kill you, never mind the heart-attack. Go change!"

"No! You can't tell me what to do!" Kairi screamed, clenching her fists so hard her knuckles were turning white. The girl had a pretty hard punch, actually. "And don't give me any bullshit that you're my older brother just because you were born two and a half minutes earlier! You're not the fucking boss of me!"

"Fine," Axel spat, seething. "But don't blame me if someone tries to rape you."

"No one will!" Kairi screeched. She flicked back her bangs and left in a snooty huff. Axel merely stood there and took in deep breaths, trying to keep himself from getting the kitchen knife.

After he was sure he was calmed down, Axel turned the light off and went into his room to get his car keys. Twirling them in his hand, he ran downstairs and slipped into his Converses. Kairi was waiting at the door, her denim jacket hanging over her petite frame. She kept her glance anywhere as long as it wasn't Axel.

After making sure the lock was turned and lights were off, both left the house and made their way down the dark lawn to Axel's dark blue, two-door BMW. Not like his family was filthy rich, but at least they could afford decent cars. Kairi was in her seats only seconds after Axel had unlocked the door and she turned up the radio as soon as Axel started the engine.

Better to let her fume and do what she wants for a while, Axel thought, as the silence was broken by Jesse McCartney. Eww. Otherwise she'll be mad for weeks.

They stayed that way for the duration of the ride, the only noise coming from the radio. The music made Axel want to gag. Ashlee Simpson, Ciara, Rihanna-Britney Spears? He almost pulled over and wretched.

Think of the party, think of the party, for the love of all that is sane, think of the damn party..

His wishes were finally answered when the car pulled up in front of a mansion-sized house. The windows were flashing blues, greens, pinks, and yellows and the loud bass from the music could be heard from outside. Axel finally found a spot to park his car and he and Kairi stepped out onto neatly trimmed and watered grass. Kairi went in a hurry. Axel leaned back against his car for a few moments and stared up at Zexion's house. Beer, cigarettes, chicks.. mmm. Today had been the first day of school and tonight was probably the last day of actual freedom these teenagers had. After the weekend would pass it would be nothing but load after load of homework, studying, quizzes, tests, exams...

Axel was ready to enjoy himself to the fullest.


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