Hello! Welcome to my second fan fic! I am working on my writing and really trying to make these good.

This takes place in Volterra in the beginning. Bella and Alice were too late to save Edward. Bella just saw them pull Edward into the ally, and I think you all know what is going to happen to him. Yes I know, very sad. Please review!

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING, well I own the plot, but that's it. None of the characters are mine. They belong to the beautieful Stephanie Meyer. May her writing continue untill forever!

We were too late. How could this happen. He's gone. I felt empty inside. I never knew this pain before. My heart left my chest. I fell to the ground clutching my abdomine. I even heard his last words. 'I love you Bella'. That's what he said, right before the Volturi pulled him into the ally. Tears rolled down my cheeks, threatening to never cease.

How could I do this to them. I had killed Edward. It was my fault he is dead. If I hadn't jumped from that cliff, I could have saved him. Alice would have never seen that vision, and he would still be here. How could I live with myself now? I was barly living before, when I knew he was alive. But this was my fault.

I got up from my knees in the middle of the croud. People were staring now. I imagined what I must look like. A young girl, crying on her knees, yelling out the name of someone who no one would remember. Alice ran to my side at human speed.

"Bella, where is he…oh Bella. No…" she whispered the last bit, so no one else could hear her but me. I knew that if it were possible for her to cry, she would look just like me. I understood how close she was with him. She was the only one who could stand up to him.

" We need to get out of here. Let's go Bella." She tugged on my arm, but I wasn't moving. I just stood there with my eyes on the ally, hoping that what I'd seen earlier was just a trick on my eyes.

"Bella," she began a growl in the back of her throat, "Bella we need to go, no come ON." She yanked harder this time. Since her force was so much greater than mine was, I couldn't resist. I stumbled away from my spot. The tears were flowing even harder now. I felt lost. I had nothing left inside of me, or that's what it felt like.

I wondered how my life was going to go now. I wondered if Jacob would still be there for me. And how would the Cullens react. How could I do this to them? They would kill me. In fact, I wished they would kill me. It only seemed fair; a life for a life. At least I wouldn't feel this pain anymore.

Alice and I walked back to the stolen car. She lifted me in, for I was uncapable of any big movement. I knew that she was feeling the same pain I was, she just handled it better than me. I was crying for her too. I had killed her brother.

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